(Closed) motivation on losing weight, advice please?

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Those remarks are coming from jealousy. Honestly, if those are your close friends who are saying that, I would drop them ASAP. You don’t need that negativity in your life. If they say things like that around you just let them know politely “If you have something to say about my eating choices, please, tell me directly instead of making honestly rude remarks behind my back.” It’s calling her out without being rude. If they actually cared about you they would instead be rooting for you and helping you keep to your goals. Don’t let them discourage you. Congrats on losing all that weight btw! I’m 5’2″ 170lbs and with only 2 months left before the wedding, I’m having trouble losing weight. I became a vegetarian in november, and lost 15lbs because of that but once I came over to canada to stay with Fiance for a few months I started eating meat again because that’s all he eats(Ugh!) and while I haven’t gained weight I’ve been having trouble losing. I try to keep my meat consumption down, and fruits/veggies up but it seems like the onl veggies in the house is lettuce or some root vegetables. 

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They’re just saying mean things because they’re ashamed of their own choices! Don’t let them get you down!

I like to use the LoseIt app on my phone, they have a great commnuity and a browser version of it. Works great for tracking calories and excerise. Plus lots of like-minded people to chat with and challenges to participate in.

I also follow Blogilates, she puts out a workout calendar every month (and has beginner calendars). I just made it to the end of the 1st beginner calendar and then i’m going to start on the second. I’m trying to get back in the habit of working out almost-every-day even if it’s just for 5-10 minutes to ease myself back into the ‘lifestyle’. (And to fit in my wedding dress!) 

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You know, you just can’t win!  I was 80 lbs heavier, & people made comments about my weight.  When I was 21 (11 Years ago) I made the decision to give myself a makeover.  I got braces, started changing my eating habits, joined a gym, and started running.  Now people feel like it’s ok to make “skinny” comments, or “Oh, I’m sure you’re going for a run after this though” etc…What matters is your health and happiness.  Why people think it’s ok to talk about a woman’s body/body image is beyond me.  I’m doing it for ME, 11 years later, and even though I still have days I hate it and have to push myself, it’s the best decision I’ve ever made.  My tip(s):  Watch serving sizes (count them out!), DON”T deprive yourself of your favorite foods!  I LOVE wing bites, beer, and pizza…I’ll treat nyself occasionally, but I make sure to “balance” the day foodwise, and I’ll hit the gym/add an extra mile to my run…EAT!!!  Don’t starve yourself!  Eat lighter, and every few hours!  Keep up the good work, & congrats!


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do NOT let them get the best of you! making healthy decisions for yourself should not be basis for being made fun of!! I do struggle with gaining and losing weight – i always lose my weight from really hard work and being semi-strict on my diets (i DO give myself a cheat meal here and there, im italian, love to cook LOVE TO EAT! so if i deprived myself all the time, id go insane!). ALL my friends are tiny – about size 0-4 and never work out, never diet. but never has one of them made fun of me or made snark remarks on when i am eating healthy. they are very proud of me and give me so much encouragement when they see me lose more and more weight. i do get SO jealous of them just because they never have to put in the work and have amazing bodies, but if they made fun of me for trying my hardest to look and feel my best, id tell them off and probably not be friends with them. its a hard road and you need a really postive support system. so if they say something like, “oh bet you’re gonna get a salad,” say “ya damn right i am!” be proud that you are trying to lead a healthier lifestyle and dont let these people bring you down. so from one bee to another, you’re doing AMAZING. dont let ANYONE bring you down. as long as your giving yourself enough food to be healthy and nourish yourself, keep on doing what you’re doing! GO GIRL

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giley:  Don’t worry about them bitches. It sounds like you can reach your goal; if they’re going to make those remarks, strut your shit and rub it in their face.

They’re just jealous because they didn’t have the determination you did.

Why not throw it back at them, shut them up? “Oh, she’s going to get a salad and eat off the skinny girl menu”… “yeah I am, I give a shit about myself”.

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I lost ninty pounds.  Your friends are just jealous and tring to justify their own shitty diets.  My sister was really unsupportive but for reals I was unhealthy.  I’m much healthier now.  Stay strong remember why you started and keep on trucking.  Your friends can suck it. your weight is going to cause some seriously unpleasent medical problems.  You need to get real with yourself and do what is right for your body even if your head is screaming for cupcakes.  

What kept me motivated more than anything was the thought of having to lug around an extry NINTY pounds with me EVERYWHERE.  It makes everything so much harder.  No matter what I did I had this enourmous weight on my shoulders all the time.  I’m so much more comfortable, my joints and my muscles aren’t strained.  I can actually find cloths in my size.

Don’t sit here and ponder about it or wish for it quit being a little bitch and just do it.  It’s what you want and you deserve everything you want 🙂

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giley:  congrats on your weight loss and best of luck reaching your goals – don’t let anyone bring you down!!

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I think the biggest thing about losing weight is staying committed, and the main reason most people lose their commitment is that they have a ‘slip’ and then they start to get down on themselves, spiral, etc.

It has really helped me to have a little notebook (or I’ve used the Notes app on my phone) and just kept a written record of everything I did that day to stay on track with my goals (e.g. – “exercised”) – I got the idea from this book: http://amzn.com/0848732758 … she says to “Give Yourself Credit” every day and it can really help to keep a positive focus… I totally recommend the book (and the DVD) for helping with the ‘head-space’ part of losing weight – it really worked for me, and helped move me from knowing what to do to actually doing it 😉

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