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  • Wedding: October 2010

Well we didn’t go with this church, but a minister said we could get married in his church if we painted the outside first. When I responded “thanks, all set’ he kept emailing me back saying “well it’s not very big!” and “it would only take a weekend!” eh, it was awkward, and I felt bad, but seriously? Paint the church?!

that’s crazy though @ejoyb – why should you have to pay them more when really they should try to come up with a schedule that doesn’t involve them setting tables during your ceremony?? grrrr!

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  • Wedding: April 2011

I was at a bridal show last week and went up to a DJ booth and it took a minute to get his attention, even though I was the only one standing there. He looked at me and said “When is your date?” I told him and he asks “Where are you having it?” I told him where and he said “Well, good luck with that” and went back to talking to some guy behind the table with him.

I went with someone else…

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  • Wedding: October 2010

I get my initial banquet order from the caterer.  There is a charge for dining room chair rental. When I ask about it I am told they only have 90 chairs.  I have to rent any extra. “But you say you can seat 275 comfortably.  If you have 90 chairs, you can seat 90 comfortably”  “No, we can seat 275.  But anything over 90 you have to rent chairs.” BTW–the rental chairs don’t match the regular chairs. But I can also spend extra money to cover the chairs!  Or rent chairs for the entire venue.  She swears she covered this with my mother…

We went round and round with this.  I wanted to change venues but my mother became really upset about it.  She felt bad because she picked the place (I live out of town).  I just went with it.  It will look really stupid with chairs that don’t match but I keep telling myself the extra expense isn’t worth it.

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  • Wedding: January 1999

During our conversations with our videographer after the wedding was said and done, he made several inappropriate comments to us.   First off, he would never give us a firm date/time to pick up the DVD’s.  I tried to get an idea of when he might be home one evening and he said sometime between 7pm and 11pm…and that I should call before I come over.  When I asked why we couldn’t set a firm time his comment was, “You’re not my only customer.  I might get called to do a shoot on short notice.”  Well, yes, I understand that, but part of customer service is also keeping previous appointments!  And if you aren’t able to do this, he should ship them to his clients. 

Once we received the DVD’s (one regular/one blu-ray), the Blu-Ray was not working.   We also noticed that the toasts were MISSING and the videographer failed to “interview” our parents and most of the bridal party!  CRAZY!  Both my husband and I contacted him about the concerns and he said that he couldn’t believe that he had missed the toasts (understandable).  However, when it came to replacing the Blu-Ray, he basically said, “I can not spend anymore time on this as we did not get anywhere near what we should have been paid especially after all the issues that you seem to never be happy with.” ALL of the issues?!?!  We didn’t cause the issues, so he should fix them.  Right? 

When the vendor contacted my husband via e-mail about the Blu-Ray situation, he said  “I can only do so much…..At this point, the money you paid for this was not worth my efforts and time I have had to spend on this.  I have changed my policy and no longer take these low paying jobs because they always end up being people that you can never please. I’m sorry, but I’ve done everything I can and I am finished” 

Unbelievable!!!  I just can’t believe that someone who provides a service to others could be so disrespectful and rude!  When we finally get the Blu-Ray back, I’m considering contacted the BBB. 

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  • Wedding: September 2009

@melisslp: I would totally contact the BBB!

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  • Wedding: March 2011

My caterer has not answered any of my calls or emails.  We have no contract and no deposit down.  Yet he has us on the books because I have a friend that called asking if the date was open and he said no I have the xxxx and xxxxxx wedding that day.  He sent me an email almost 3 weeks ago saying he would email me the menu and contract later that afternoon.  I finally made my Fin call him thinking he wouldn’t push over a male….well he never called my fin back.

I am stuck because I love this guys food but he is HORRIBLE on communication and is holding up a ton of other stuff with my wedding because he can’t return a call or email.  Hell and I worry if he really will show up for our wedding. 

I am also out of state and hated the other food that I tasted so I feel like if I go with someone else I will need to do another trip and do more tasting….ugh and I don’t have the money for that in the budget

—-EDIT:  this has been over 2.5 months!


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  • Wedding: May 2011

Wow.  All of your stories are so sad 🙁  That’s terrible what some people are doing to you all. 

ReinaB505:  your story is completely unbelievable!! How unprofessional…

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  • Wedding: July 2010

Not exactly outlandish but when Darling Husband and I were looking for a venue we went to see this place that looked really nice on the website but was a total dive in person. We got there and I said I had a meeting with the manager and the women told me that the manager had the day off! They had to phone him to figure out what was going on. Turns out he was playing tennis and we had to wait for almost 20 minutes after our appointment time just for him to show up! He then kept contradicting himself by saying we could have Option A and then never giving us the chance to have Option A. And then he started to pass judgements on our wedding because we were inviting the kids of family members and he said that we shouldn’t – um, our wedding, our rules! 

We never went with his venue. I sent him a nice email saying “thanks but no thanks” and he put me on his newsletter! 

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  • Wedding: June 2011

We were going to book a beautiful, historic garden at a museum. It was small and perfect for us. When we got the tour, the facilities manager gave us a print out with all of the prices for the locations at the museum. Ours was $500. on paper. We asked about an indoor option and the price for that additionally was $250. The problem was, we would have to let them know several days before which we wanted. In New England, that’s a bit tough. And, no matter which we picked, we’d have to pay for both. They said they needed the 4 day notice so they could clean it. Well, if I’m paying for it anyway, wouldn’t one clean it anyway?

I was willing to pay for two locations and use one, just to have the safety net. I begged for the contract for several months. When I fianlly got it, there was a clause in it in fine print that said we needed to obtain liability insurance. This is a public, outdoor museum that would have been open to the public during the ceremony, so why they don’t have insurance is beyond me. When I called the contact, he said yes, that was standard, and that our home owner’s policy should give us a rider that would cover it. Well, our insurer never heard of such a thing. He called other agents for us, and none of them ever heard of having to do that. Anyway, I would have had to buy a policy…for about $250. None of this was told to us when we toured. It was one lie or untruth after another.

I thought maybe since it was a museum, and weddings were not their top priority, that they were just ignorant in the “ways of weddings”…until I found another bride online that had gone through exactly what we did.

I booked a nearby public garden. Half the price, just as beautiful ,and with what I saved I was able to also book a horsedrawn carriage. 🙂 The publicc garden will give us our money back if it rains.

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