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Purge while you pack. Don’t take stuff with you that you haven’t used and likely won’t. Have bins labelled trash and donate so you can put items in them as you pack.

Label the boxes according to what room they will go in at your new home.

Keep the boxes reasonably small so they are not too heavy.

Have each family member pack an overnight bag with their pyjamas, toiletries and clothes for the next day.

The most important tip- have one or two boxes that contain the pillows and bedding for all beds so as soon as the beds are set up they can be made.  You will be glad at the end of the day.

Have a small box that contains the coffee maker,coffee,mugs for the next morning.

If your new home doesn’t have curtains or blinds,buy the cheap temporary paper ones at Home Depot before you move.

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How much time do you have until you move? I am moving in April and I have already started going room by room and throwing away or donating things that we do not need. I have also purchased totes and started filling them with things we will not need until the move. Make sure everything is labelled really well so you don’t have to fish through boxes. Also, make sure you have a box or two of essentials like toilet papers, a few cleaning supplies, and an overnight bag for things like toothbrush, pyjamas, etc. 

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@julies1949:  I didn’t know those temporary paper curtains existed! I’ll have to check them out! 

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Moving is the worst!!!!

When are you moving? Start packing the non-essentials ASAP. I tried to pack a box a night when we were in the process of moving, but we had a lot of notice. It was also helpful to go room by room. I packed up the closets/storage areas first, then hit the living room/dining room, followed by the bedrooms and bathrooms and the kitchen was last.

I agree that having boxes at the ready for donating helped speed things up a bit. Just keep an open box labeled “donate” and whenever you find something you don’t want to keep, toss it in that box. We ended up donating 10 boxes last time we moved! And this may be a bit anal, but as we were packing I would number each box. Then I had a small notebook that had each box number and underneath it a list of every single item that went into that box. It made unpacking such a breeze! When we first moved in and were surrounded by boxes I just scrolled the list in order to quickly find anything I needed right away.

For our weekend marathon packing sessions we threw on some comfy clothes, blasted some dance music and got to it! 

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@julies1949:  +1. This is great advice. I’ll be keeping this in mind the next time I have to move!

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@alotlikelove:  These are great tips.  I hate moving!  We just moved into our new house over Christmas and it was rough, lol.  Good luck!


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@alotlikelove:  Bumping this because I just moved

Do you have ANY idea what you’re moving into? Downsizing? Upsizing? Up stairs?


The best thing we did in moving was purchasing plastic tubs from Target and Bunnings for the same cost (even cheaper) than boxes – the handles make it easier to transport and they do not break or split anywhere near as easy as boxes. No rot either from storage (an issue my parents have had!) You can use them again and again and again. I still have 5 plastic tubs from 2011 when I first moved!

– Load books/heavy items into suitcases which makes it extremely easy to transport! They’re sturdier and have wheels! Stronger handles and made to last so it’s really helpful thing we did when moving.

– Go room by room, one at a time! Leave only stuff you NEED, like one perfume left out, seasonal clothes only, one set of towels, etc. Excess bathroom goods can be packed up now just leave one of things you use like one toner, moisturiser, cleanser, body wash, shampoo blah blah. Try to use up pump bottles that are difficult to transport. Use vacuum bags for bulky things like Winter/out of season clothing, quilts, excess towels and sheets. Even better put the bags in a tub/box/suitcase and then when the air is sucked out it can fit into the transportation device easier!

– Label EVERY BOX itemised as thoroughly as possible. I managed to find drawer organisers, wine glasses, jewellery, perfumes, etc all by just looking on the outside of the box. Write a list and tape it to the sides. That way when looking for hair brushes or textbooks or diaries or cutlery or whatever you can just look on the side and see. Saves making a HUGE mess!

– Purge as you go. Be CRUEL! It will pay off when you move and you don’t find shit you don’t want or need. Be thorough, donate and toss or sell whatever you can. Brand new shoes you haven’t worn in a year? Expensive perfume you have hoarded? Tonnes of clothes never even worn? Make a little extra cash! Also means it will take less time to move therefore less chance to overspend on movers or waste time moving stuff you ultimately do not want or need. 

– Stick fragile items all together. I put wine glasses, perfumes, jewellery and other delicates in the same tub and labelled FRAGILE and kept my eye on it to make sure it was the final thing loaded on and first taken off.

– Label the essentials. Make one tub up which is the last thing you pack up the night before or morning of the move. things like toilet paper, toothbrushes/paste, some bandaids, batteries, face wash or wipes, shower loofah, come cutlery and a water bottle or something like that.

– Once you know the layout of your new place, it will help you to pack more methodically. With out place we knew we had massive linen closet so we packed and labelled accordingly and then the movers just placed the boxes beside it. Likewise into the office and bedroom and kitchen. Our living room was our office and dining room in our old place so everything was muddled up. My partner and I separated office, dining and living stuff as the best we could, that way we didn’t end up in our new place with several tubs of randomised crap.

– Take breaks! There is a tumblr I love UFYH Guide To Moving that suggests a 20/10 method, 20 minutes doing, 10 break. I did more of a 30 minute pack, 45 minute break but it worked so easy, stopped me from burning out too fast and getting frustrated.

– Work on it every day. Even if it’s just one small drawer, it’s better than nothing! I left it one day which turned into a week! Oops. Do one drawer, take a break. Do part of your closet, break. 

Good luck. 

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I second purging as you go, and purchasing plastic tubs instead of using cardboard boxes, especially with heavier items. My SO and I were able to pack all of our books into 2-3 plastic tubs. They weighed a TON, but with a little help we were able to get all 3 up the steps in a few minutes rather than risking splitting boxes and having to carry up probably 10+. The leftover tubs are also great for storage. If you don’t think you need something, or don’t know where you’ll put it in your new house don’t keep it! We moved so many things only to realize that they are now shoved in closets, and probably won’t ever be used again. We ended up donating most of it after the fact when we didn’t really need to bring it with us in the first place.

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The most important tip – have one or two boxes that contain the pillows and bedding for all beds so as soon as the beds are set up they can be made.  You will be glad at the end of the day.’

This! I put all new pillow cases and quilt covers on and stuff all the bedding in 2 large bin bags that are a different colour than any of the other bags. As soon as the bed is in, I make up the bed. That way after a long day of packing I can just go straight to bed with no extra effort.

I moved 10 times in 6 years, so I could probably do it professionally now. Will be doing it again in a few months but then I am determined to stay put for a couple of years!

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