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Busy bee
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I am moving next week!!!! Im so glad you posted this! So many bees have such good tips n tricks!!!!

Definately LOVE the garbage bag n hanger tip. Fabulous!!!!!!


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Sugar Beekeeper
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When it comes to the easily accessible stuff, add in cleaning supplies, garbage bags, and someone said it already but TP!  You also may need a shower curtain if you don’t have a shower door.

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Busy bee

Label all of your boxes by room! I.E. kitchen, laundry room, living room, bedroom, office…

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Honey bee
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winterwoodlandbride15:  yes, label all the things. Don’t get lazy and use labels like “random” and “other stuff” like I did when I left school. You will it remember a month later which of the box titles you thought were clever is hiding that thing you need right now.


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Wow, good for you! I hate moving, so I think 15 moves in my life would kill me. 

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Bumble Beekeeper

I concur on the color coding – it makes everything a lot easier.  Even with all the best packing tips I always end up losing/misplacing something. Not sure how. So I always designate an extra purse as my “bag of do not lose” to keep anything that would be disasterous to lose (important papers, passports, the fancy jewelry, etc.). 

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Honey bee
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My top tips would be:

Hire professional movers

Use these Ziplocs for all your clothing, coats, bedding, towels, pillows, etc: http://www.amazon.ca/Ziploc-Space-Saver-Vacuum-Super/dp/B00DMKZ3SY (they’re amazing and shrink your stuff down to nothing!).

I’d also write exactly whats in the boxes.. Kitchens have tons of shit in them, I labelled each box based on the room it went in and what was inside of it. Its tedious but so organized and if you need to look for something specifc each box has a little inventory list on it.


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In the new place, paint the closets and pantry before you move anything in, if you have the time. It’s about the only time that they will be empty, and it makes that small but noticeable difference.

My mom painted the closets and pantry and lined the cabinets in our new house in the morning while we met the movers at the old place. By the time we had everything at the new place, the paint had dried and we were ready to load in.

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Buzzing bee
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Check Craigslist daily for people giving away boxes from a recent move. That’s how we got nearly all of ours! They also gave us packing paper, although we already had some. I also hit up liquor stores for extra sturdy small ones. 

You can buy a huge thing of packing paper from Home Depot or Lowes for less than $10. Super nice for packing glassware and such. It’s more expensive from Uhaul. 

Color code your boxes and rooms. I even color coded some of the confusing furniture like bookshelves and my desk, and it was awesome because I just taped a key on the wall for everyone and I didn’t have to constantly answer questions about where things went – or worse, pick up all the boxes after people left and move them to the correct rooms! If you can’t find enough variety in colored circle stickers (I couldn’t), grab some other kinds – my kitchen was American flag stickers, haha. 

Label your boxes really specifically – if you color code, no need to write “kitchen.” Instead, write down the actual items. I always think I’ll unpack everything relatively quickly, but I always end up leaving boxes unopened for a while, so it’s good to know where everything is.

make a “Day Of” box or container. Mine had a change of clothes, our toiletries, sheets for the bed, Advil, band aids, all the paperwork for the new apartment, a pen, some cat food for our cats (+ bowls for food and water), and other stuff like that. Think about what you might reach for on moving day and compile a list.

Somthing that helped me a TON – suck it up and move all of your furniture to the front of the house the night before. Our living room was filled with furniture (but I made sure you could get to everything easily) and that made loading the truck easier because those helping knew exactly what we had (no “oh I forgot this huge dresser was in this other room”). We also piled boxes up in the dining area and basically tried to empty the other rooms as much as possible. 

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KC-2722:  Hire professional movers…. but make sure they’re good! They’re incredibly expensive, so make sure that you are getting what you pay for. If you live in a city, keep in mind that they may charge for the time it takes them to find adequate parking. The one’s I hired also broke a bunch of stuff (not glasses and plates, think both glass doors to a cabinet), and put a huge hole in the wall and refused to pay for it. The movers alone still ended up costing several thousand dollars to move a 1 bedroom apartment 45 mins away. 

I agree with many PPs tips. I would also add that you will probably end up needing more boxes than you think you will need. Make sure you get plenty. I usually collect them from work for the couple weeks leading up to the move, but I’ve heard some people have had luck going to stores and asking for boxes. Buying boxes can be expensive. 

