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Helper bee

Leave your clothes on the hangers. Then cut holes in the top of trash bags fit as many as you can into the trash bags (using them like a drycleaner bag). I always used rubber bands to hold hangers together. I have moved a lot recently and this helps a LOT. 

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Blushing bee
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For the last year I’ve been moving 3 times so I’m kinda a pro in packing :D<br />First time was when me and my Fiance decided to move in together and rent an apartment. It was a disaster! We haven’t prepared any boxes and also haven’t labeled anything. Second time was when owners of the apartment decided to sell it so we had to move out to the next rented one. So we packed everything into boxes and moved. it was kinda smooth exept the fact we have a tiiiny car and we weren’t able to take our stuff at once. Third time is the charm and the last time we moved was when we bought our own place. 

My advise: you need a lot of boxes and labels for them. A bubble wrap is also helpful while packing the dishes or any fragile stuff. Try to keep your things like clothes organised. Believe me, it’s soooo annoying when you unpack mixed stuff! So take your time. Make sure you won’t destroy a thing. Check each shelf so you won’t forget anthing. While packing clothes don’t remover the hangers! just put them into a box with them. While unpacking you will have a pieces of clothing ready to hang in the wardrobe. 

Good luck with moving! 

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Buzzing Beekeeper

Take the opportunity to get rid of items. If you haven’t used/worn it in the last 12 months then donate it to charity if in good condition or throw it out.

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Sugar bee

U-haul locations sell good, useful packing materials, including specialized things like boxes with inserts and styrofoam sleeves for dishes and glassware, heavy-duty plastic bags to go around mattresses, etc.

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Sugar bee
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weird_bunny:  I have moved so many times it’s not even funny. So happy to be in our house now! Hope you’re making a perm move as well.

My #1 tip is to keep that sharpie handy. Write a list on each box what is in each box. Makes life SOOO much easier when you’re trying to find that 1 item at your new house, providing you’re like me and don’t unpack everything/have a place for everything right away.

Mark it down- you will thank me, lol.

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Helper bee
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I agree with all the previous posters.  Definitely leave clothes on hangers and now is a great time to fill some boxes to donate!

Although packing material is great- you can spend a lot of money on packing material that you’ll just throw away- so be creative.  Use towels to wrap larger fragile items, and paper plates work great to put between actual plates when packing.  Although depending how far you are moving (right down the road vs. cross country) and if you’re moving yourself or using a large truck you may want to over cushion breakable things.  If you’re moving yourself down the road, I wouldn’t worry as much about wrapping every piece of dinnerware perfectly.

And start early!  Pack up all your nick-knacks and out of season clothes first (things you don’t use daily).  There is nothing worse than rushing to pack!  And also clean/dust EVERYTHING before you pack it.  Not really a time saver while packing, but it’s so nice to unpack only clean items at the new place- clean all rugs, shower curtains, curtains, things that don’t get cleaned regularly.

I’m in the midst of packing right now too.  A little at a time makes it so much less stressful.

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Sugar bee
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-As, PP said, leave clothes on hangers.  I also left clothes in the drawers of our dressers and just removed the drawers and stacked them in the back of my car when we moved. 

-Take this opportunity to get rid of/donate things you no longer use or need. 

-Start packing things you don’t use daily, now. 

-Match up all tupperware with lids…trash the extras, and buy new ones if you need more.  Somehow I always end up with 20 lids and 4 containers…no idea…

-Clean things as you pack

-For unpacking, aim to unpack a room each day in your new place. Ask for help.  Do the kitchen first.

Don’t be like me…we’ve been in our house for a year now and still have boxes and unorganized clutter stored in the extra bedrooms that we’re just now getting around to. lol 

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Buzzing bee
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I’ve moved 15 times in my life and I’m only 25.  I’m getting to be a pro at this. 

– Use clean socks and stuff them in all of your glasses/nice dishes and then surround the dishes with clean towels when moving.  Did this a month ago when we moved into our house and nothing broke!

– I color code the boxes and the rooms. Take the garage sale stickers (in the office section at WalMart) and choose a color for each room.  Make a master poster of each color and the room and post it at the front door.  Then label the doorway of each room with the color as well. As you pack, stick whatever color sticker on each box.  As people are helping you unload the trailer/truck/van whatever, they can easily get all the boxes to the right room without having to ask you a million times. 

– Ask family and friends for boxes or look on Craigslist for people reselling their packing materials. 

– LABEL EVERYTHING!  You don’t want to get into the house and spend hours looking for something simple. 

