(Closed) Mouth Ulcers Canker Sores – Relief or Remedies

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Clove buds!!!!!! I’ve tried for years to find relief for mount ulcers and seriously clove buds were my miracle lol! You pop it right on and hold it in place with your tongue or if the ulcer is on your tongue hold it in place against your mouth. It WILL sting, not as much as pure salt but after stinging it numbs…

ive found if I pop one on when I feel one coming it’s gone before it turns nasty.

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Ugh canker sores are the WORST! I have two right now and I can’t enjoy eating anything, and I have to take pain killers before I can get to sleep. If you haven’t tried this, I have found that taking an NSAID like Advil or Asprin does help because it (temporarily) reduces the inflammation. It’s the only thing that lets me sleep at night.

The other remedies I’ve tried are making a paste out of baking soda and applying it directly to the sore, and putting hydrogen peroxide in my mouth and letting it sit on the sore for a few minutes (you have to be SUPER careful with that one and not swallow any of it!!) Those seem to maybe speed up the healing a little bit… but honestly I’m not sure I’ve ever found a remedy that makes a huge difference 🙁

When it comes to eating just be careful not to have anything sugary or anything acidic because both of those things will feed the sores and make them last longer!

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@ChocolateLime:  Ohhhh that sucks. I get those often because I have braces and a sensitive mouth. It hurts for me too because the metal brackets rub on the sores.

It doesn’t help that your body is not 100%. Are you stressed or sick? That makes the sores worse. The teething gel will help a bit, but I suggest trying a special paste or gel that’s made for canker sores, a lot of them will help numb the sore and speed up the healing process.

Some comments above suggested rinsing your mouth with milk of magnesia or vodka. Milk of magnesia does help, I don’t know how, but it will neutralize the sores. Same with the vodka (as silly as that sounds!) It’s probably the alcohol that works on the sores – it will help to kill bacteria as well. You can then swallow the vodka, but don’t swallow the milk of magnesia, lol!!

You can probably take a mild anti-inflammatory like Advil (ibuprofen) to bring any swelling down, but if that doesn’t work I would pay a visit to the doctor.

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@ChocolateLime:  Ugh I struggled with mouthfulls of these for years upon years.  Luckily stopping gluten after I was diagnosed has pretty much stopped them for me, unless I eat some.




Drinking something like gatorade will definitely help keep your mouth a little more comfortable, water HURTS. My dentist has something he calls in to the pharmacy for me called Magic Swizzle (seriously lol).  It’s a mix of a bunch of stuff, but basically it helps to numb your entire mouth for awhile.  It’s like heaven in a bottle. I’m sure your dentist/doctor will also know what it is and can call some in for you too (it’s commonly prescribed for chemo patients). 


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Lysine. Take lots of it (sounds like you have them super bad. I’d take it several times a day) My husband and i both get cold sores/canker sores when we are stressed or low on sleep. the only thing that has helped either of us is the Lysine.

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@ChocolateLime:  When I’m run down I’ll have multiple cankers.  I eat porridge, soup, smoothies (with banana, fruit, spinach, yogurt, protein powder), yogurt, ice cream, apple sauce , mashed potatoes and mashed squash.  When it’s really, really bad I’ll eat baby food.  I don’t find anything helps except time and the salt water gargles.

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My mom used to break open a vitamin E gel tablet and put that on the sore. It helps soothe it!

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Ohhhhhh I totally feel you on these. My mom and I have suffered with these for years and years. I have found what sets me off is anything with vinegar in it…the acidity just drives my mouth crazy. Also, if I bite my mouth it is a guarantee that I get one.

However, my mom went to her doctor and he prescribed her this AMAZING dental paste that literally has changed our lives. The name is Triamcinolone Acetonide 0.1%. If your doctor/dentist prescribes it make sure you get the paste and not the ointment! If you put it on the canker within 1-2 days of it first being there (at night when you go to bed), you won’t even feel pain from it. The canker kinda sticks around and heals for a few days, but its without pain. You can use it anytime if you’ve had one for after those 1-2 initial days, but I just noticed that if you catch it before it really starts up it clears up fast and painfree.  Honestly, it’s helped me and my mom soooooooo much! 

During the day I use Orajel if I feel any pain. 


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PP’s have some good suggestions for sure! If you still want to try a couple other things, here’s what has worked for me. I bought a tea tree mouthwash from whole foods and it’s great, never underestimate the power of this herb. Or, if you have tea tree essential oil (don’t put it on straight or ingest it), just put 4-5 drops in about half a cup of warm water and gargle with it about 5-6 times per day, make sure you spit it out. Tea tree had never failed me for multiple ailments. For me, it works better than gargling with salt water. Over other thing i also noticed is that when i was drinking green tea (one cup/day) I never got canker spots and when I stopped I got them again. They also helped speed healing of them too when I started drinking it again. Try having a cup of it in the morning to see if it helps you prevent them. That’s all I’ve got,  good luck!


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I’ve suffered from mouth ulcers my whole life on and off, usually only a couple at a time particularly when I’m stressed. The only thing that works for me is a mouth gel you can get at pharmacies called kenalog (I’m from Australia so I’m not sure if it’s called something else overseas). I put it on before I go to sleep and it heals overnight. It is amazing!! I was recommended it by my brother in law a couple years ago and it is a lifesaver. 

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Ouch. Six? I usually get a few a year and they are painful. Hard to swallow and eat. Opening your mouth, etc. What I found heals them quick is a q-tip soaked in hydrogen peroxide and put on the sore for about 30 seconds. I usually swab all around the area to hopefully rid any remnants. I also don’t rinse my mouth after with water. I like to leave it fir a little and then use mouth wash a little later. Hope they are gone soon! 

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