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Bumble bee
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Awww, very exciting πŸ™‚

I think how it goes totally depends on the couple. For us, it was seamless. There were no surprises and I had nothing to complain about. He let me add my “woman’s touch” where needed and I was respectful of certain tthings that he wanted around. We knew exactly what we were getting into because we were together 24/7 before moving in, as it was.

My Girlfriend on the other hand? She’s miserable right now. She says her Boyfriend or Best Friend is super organized, she is not. He parents differently from her and she’s downright miserable.

I’m not sure how that happened with her as she’s known him forever. You would think she would know he was organized and had different parenting skills. It’s a mystery.

Just remember that little disagreements are not forboding the end of your relationship! Compromise. You may fight, yes. Don’t worry! Making up in your own home with your love is “priceless” πŸ™‚

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Sugar bee
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AHHHH congrats! i remember how excited i was to move in with my then bf now FI! We were both counting down!!

i think the biggest surprise that i had was loud he snored!! we had sleep overs before but i think he would try and down play it so i wouldnt hear….our first night in our apartment he snored sooo bad! lol

but over the year i got use to it…and now if he out of town for work…i cant sleep because its too quiet!

congrats on the awesome step you guys are taking!!!

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Helper bee

How exciting!

My SO and I moved in together early in our relationship. What really helped us is that we talked about EVERYTHING first, and really set up our expectations. From “how often does the trash go out” to “who pays for decorations if only one of us wants them” etc etc.

It didn’t help us sort out everything, there were still bumps along the way, but it was a good start so there wasn’t a “oh, I just thought you’d clean up the dishes as you cooked every night” instead of “i cook, you clean”.


Good luck! And just remember, you will fight and argue! It’s okay!

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Living together can definitely be a big transition. Not everyone has the same living style. Darling Husband sometimes drives me nuts because he walks in the front door and just drops everything and leaves it there like a weigh station until he needs it next. Ugh. I’m not the world’s tidiest person, but I at least make sure the areas guests see are tidy enough πŸ˜‰ So I think like the PPs mentioned, think about how each of you lives, talk about what the expectations are, and just keep communicating. You’ll definitely argue at some point about things, but that’s normal and I’m not sure it ever stops, lol! I still give Darling Husband heck for bringing home various “stuff” that we don’t need or for leaving his piles everywhere!

It’s really fun though, and it’s good you’re doing it before the wedding so it’s not an added stress to being newly married. Just don’t overthink things or give them more importance than they have, because you’re likely fairly stressed out with wedding planning too πŸ˜‰

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Helper bee

awww how exciting!!!!

i remeber when we first moved in together it took a little getting used to because like u guys we were lond distance too so having him there everyday all day was a lil weird but i loved it.

there are goind to be things u figure put when u guys move in like who is tidier than whom and just about every little thing annoying that he can do lol. but my biigest peice of advice is to NOT sweat the small stuff because at the end of the day you moved in for a reason, because you love this person

**oh and another thing, dont do everything yourself (cooking, cleaning, washing) because he might get too comfortable, unless thats what you like to do. in any chase congrats on you new step in your realionship and good luck!!! πŸ™‚

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Busy bee
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Exciting!! I just moved in with FH after 6 months of dating (we’ve been friends for years lol), and to be honest, there weren’t any suprises! I think it depends on the people. Just make sure you two come up with a household budget, even if you don’t have joint finances, and talk about chores. Living with my FH has been a breeze, and it’s brought us closer together. Luckily, I work days and he works nights, so I still have my own space πŸ™‚

Good luck and enjoy it!

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I think one of the biggest things we had to get used to is realizing that we didn’t have to be together ALL THE TIME. When we were LD, we would spend all weekend together watching TV, going for walks, running errands, cooking meals…etc. When we moved in together, it took a while to realize that I could watch TV in the bedroom while he watched it in the living room, and I could run to CVS to fill a prescription while he stayed home, he could go to the gym while I slept in. We were so used to being together to maximize what little time we had that it took a while to realize that we now had all the time in the world to spend together (or not πŸ™‚

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That is great news! And very exciting after a LDR. I think its always good to go into something thinking that its going to be all good, so thats not stupid at all!! I think the thing that we learned was that just because we lived together we dont need to spend all our time together. Its important to still have YOU time and time with  your friends. Other than that, its just getting used to their habbits etc.

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Helper bee

That’s exciting πŸ˜€

I moved in with my SO a little over a year ago after 16 months of dating. By that time we were spending almost every night together anyway, and we were already used to doing things like food shopping and cooking together. Therefore, there weren’t really any surprises and things to get used to, so it was a very smooth process. It was great going house viewing together, picking out the furniture etc πŸ™‚

The only thing we ever really ‘faced’ was to decide what to do with stuff from previous relationships. In the end we agreed to get rid of it all, except for things like CDs and books. If you have been in previous relationships, this is probably something you will have to make decisions about as well.

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Honey bee
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It was really easy for us. We have a good time living together. The only thing that might be tough at first is dividing how you handle chores, but after that, we had an easy time. Congrats! Such a fun time in life.

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