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Bumble bee


Random tips in no particular order of importance:

Donate/sell things/get rid of items you don’t need/wear or think someone else could use. Seriously, this is the number one tip. No sense moving crap if you don’t love it. 

Wrap pictures, breakable items in towels and clothing, thus combining into one or two (or more) boxes instead of separate boxes for each and not requiring packing materials. 

Definitely keep a bucket or box of items you’ll need right away. 

Move all your boxes into one room as you’re packing. Pro movers will appreciate this but also the first to be loaded will be the last to unload off the truck, so keep them all together so you don’t need to reconfigure the truck after you’ve found a random box in a room to add to the truck.

If you buy boxes from uHaul (and Home Depot too I think) and don’t use them all, you can return them if you keep your receipt. But go to the beer/liquor stores and get boxes there. 

If you have that sharpie handy, also put in big letters on the top and side of the box which room it should go in (Kitchen, master bedroom, bathroom, etc). Let the movers know they are labelled that way so please leave the boxes in the appropriate new rooms. 

The obvious, label every item in the box, not just “stuff” or “random”, it makes it so much easier for the week or so after you move when you still have a few unpacked boxes kicking around (or several) knowing which one to open up. 



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You’ve gotten lots of great advice. I would add:

Try to pack mostly in small boxes as they’re much easier to move than big heavy boxes. 

Wrap nice pieces of wood furniture in blankets so that they don’t scratch. 

If your have any breakables that you would be devastated if they broke – label them FRAGILE!!! and transport them yourself.

The last time we hired movers and it was so worth it! They did all the heavy lifting and I just stood in the middle directing traffic. Bribe them with baked goods to be sure they handle everything carefully.

Once you get into the house – force yourself to take things out of boxes. I found that if I took things out of boxes and put them on the floor/counters/tables then I was much more likely to actually put them away. It’s way easier to ignore a box than a pile of stuff. Avoid putting a box in a closet/basement, unless that’s where it’s going to live! (and if it’s going to live there, do you really need it?) I find that once a box goes into a closet/basement, it will never be unpacked. 

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The moving day box as already been mentioned. Have the things that you need the first evening all in one box. Include sheets and bedding for all the beds that will be used that night.

Also plan ahead on what you are going to use to cover the windows if they don’t come with window coverings. Home Depot sells temporary paper shades that cut be cut to fit and just stick in place. No tools required. It’s nice to have privacy and some light control until you get yor own window coverings installed.


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a lot of good advice! my favorites

“go box”/  box#1  – all the little things you need the first week – kettle/coffee, mugs, silverware etc also person items (tooth paste, shampoo, hand soap) and things to get the house set up (lightbulbs, extension cord, tp, paper towels and windex)

also I generally pack a suitcase like I would for vacation for a week + (don’t forget you might be dirty/sweaty so you might want to shower more often esp if you are painting/DIY)

if you are moving someplace new/empty you might even need a small lamp/flashlight and something to cover the windows (those paper blinds are cheap and easy but a sheet or so so that I don’t even have to deal with digging through laundry etc mething would work)

if you won’t have cable/internet right away either DL some movies or dig out a few fav DVDs bc after all that moving you are going to want to veg out on the couch. Same with music so you can have something playing while you are working (at least for me I need it!)

I try and take down/wash anything that I will be re-using (ie curtains, sheets. bedding) and washing them so they are ready to go. If I won’t be re-using then its clean to put away

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Bumble bee
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Boxes should be labeled by room. living Room, kitchen, etc.

Pack everything and use a suitcase to live out of for the week prior to moving. I only do this for the last two night or so prior to moving day.

Label specific contents on each box. (Kitchen-pots. Bedroom-shoes)

Try to make sure your bedroom is settled and ready first. I packed a box and labeled it as 1st night bedding. That way we had our sheets and blankets ready to go And I was able to get the bedroom all set up whole everything else was being hauled in. 

Plan on packing dishes first and eat off paper plates and plastic wear. 

Do not let your SO pack the day of! The morning of is hectic enough without having the moving truck wait while he fills boxes. 

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