(Closed) Moving AND Getting Married? Advice?

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We are in a similar situation. We will be moving starting July 14th have to be out of the apartment by the 31st. Then we are getting married August 16th. Plus ontop of all of that we found out two days ago that we are 8 weeks pregnant. We are paying for all of our wedding by ourselves, we already have a two year old daughter, I am also the only one planning our wedding(my Maid/Matron of Honor is studying abroad until a weekbefore the wedding) I say take everything one step at a time. Things are only as stressful as you make them.

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Hi! I am so sorry you have to deal with this. I am about to be in a sort of similar situation. Getting married on August 2nd. Moving cross country on August 11th. HOORAY. Fun times for all involved. Best of luck!

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sorry you are in the position but you and your Fiance are a team and should share the responsibilty.  delegate more wedding tasks to him., work on things together, get help from friends and family.  i’m sure everyone will understand.

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That’s a pretty crappy situation, but totally do-able. 2 weeks is a long time to move, just take it easy 🙂

My Fiance just got wind that his company might want to move him to another state…so I might be in your boat!

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MrsPatacki:  My situation is quite similar.  Our wedding is in September.  We’re in the process of packing & moving the old place and painting & prepping the new place.  I also have to work a lot of overtime at work in the next 3 months (at its height it’ll be 6 days a week about 80 hours).  

We’re handling it as best we can, but I’m not going to say tensions aren’t a bit high right now.  

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MrsPatacki:  I was in your situation, but with a tighter window, so be thankful of more time!  Our lease ended at the end of April and they were going up in rent, so we said no, bought a house!  We closed on the house on April 15 this year – a Tuesday.  My husband immediately started on the high grass, while I started taping the house for painting.  That weekend, we were finally ready to prime.  We primed on Saturday.  Painted on Sunday, and continued to go over spots the the following week.  The following weekend we moved, and two weeks later we were married!!

As crazy as this sounds, I was not stressed at all about the wedding my husband and I planned and paid for ourselves.  We had almost everything done before the move, just had little things to take care of closer to the big day.  The painting, moving, and all of the housework is what I was focused on up to the week of the wedding, which I think helped my emotions and everything else going on.

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MrsPatacki:  Oh gosh, I would much rather move before the wedding than 4 days AFTER the wedding.  Mr. S lives in a different state right now for work so he flys in 1-3 days before (he just got word they want to interview him for a new spot and those are taking place 2-3 days before the wedding – UGH).  Then after the wedding, we have a few days with friends and family.  3 days after the wedding we have to load up the trailer with the rest of my stuff and the morning of day 4, we hit the road for 3 days.

So leading right up to the wedding, I’m also trying to pack up my stuff and still manage to go out of town with my family for the 4th of July holiday – it’s tradition and the last time I can attend for who knows how long.

At this point, I’m willing to just donate all my stuff and buy again when we make it to the house.  It’d be so much easier.  Oh, did I mention that the 3-day drive hauling a trailer also includes 1 bird and 1 cat in the car?  Whooooo…. fun.  Happy honeymoon to us.  I’m not at all annoyed by this plan.  

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Im in a bit of situation myself. My Fiance and I are going to live in a house when we get married but it is not in condition to move in untill (i fear) about a week before our wedding. We have completed the bulk of the planning process and I want to start packing little at a time to make my transition (hopefully) smoothly. We have about two full months to prep the house (painting, furnishing..) and I hope to God to get it all done as we leave the same week after the wedding for our honeymoon and returning the day before we both head back to work. 

I hope the best for you all and my advice is what I am trying to apply. Do little at a time, make it fun, the arguments will happen just be understanding and try to think positive. 

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We moved 6 weeks before our wedding.  Beforehand, I created 4 separate to-do lists for each of us(both for the wedding and the move) and sent them to him to see what else we needed to add.  This way, we limited any disagreements over things because we each have separate tasks and responsibility and ownership for our own areas.  It also helps him see that I have way way way more tasks for both the wedding and the move and we’ve thought abt what things he could take on (and so he can be appreciative and do nice things for me).  We talk about it like a tag team (even tho I do way more than he does) & that makes us remember we’re a partnership and, together, we can get through this move just fine.  

I tell him which things are top priorities on his list and he does the same for me.  Top priorities- having bathroom toiletries, being able to walk through old & new apts, being able to cook, not losing key tools & parts (we had hammer, tape, screwdrivers always in the same place & kept all lil parts to furniture in one bag always in same place).   We set internal timelines that work for us & re-negotiate the deadline if something else comes up.  

I’m remembering that moving is irritating regardless and when you move with a FI/husband/bf, you have each other to blame for the irritation- but don’t.  It’s just a stressful time.  I remind myself & say nearly every day- thank goodness that how good of a packer or unpacker he is has nothing to do with our compatibility or how good of a husband he will be.  In fact, if we’re lucky, this will come up less than 4 other times in our lives.  In our entire lives.  That is nothing.  So when I get irritated that he “packed” by just throwing things in boxes in a mess, but he’s so proud of himself b/c he wrote down what room it came from even though I’m left to clean up the mess and unpack everything in a usable way, I just call and vent to my gfs.  It feels good & it will pass.

You’re moving months before your wedding, you’ll be fine. 

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