Most Ridiculous GoFundMe pages you have seen?

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I saw one the other day looking for help on immigration fees, after they spent thousands of dollars on a wedding.  Priorities and entitlement much?

Not all are bad, I did donate to one for someone in my hometown because their house burned down and 2 of their kids died.  That is horrible and cannot be planned, they get my money.

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@MrsWBS:  I don’t have a specific example, but the ones that drive me nuts are usually created by people that I know who I know have money, but have chosen to spend it irresponsibly on other things and put themselves in a financial bind. Choosing to use gofundme in that situation just seems like the easy way out to me. Especially when I work very hard at my job and saving. I am not talking about people who are hit with unexpected medical expenses or things of a serious nature, but people who set up these sites for seemingly trivial things or things they should have planned better for.

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@MrsWBS:  I seen one where a high school acquaintance had never been overseas and her dream was to travel to europe. She has a job but it’s not a very great one. So she was asking people to help her gather enough money to take this trip she so badly wants to go on. Now given her situation I didn’t find it all that odd, tacky maybe but a dream is a dream right? …except for the fact that she regularly posts about getting new jordans or buying name brand bags and clothes, she is constantly going to concerts and things. Nothing wrong with any of this by the way, she makes her money so she can spend it how she sees fit. however, don’t then turn around and ask people to help you go to europe!!  stop shopping, eating out so much, and cut back a bit on the social outings and start saving the old fashioned way.

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My own brother and his wife thought it would be a good idea to set up a GoFundMe for a virtual baby shower.  Only there is no shower, and there is no registry.  

The kicker is that they JUST had a girl (she is a little over a year old) and they’re having another girl.

I am totally on board with baby showers for subsequent kids IF:
-someone else is throwing it for you
-the kids are different sexes
-the kids are more than a few years apart
-the kid will have some sort of health issue or disability that will make caring for him or her difficult or expensive.

But this… just no. 

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@SweetFlower:  Wow, really?  So they spent major money on a wedding but can’t afford to bring one of the spouses into the country, is that what you mean by immigration fees? 

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@MrsWBS:  I’m with you on the kids asking for donations.

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@HannahGrace:  Something like that.  I briefly read it, then laughed, then realized it was a waste of my time to read into it further. 

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I agree this trend drives me nuts! Obiously if it related to an illness or unexpected disaster, I think it is an awesome idea, but for people who just want help for weddings, vacations, even adopting a child is toeing the line for me. I am all about financial accountability, you should plan for what you can afford.

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@MrsWBS:  girl on my FB jusT started one 2 weeks ago to help “fulfill her dream of attending beauty school” I was like WTF

this girl lives in Miami, stays in parties or in Vegas/Jamaica/vacations and you want donations for you to go to school when you can take a loan or wait since you obviously have a decent enough job that affords you this lifestyle you constantly post.

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Ugh I get annoyed by this too! I just saw on FB a girl who wants to study abroad so she set up a GFMe account to help pay for it. She shops all day every day, pays I don’t even know how much for her sorority and sorority related items, and drives a brand new car. Um? No. Earn some money to help, or do what the rest of us did and get a student loan. Jesus, entitled much?

I just want to be like, go fund yourself…except I’m thinking of a different f word. Too harsh? Maybe. But hey, learn to prioritize and save up like the rest of the world.

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I find most of these GoFundMe things extremely classless and tacky. I can understand if they have had huge unexpected things come up (a baby born at 25 weeks or something) but most of them just seem greedy.

DH’s cousin’s wife makes these things ALL THE TIME. She’s always begging for money. I swear the next time I see one I might just go off on her. The last one I saw was for help with buying their dream house. They needed to raise donations of like 100k or something like that. The thing that really annoys me is that she is about the laziest person I’ve ever encountered. She hasn’t had a job since she married Cousin because she always finds an excuse. She insisted on having kids as soon as they got married even though they were broke. Now she sits on facebook and clips coupons and enters “giveaways” as her contribution. Last time she got a job she had it for a week and then she HAD to quit because of her allergies. If I was trying to feed my 3 kids, I would sure as hell get some claritin and put up with allergies. 

Darling Husband and I both work full-time, and we bought a house last year. And guess what? It’s not our dream house, it’s what we could afford. And if we couldn’t have afforded it, we would have just rented. We definitely wouldn’t have begged for money from our friends and family. Ugh like I said, just tacky! Alright, rant over. 

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The family vacation one gets me every time.  You just spent hundred of dolalrs getting this “totally awesome” tattoo which you posted a few days ago and today you’re beggin your friends and family for money to take a family vacation.  Here’s an idea, stop being selfish and save your tattoo money for a family vacation.  I’ll be glad when this fad dies down.

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Holy hell, do not get me started!!!! In the last few weeks I’ve seen ones for:

  • A couple who is spending so much money on their honeymoon that they are short on their wedding bills and want people to pretty much pay for their wedding. Ummm if you can’t pay for your cake, maybe those first class tickets to Europe were not a good idea!
  • A girl who met a guy online and wants to collect money to pay for her plane tickets to go see him. She even listed airport parking as one of the things she is collecting for!
  • Someone who wants money for their tax bill
  • Someone who spent like $40k on their wedding and now wants a vow renewal they can’t pay for and hello it’s only been a year since your wedding!!!

Such a sense of entitlement!  If you can’t afford X then get a second job and save up like everyone else does!

I’m totally fine with helping out a friend in an emergency or maybe you are facing huge medical bills or you’re trying to buy coats for the homeless.  I’ll gladly throw some donations your way. But it’s really shitty to hound your friends to pay for your luxuries and your bad budgeting.

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