Moving in – how did you introduce yourself to the neighbors?

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When we went to the final walkthrough the night before settlement, the one next door neighbor “bumped into us” (she totally planned this accidental meeting!!!) while she was taking out the trash. She introduced herself and then started going on about how the previous owners of the house did this and that… should have known from the start she’d be trouble. I can’t stand her and her obnoxious family! HAHA sorry for my mini-vent! 

The other neighbors we just said hello to when we bumped into them. The other neighbors are super nice!! 

Good luck with your move!

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Commenting to follow. We’re moving soon and I was thinking about making cookies for the neighbours to either side of our house and going to introduce myself, but I don’t want them to think I’m a crazy lady.

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When we visited our house with our realtor for the first time, our one neighbor was outside and talked to us so that was already done!


Before actually moving in we did about a months worth of work on our home, and I thought I’d introduce myself to the other neighbors once we were done in case they wanted a tour — but they came over and introduced themselves while we were working.


So we didn’t do anything formal, but I’m socially awkward so maybe that’s why…. 😉

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Helper bee

Haha, this is when I know I live in NYC.  There is no introduction.  You just say hi when you catch them smoking pot in the hall.  Surprised

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We never did and have only met people when we bump into them outside.  The lots on my street are also typically 1.5-2 acres, so it’s not like we can go into the front yard and see people outside.  We’ve met our immediate surrounding neighbors while out doing yardwork or snow blowing the drive way.  We met people further down the street when after a blizzard that downed trees into the street and everyone was out helping clear the road,

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we didn’t we’re socially akward and prefer to keep to ourselves. We’re that weird snotty couple that thinks we’re better than you… (but I just prefer not to socialize).

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We renovated our home that was built in 1968 and everything was original. While renovating the neighbors came over to say hello. After we finished the renos and got married we had all our neighbors over for drinks and appetizers. The house was a DISASTER before we renovated so I know our neighbors wanted to see the final product. I would rather have them see if when the house was clean then randomly “stopping by” and coming in when it was a mess!

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Sugar bee

We didn’t formally introduce ourselves but we met all of our neighbors at some point while taking our dog on her evening walk.  For the holidays, we made eggnog with the intention of giving it to neighbors, but we discovered 2 neighbors didn’t drink and 1 family was vegan.  Sooooo we ended up with a bunch of leftover eggnog.  Next year we’ll try cookies.

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We didn’t. We moved in winter and only met a few neighbors come spring, when we happened to bump into them. One was friendly but quickly turned mean, the others are OK. Its been a few years and still haven’t met most of them.

Baking wouldn’t have been a good idea, since they are all older and at that age when they probably don’t eat baked goods anymore.

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We brought over some baked goods and planned dinner/ drinks… we met probably around 6 sets of neighbors this way!

Whenever anyone new moves into the neighborhood, I usually bring them some flowers, food, and a note with a gift card to some store where they can shop for their new home. 

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Bumble bee

We will be moving soon too and we would really like to know our neighbors better than we currently do. I think we will  just make an effort to say hi and introduce ourselves when we see people outside for the first time. After so many times goes by with ignoring people it gets more awkward to say hello.

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I’ve been wondering, what is the etiquette on this? As the new neighbours, is it on us to introduce ourselves or should the neighbourhood folks be the ones welcoming us to the neighbourhood and introducing themselves? Is there established etiquette on this? 

We bought a house and moved in about 8 months ago, and we’ve only interacted with 3 of our neighbours … on one side, they are a very nice older couple who immediately began talking to us and getting to know us, they are out in their front yard a lot. On the other side, no idea, I’ve never even seen them… Our neighbours directly across from us are the realtors who sold us the house, so that’s great. Then next to them is kind of an asshole-ish guy who instead of properly shoveling and throwing his driveway snow on his own yard, just shoves it across the street next to our yard, narrowing the road… My husband (politely) brought it up with him and he basically said ‘whatever’. Nobody else has come to chat with us but maybe we are mistaken, was it our job to introduce ourselves to people? We aren’t trying to be antisocial, we just didn’t really think of it… 

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TO @araneidae:  RE – Etiquette on New Neighbours

Etiquette Snob here…

The established process is for those who already live in the Neighbourhood to WELCOME the Newcomers and take the first step in regards to social invites…

BUT sometimes timing is such, that the Newcomers have been out and about taking care of business getting settled so they’ve “run into” the long time residents already

In which case friendly conversation can open the door to social invites on either side “We should get together for coffee”

The standard fare, however is whomever makes the first deliberate move… it is considerate to come not empty handed (more so if you are the long established resident)… a Bouquet of Flowers, Plate of Cookies or Small Welcome Gift are all usually well received.

Because moving in and getting settled can take awhile (days to weeks) it is best when making the gesture that one is aware of time and inconveniencing the newcomer.

“I’d love to get together when you have more time… as a I am sure you are busy… but I wanted you to know how pleased we are to have you in the neighbourhood… and wanted to give you my name & number incase you needed any help or questions”. 

Unless the newbie says this is a good time and insists you stay a spell… it is best to set up a time for coffee in the future.

If the meeting isn’t formal… and just casual (on the street)… then it is appropriate to introduce yourself as “Hi, I am Sue Jones… and I live in the green house across the street”

The newbie usually responds with an equally friendly greeting… and can also invite the passerby in for a cup of coffee / cold drink if the timing is convenient. 

Initial meet ups, usually only last 10 or 15 minutes (long enough to enjoy the coffee / cold drink).  If the neighbours click… then future meet ups can be planned… “stop by for coffee on ___ (specific date and time)”… OR “you should join us gals for our after dinner walk around the neighbourhood on Tuesday Nights” etc

And so it begins… if a friendship is formed, then social invites will naturally go back and forth…

Hope this helps,


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