Most ridiculous wedding things people said – what's yours?

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  • Wedding: October 2017

One of my dad’s cousins reamed me out on Facebook, of all things, because his terror show daughters weren’t invited to our wedding (we had a strict policy on only inviting the close family kids or else it would’ve been a shit show)

Funny thing is I’m not even that close with him.

Another one revolving around RSVPS. I was in a friend’s wedding years ago, she moved in with her parents while her and husband’s new place is being built thus the invitation got sent to the wrong address (AND her mother saw mine a few weeks before they went out and NEVER MENTIONED IT).

Her parents got their invite, hers got lost, apparently, and she just ASSUMED that she wasn’t invited instead of calling me like a normal person. There was a whole shit show of drama over this too.

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  • Wedding: NJ

A girl in work told me that when you have a wedding, you have to have a reception where people get drunk and dance. That is why they give you a gift, you have to show them a good time. 

My wedding was in my in-laws house, so there wasn’t dancing and it was in someone’s home so nobody got drunk. 

This girl also told me “I would NEVER want that” when I told her about my wedding. So she wasn’t invited, and that made me decide not to invite anyone from work.

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One of my (now ex) friends was absolutely horrified we are having a child free wedding.

Her 3 times a day FB posts were usually about how tired and exhausted her and her husband are from their 3 terrors of children who seem to spend most of their time awake and wrecking the house. She posted almost every night that her and her husband have no alone time together, she hasn’t had a date night in years, that she never got to go anywhere without the kids and her husband was fed up always going kid oriented places.

On finding out our plans she told me that her kids are her life, that she would go nowhere without them as they are the most precious things in the world to her and her husband and how dare I expect them to go somewhere without her beloved little angels.

She immediately blocked me on FB but I’ve heard the ‘woe is me, my kids just covered the entire sofa in my moisturiser/I need a break from my kids’ posts have never changed.



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“We don’t rsvp we just may or may not show up you know us” 

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  • Wedding: July 2016

Peachytalk :  wow!

Hmm.. I guess the only thing for us was MIL at one point asked us “do you have a registry?”  We said yes, and she looked mortified and begged us to delete it.  A bunch of friends and family had already asked for it and a few had already purchased gifts from it, so it wasn’t going to happen. 

We agreed to write a blurb up top about how no gift was necessary, their presence was gift enough and that quieted her down… even though technically, from what I’ve gathered on the bee, writing that is tacky (because it’s written literally above a list of gifts we want that people only see when they’ve already decided to get us something).  Eh, what can you do.

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  • Wedding: September 2015

my husbands friend, Daniel, well his best friend asked me

“so now that you married you have pretty much reached ur life goa,l right?”

i just started blankly wondering why the hell he showed up to my wedding being a plus one.

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  • Wedding: April 2016 - Manhattan, NY

futuremrspepper :  Some of my husband’s very religious, extended family members were saying that our wedding wasn’t “real” because it wasn’t taking place in a church. I don’t know if they were upset about our plans to keep it small (immediate family only) and not being invited, but our wedding was very much real and we’re very much married so we got exactly what we wanted. 

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  • Wedding: May 2019

One of My fiances close guy friends dropped out of our wedding(he was the best man) and isnt even attending because there will be Alcohol at the wedding and he doesnt want to drink. The thing is our wedding is BYOB so he technically could attend and not drink.

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  • Wedding: April 2018

My brother in law who I’ve known 18 years since come to our wedding as they refused to get a baby sitter for my two nieces and a nephew. 

My sister showed up and left early. She had the nerve to complain on the wedding day that the kids weren’t invited….

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BIL’s girlfriend came from out of town and complained to me that our city was so boring and had nothing fun to do. A) My city is awesome and has plenty to do. B) You came for a wedding, not a sightseeing trip. 

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  • Wedding: April 2018

I had a friend message me after the wedding saying they had a horrible time because they didnt know anyone and they were disappointed in me that i hadnt spent the evening making sure they were doing alright.  They said i made them feel like a friendless loser.

This friend knew one person really well and has met other friends of mine several times.  He didnt try and mingle at all, just sat in the corner and sulked. 

The best bit is i even gave them a +1 that they didnt use.

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  • Wedding: September 2018 - City, State

ladyvictoria :  I definitely got that one, too! I went to a dinner party at my parents’ house and actually heard a step-cousin saying “If you’re not getting married in a church and making it right in the eyes of god, what’s even the POINT of getting married?? It’s just a big selfish party built on nothing!” She looked horrified when she noticed I was standing in the doorway, but made a crack after a few more glasses of wine about whether I’d be “able” to wear a white dress. She’s not invited.


Also ridiculous, from a friend of mine who is generally aware that my FH and I have some unconventional elements to our lives: “So like … is your boyfriend going to be one of your FI’s groomsmen or something?” Um, no. XD


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  • Wedding: July 2017

My aunt and uncle (and 3 kids)  originally RSVP’d “no” to our wedding. Then 8 days before our wedding, RIGHT after I had scrapped my original seating plan and finally made things work… she texted me asking if they can come because their plans changed. THEN, she follows up with “Oh, by the way you don’t mind if Aubrey wears a white dress do you? She wore it to her prom and we want to get one more use out of it.” And sends me a photo. It was literally a floor length white chiffon dress with a sequin/ bodice. 

I was like…. is this some kind of *wedding just for laughs? Am I being pranked? What in the actual fuck.

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  • Wedding: March 2019

Weddings sure do bring out the crazy in people. 

I haven’t experienced anything too bad. But my dad (who I’m not close with and barely makes an effort to be in my life) did take it upon himself to invite some of his friends that I’ve never met or even heard of, and didn’t tell me about it until after the fact. Ummm, sorry Dad, but that’s gonna be a hard no. 

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