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Busy bee

“I love how unique your ring is, it definitely fits your free-spirited personality!” 

…and one from a stranger at a bar (I was out with some friends) “it looks like you bought yourself a cocktail ring to avoid men. Am I right?” What a horrible pick up line πŸ™„

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Worker bee
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I use to work directly with fashion buyers and always received lot of compliments/comments, more so than I have in any other working enviroment. I often got “What does your fiance do?” which isn’t necessarily rude but it’s always seemed more like they were asking “how much does your fiance make?” I did have one lady ask me how many carats it was, not in a judgemental way but more out of curiosity it seemed, to which I replied, “I don’t know! I’ve never asked” which is the truth although I have an idea. So maybe a little rude but nothing negative.

The best compliment I’ve gotten was from a close friend who has the most unique style but isn’t necessarily into “girly” things. She told me she wanted a ring just like it now that she saw it and proceeded to inspect it with the light on her iphone saying she couldn’t believe how sparkly it was.

Usually when people saying anything at all, I feel uncomforatble because I never know excatly how to respond. 

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Fi’s old friend from high school saw my ring, it’s a round solitaire that’s a little under a carat. She was ogling at the size of the stone and I said “it was his great grandmother’s stone” all excitedly.Β 


She looks up and seriously said to me “oh, so he didn’t spend a lot on you then did he?” My jaw hit the floor. The nerve of some people! All the other reactions were lovely though!Β 

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Blushing bee
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This post is a little old, but I’m reviving it because I really enjoyed reading it but didn’t have anything to add at the time. But I finally got a funny comment last night I need to share.

So, I pointed my now-fiancé toward a ring I liked AGES ago. I didn’t think he loved it but he said he just wanted me to like it so in the end that’s the one he secretly bought and proposed with after holding onto it for over a year. I loved it and have said so a few times since he gave it to me and his response was always something like, “I’m glad you like it.” I didn’t ask his opinion on it anymore because I felt like he would have reacted more positively years ago if he’d liked it, but the other day he grabbed my hand and kind of looked at it properly so I asked if he thought it looked awful and he said no, he thought it was pretty, but “It’s much classier than what you usually go for,” or something like that. -_-

At least now I know he likes my ring, even if not my taste overall, hahaha.

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Busy bee
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I think I’m more weirded out when people DON’T say anything. When I got engaged people asked to see the ring and said it was pretty/cute/beautiful etc, but it was strange with a coworker of mine asked to see it and did not say anything at all. Her silence felt very “judgy” to me for whatever reason, lol. 

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Helper bee


Oh my god, me and my then fiance were at a very awkward lunch with my estranged father and step mother, attempting to rekindle the relationship after me and DH’s engagement. My stepmother grabbed my hand mid sentence and was like ” Oh my god girl that is so pretty, YOU got a good one!” Insinuating that my father had picked a sub par ring for her! She then proceeded to put her ring next to mine to show me how much bigger my center stone is.. It was absolutely the most uncomfortable and memorable comment I’ve ever gotten about my ring lol and I am generally pretty modest so I was just beet red and totally speechless.  It was awkward. haha 

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Helper bee
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“It’s not the size that matters!!”

you’re right. It’s not. But if it did, my 3 stone total weight is well over a carat, so I’d be fine. 

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Busy bee
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So, hard to explain how I know the lady but it’s basically… FI’s dad’s best friend’s (now ex) fiancée.. (they broke up because she thought FI’s dad’s friend was rich, which he is not and she got upset)

anyways, we were at FI’s parents house and she grabbed my hand and said “ooooh let me see YOUR ring, I’m surprised you didn’t want something bigger! It’s very dainty!” Then shows me hers.

uh, pardon me? 

I wanted to say “I’m sorry, I’m not a gold digging bitch like you?” 

But instead I just replied “well I like it, it’s perfect”

And now they’re broken up SO she may have the big ring but at least I have the important part… the relationship lol.

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Worker bee

“Your ring must be real? It’s so beautiful.”

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“How much was that $1.99?” I have a .7 colorless, signature ideal cut, vvs2 princess on a platinum band.Β 

Guess he thought it was too small.Β 

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Blushing bee
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Too be honest I don’t get very many comments.. When we first got engaged and everyone was looking at it I got comments on how pretty it was but I also got quite a few “Is it real?” and I never knew how to take it. I’d just answer yes and pull back my hand. I’m not sure if it was because people knew my age (it was 20) or what. It is a .84 carat diamond, and I absolutely love my diamond and it’s inclusions. I will always know it’s mine. All those comments were on my old setting that got ruined, I think I’ve only got one or two comments on this one, only good though.

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at a conference, from a girl I had never met before who was talking to some people I did know. she grabbed my hand to look…

“oh I love it. it looks just like mine.. but mine is bigger!”

“oh?” *I look to her hand*

“well we divorced after two months”

“oh um.. sorry.”

nicest: a friend I made at a conference texted me to ask me the details of my ring. he wanted to propose to his girlfriend and apparently she had commented to him that she loved my ring and wanted hers to be just like it! (he asked me almost a year later, which made it extra sweet..itd obviously made an impression!)


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I work as a manager of a retail store. Since I got engaged last Thursday most people who knew it was going to happen have been super lovely 😊 but then I had this customer the other day… I was talking to her about clothes when her magpie eyes saw my ring! Then it was ‘what size is your ring?’ 

Me: ‘it’s 1.5 ct’

her to her 10 yr old daughter:’ see this is the ring I want’

me: ‘but your ring is so gorgeous’

her: ‘back when I got married people didn’t get the bigger sizes’ 

me: ‘oh ok’

her: ‘how much was your ring? Like 25k?

me: ‘I’m not sure my fiancé bought it’

her: ‘so are you guys rich? Do you own your own house? What car do you drive?’

me: ‘I’m just going to check on my lady in the fitting room’


then she left!!! I was like wow!!! 

Yes! I know exactly what my ring cost but I was not sharing that with a complete stranger. 

This is my ring 

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