Moving tips, anyone?!

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Sugar bee
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Hire movers and don’t do it yourself!  I’ve moved myself a few times and it’s miserable.  Getting movers to do it is far better, even if you pack it yourself.  Start packing up stuff you’re not using well in advance (out of season clothes, kitchen stuff you don’t use much and so on).  Leave your clothes in drawers – take the drawers out so the unit can be loaded, then put them back in.  Hanging clothes go well if you get a garbage bag, make a hole in the top for the hanger hooks then bundle them up and pull the bag over the top of the bundle.

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Honey Beekeeper
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There are several old threads with lots of good ideas.

Start by purging now. There is no point in moving things you don’t need or use.

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Busy bee

Agree if you can afford it hire movers. My company paid for a move and they packed me up in one day. If you do it yourself label your boxes. Not just with the room but contents. It was also helpful for us to number our boxes so we could tell if any were missing.

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Helper bee

If you do end up packing your things yourself, be DESCRIPTIVE on the outside of the box! Don’t just write “Living room”, write “dvds, hdmi cord, cable box, remote controls” and then write an even more detailed list and put it on the top of the contents inside, saying “tv remote andfirestick remote, dvds, playstation games” and so on! Also, if you are physically moving things yourself, make sure you distribute your weighty items between several small boxes, like books. It is way easier to move three small boxes of books instead of one giant and awkward one lol. Also, tape all of your hardware for furniture TO the furniture, as you take it apart, as well as the tv bases on flat screens, tape those to the back too. I moved once a few years ago and all of my hardware went missing because I had put it all in one box, which then disappeared! lastly, it is better to go overboard with packing material like paper and bubble wrap than to skimp. Nobody likes an entire stack of shattered dinner plates. Not that I did that or anything. lol !

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Buzzing Beekeeper

soon2bemrsmorgan :  If you are combining households decide together before the move which sets of items will be kept. Get rid of the other sets (donate etc) before moving.

If you are combining remember it is your partners place as well and whilst you may not like his grandmother’s (insert item here), it may mean a lot to him to have it.

Purge. If you haven’t worn or used it within the last year get rid of it.

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Busy bee

Purging is the best advice. Get rid of everything! (not really though lol)

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Bumble bee
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Definitely start going through your belongings and make a donation pile. Pack in boxes things you won’t be using for a while.

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Bumble bee

Keep everything in each room together, meaning everything in your living room goes in boxes marked Living Room. Everything in your kitchen goes in boxes marked Kitchen. Resist the urge to “finish off a box” by putting something from one room in a box labeled for another room, or (horrors!) labeled “miscellaneous”. This will really help you find things when you’re in your new place. I was never organized enough/patient enough to write detailed lists, but those are awesome too.

Another great help: I labeled certain boxes Open First. These were items in each room that were the most important…. stuff you use the most, not crap that was stored in the top of your closet.

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Buzzing bee

I’ve moved lots and never been able to hire movers….that’s a dream of mine one day. I agree with pps about purging, we hold on to a lot of things for sentimental reasons, but keep them in boxes and do nothing but just store stuff. We still have the memories, the reasons we keep those things, the stuff itself is inconsequential. That being said, there are certain things I won’t part with. I go through that stuff every time I move and I end up realizing I don’t “need” to keep some of the things I thought I did. 

I purchases large totes from Big Lots a few years ago and have kept them. They are great for moving. I tape paper to the outside listing what is in them. They are large so I do have to be careful not to make them too heavy. Like when I’m packing books, I’ll make sure I can lift it, then fill in empty space with light weight things like clothes, blankets, pillows, etc. I try to make the majority one room – bedroom/kitchen/living room so its easier to unpack. 

I definitely agree with deciding what things you all have doubles of and sell/donate what you won’t need. 

I am moving over the next couple of weeks, but my situation is the opposite. I am moving out of the apartment I shared with my soon to be ex and into my own studio. I will have very little to move and I am very excited about starting over. I wish you the best of luck!

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Bumble bee

A post moving tip: You’ll probably find that once you move a couple boxes will be left unpacked in the basement a year later. This means you probably don’t need that stuff and can donate or throw it out.

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Buzzing bee

Ok here’s my to do list each time we move. Thankfully, I’ve got one move left in to our dream house (yey).

1) Purge as you pack, be ruthless! If you haven’t used it in the last six months, won’t use it in the next six months and it’s not sentimental it goes. You don’t want to move things you never use.

2) Get your boxes, try to keep to all the same box or similar sizes to make moving, packing and stacking them easier. Have on hand, tape, paper, sharpies etc.

3) Pick on room at a time to work on. Number each box as you pack it clearly with the room it’s for and what box number it is. On a seperate sheet, keep track of the boxes, their numbers and their contents. This makes things a lot easier when your unpacking, because you can unpack in order of your priority of what you need.

4) Keep 3-4 boxes aside of things you know you will need a week before your move and a week after. Because you will be tired and the last thing you’ll want to do is dig through boxes to find your toothbrush or a textbook you need.

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Helper bee

Hire movers, hire movers, hire movers!!! I just moved and we’re regretting not hiring movers. We did have family and friends to help us, which was nice, but it would have gotten done so much quicker and less stressful if we just hired the movers. 

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Busy bee

I have moved more times than I can remember and Darling Husband owns a removal company so here are my tips-
#1- Be specific when you want a quote from removalists! Cheapest can sometimes mean they move slower so that they will charge you just as much, if not more, based on an hourly rate. How many stairs are there exactly? What are the access points like? You’ll get a better idea of hour quote and cost quote.
#2 – Put bedding, toiletries, and snacks in an overnight bag. Maybe spare clothes. Ask to set the bed up as soon as it arrives at the new home and make it – you will be so thankful if the move goes late and you don’t have to find the basics to wash up and have to make the bed at midnight. Obviously some goes for kids rooms.
#3- crate your pet if you have one. Preferably, begin crate training now. So many lost pets during moves because the doors are all open and the poor thing is confused and displaced.
#4- Unload kids bedrooms first if possible. Let them stay in their new rooms “unpacking” and making the space theirs so hopefully they’re not underfoot and you know where they are (they will more than likely still be underfoot)
#5-Keep a sharpie on your persons.
All the points all the other bee’s make about being ruthless and being specific when marking boxes. So important! Good luck!

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