– Make a couple of crockpot meals that you can put in the fridge and toss into a slow cooker while you’re moving.  Healthier than takeout and makes your new place seem more like home quickly. 

– Recruit all the help you can, but don’t assume that people know how to move.  In our last move, some friends flipped our cherry table on it’s top in the back of the trailer.  DH about had a heart attack.  Give specific instructions. 

– Clean your old place as you move out.  The tenants before us in our first apartment left it a greasy, nasty disaster.  I still don’t know how they got their deposit back. 

– Pick one room (for me it was our bedroom) that gets put together and livable the first day.  Then you can go back to that room and relax when the rest of the house is a disaster. 

– Like PP suggested, weed out anything that doesn’t fit, you don’t use, etc. 

Good luck!

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Helper bee

– 100% agree with labelling! Also helps if you have an idea of how you want to organise things when you’re unpacking them (e.g. Kitchen storafe etc)

– Take the opportunity to clear out and donate to charity. Sometimes it helps to enlist a friend who can discipline you against being overly sentimental or ambitious about keeping that one thing that you might need in ten years when theres a blue moon.

– For things you aren’t using for passing, vacuum seal bags are a great way to reduce volume and keep things clean (from all the dust etc of moving) – pillows, duvets etc

– Pack a suitcase of things you will need in the first week: underwear, clothes, toiletries, basic first aid. Nothing worse than being exhausted after a day of moving and having to unpack a box to get at your PJs! Also set aside a couple of cups, tea bags, kettle…..

Good luck 🙂

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Sugar Beekeeper
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weird_bunny:  I have moved so many times I lost count. I like to correspond boxes with a list I use for moving in day,which tells the movers where to put the boxes. 

label the boxes with the room they are going to, and the contents. A breakdown of contents can be put on corresponding sheet. 

All of the things you will need for your first morning in new place should be put in box labeled Open First: toiletries, coffee maker, etc. in your suitcase pack your clothes for first two days ( work clothes, sleeping, work out, comfy unpacking clothes), medications, and all other essentials. 

Fragile items should be wrapped with kitchen or bath towels, and placed in boxes with padded bottoms ( pad with newspaper or towels). Never mix heavy items with fragile in same box. Bubble wrap is amazing for dishes, save the boxes they came in is even better. 

Plan out where your furniture is going and make sure you measure the door and entry points to new place. 

For long moves, I put the clothes in garbage bags on a rod so they don’t get wrinkled. There are wardrobe boxes for this, but some moving vans let you put a rod up too. For long moves, wrap kitchen items in plastic before packing. Don’t bother moving cleaning supplies, some companies won’t even move them anyway.

I have moved across country twice. it’s an adventure and can be stressful, but it will be over soon. 

Good luck!


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Bumble bee
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Commenting to follow as I am moving in a couple of weeks. Wonderful advice everyone!

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Sugar bee
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weird_bunny:  Pack a ‘go box’.  I’ve always done this.  It’s full of the stuff you need day 1. 

– bed linens 

– tooth brush, toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, toilet paper, towel

– coffee/tea and the fixings for either/both 

– snacks 

Clearly mark it as box #1 (and 2, sometimes I do one for the bedroom and 1 for the kitchen.)  

Those get unpacked first, no matter what.  Set the bed up with linens and pillows before anything else.  Put the shower stuff in the bathroom.  

This way, when you’re done unpacking you can have a shower and go to bed without needing to unpack another box.  And the next morning you can have your coffee/tea and a snack (granola bar, apple, whatever.)  Before starting the unpacking.  It just saves the ‘FML!’ moment when you’re tired after a big move and realize you have no idea where any of that stuff is. 

I also do the hangers with plastic bags over top.  So easy. 

Label the outside of boxes with whats inside.  Number your boxes, keep a master list of boxes and contents. 

Anything that isn’t an immediate unpack (anything seasonal, etc) label the box as such.  Don’t waste time unpacking crap you don’t need right away.  Get the house liveable first, then go and unpack your university text books that you’re never going to open again but can’t seem to throw out. 

Put boxes in the room they will eventually go in right from the start.  That way you can move through the house room by room. 

Try not to pack boxes with mixed rooms.  It sounds like a good idea at the time.  This box is half-empty, I’ll put x in it too.  But don’t.  No one ever complained about having to move a light box.  And the worst is when you’re unpacking and you realize half of the stuff in the box actually goes in a completely different room.  

Get a bigger truck than you think you’ll need. 

Recruit more friends than you think you’ll need.  (Or hire movers and make it their problem.) 

Rent or borrow a dolly or two, they make it so much easier. 

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