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I would contact the store, and ask them to delete the registry.  NO ONE should be allowed to complete a registry in YOUR name.  That is not okay!!  I agree with Jessie516…I would spin it in the same way as she suggested…but I would definitely make it clear that the registrty is not happening.  I’m really sorry that you have to deal with that!  Makes me appreciate my Future Mother-In-Law even more!  Good luck, and keep us posted!

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Helper bee
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God is great, beer is good and PEOPLE ARE CRAZY!


Sorry, that Mother-In-Law has nerve. 

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You should first contact the store manager and explain the situation.  I’m sure she (or he!) will completely understand and delete the registry. 

Try to remember that how you deal with your Future Mother-In-Law now will really set the tone for your future relationship with her.  If she thinks it’s ok to create a registry for you without your knowledge – how do you think she’s going to deal with your future kids?  You need to set the boundries NOW and make sure she understands completely. 

Your fiance also needs to back you up on this 100%.  It will be difficult because it’s his mother – just remind him that you’re his future wife. 

Good Luck!! 

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The same exact thing happened to me this weekend and now both of our families hate eachother!  My fiance and I decided not to register.  My soon to be Mother-In-Law registered us anyway!  She called my mom and told her and my mom was so stunned because we all told her 100 times that we didn’t want to register that she just said “great.”  The more she thought about it she decided that she needed to tell my fiance and I so that we could decide what steps to take.  She told us, we flipped out and his mom turned it on my mom and I.  How dare we not care, she wants her son to have nice things if I don’t want things, she was just doing it because she loves us, my mom is evil and ruined the surprise, blah, blah, blah!  The point is that she went against our wishes whether it was a surprise or not.  She gave my mom permission to delete the registry or change it.  Do you think that would have gone over well?  Of course not!  She just wants control and she doesn’t like that she is the Queen Bee anymore!!!  Now she and my soon to be Father-In-Law called up my fiance and asked him to postpone the wedding!!!!  He told them no way so now I know that they really don’t like me!  Oh well, I’m just going to keep torturing his mom because I am obviously driving her crazy by just being who I am and that is why her son loves me!

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Worker bee
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That is sad that she went against your wishes and registered anyway…. but personally I think it is smart to register and then just return everything you get for cash and purchase what you want. If you register at Bed Bath and Beyond you can return anything from your registry for cash and turn around and use that for whatever your little hearts desire. We did that with a few things that we registered for and then decided that we really didn’t need them. 


Try not to be too frustrated. If you let it get to you then she will just have more satisfaction in pissing you off. hope you can figure things out 😀

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You need to go above the person you were talking to originally at the store. Tell them you’re considering legal action against the store for letting someone register in your name with your address without your consent. That might perk someone up enough to listen. Do it now before it’s too late.

As for your Future Mother-In-Law, she may have been trying to do something nice so I wouldn’t be too harsh on her. But at the same time she shouldn’t be allowed to get away with it. This is YOUR life, not hers. What she did is really messed up and controlling I can’t even begin to analyze it. Make it clear to her that if you get any gifts off the registry they are going back to the store or you’re giving them to her since she picked them out. End of discussion.

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