(Closed) MS Ribbon Vases, oh sadness. :o(

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you could try a hot glue gun to attach the ribbon to eachother. That might work. Also if the tape works but isn’t 100% perfect maybe just let it go….no one will notice "oh the tape is a little bumpy under the ribbon" they will be mesmorized by the beautiful centerpieces and never even notice something small like that. Don’t stress!

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I haven’t undertaken this project, but I have a couple ideas:

  1. What about using a slightly thicker fabric instead of ribbon? 
  2. Have you tried putting the tape around the vase (instead of vertical), so that any tape lines you see are kinda like additional ribbon layers? And if you still don’t like the tape lines, maybe try wider tape?
  3. options for finishing the edges of the ribbon: folding the edges over (but likely more lumps) or using a seam sealer or fray stop on the edges–I can’t remember the brand, but its basically a little liquid/gel that you put a dab on and let dry so things like ribbon don’t fray…

I hope you find a solution that works! I’d realllly like to see what your final product looks like!

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the liquid brenda is thinking of is called fray check and it’s made by dritz, i believe… if you have a joann’s near you, they’d have it for sure. 🙂

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Actually, if you look closely at that picture you will notice that Martha’s ribbon is also a little bumpy.  What did Martha recommend as far as finishing the ribbon ends?  I think I would fold over one end only, press it in place, and then fasten the fold (in between the ribbon layers) with another piece of double stick tape.  Then overlap your ends.  There are multiple brands of fray-check; most of them will darken satin ribbon as they dry, so folding under the fray-checked end may be necessary to hide that darker part.  But if you overlap and fold, I don’t know that you need to fray-check.

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hi darklady!  A really easy solution to your "seam" problem would to be just to make sure all your "ends" line up then do  do a vertical stripe of ribbon up the side?  It should look really nice.  Earlier in the year I made a lamp using a similar technique, and just did a ribbon up the side:

Secret Santa

 as far as the tape showing, try to just put the tape on the two ends of the ribbon, rather than the whole way across, and then cover that all up with the above mentioned vertical stripe of ribbon?  That might end your "bumpiness" problem?



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Here are a few hints:

First, seal the edges.  Sometime you can do this with gel glue.  Or if there is rayon in your ribbon, you can sear the edges with a lighter or candle.  I would recommend a lighter for better control.  Let cool, before you touch.  Be careful.  

 After the edges are all secure …onto securing the ribbon.  Here are two methods. 

1.  Double sided Carpet Tape.  You can find this product in hardware stores like Lowes and Home Depot.  It will be in the area of other tape products, most likely near the painting Dept.  It comes in 2" rolls and is white in color.  3M and Anchor Tape are two brands that make this type of tape.  Both come with backing which is awesome because you can roll it onto the vase cut it with an x-acto knife.  I do not recommend scissors because this stuff is super sticky.  When the completely covered, layout ribbon for placement and then peal off the backing and press the ribbon on. 

2.  Spray Adhesive.  Not your spray mount… adhesive.  You can purchased at HDepot or Lowes and comes in a spray can.  I recommend 3M Super 88.  This is high grade glue, so be careful with the fumes.  The best place to do this is outdoors or in a garage.  If you have a respirator -please wear.  Most likely you will not, personally I would not shell out $40 for such a small project.  The trick to spray adhesive is that it works when both sides are tacky.  So, first layout the ribbon by pinning it down on corrigated cardboard with sewing pins not push pins.  This will keep the strips flat when spraying.  **shake the cans well**  Then spray the vase.  If you have two people working on it at the same time it is always great.  When the glue is tacky then attach the ribbon to the vase.  If you place ribbon on top of the other ribbons, you can simply place the new ribbon on right after you apply the adhesive, but you might have to hold it in place until it cures. 

Good luck.  Sometimes projects need that extra hold 🙂

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<span class=”postby”> mleeeee has some great suggestions, both are items I used in art school to finish proofs. I also second the respirator, and keep a bottle of goo gone or olive oil handy–Super 88 will stick your skin to just about anything and is very nasty to remove sometimes.

<span class=”postby”>I would just like to throw my own personal savior into the mix, my absolute favorite product of all time, the Xyron. 🙂  The 1.5 inch Xyron is usually around $10-12 and I think comes with 20 feet of adhesive that is 1.5 inches wide. Much much less messy than spray adhesive, easier to use then glue, and none of the cutting issues of carpet tape–I’ve ruined two pairs of scissors with carpet tape. I have used this machine to adhere ribbon, leather, fabric, paper, balsa, glitter…seriously, it has revolutionized my life. (And yes, I am a big nerd.) 

 I would absolutely say that my Xyron has been the single best craft purchase I have ever made.  (Also, I have no affiliation with the company; I am speaking purely as a consumer.)

Also, for your frayed end problem–do you have a monogram or the like that you could attach to the vase as a decoration over the ribbon end overlap? Like printed on heavy cardstock or something? That way you wouldn’t have to be obsessive over the look of the ends–I know that I can spend way too much time on small parts of projects just like this. 

 Ok, I’m done now. Good luck! 

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How could I forget???? Aimee is SO right…Xyron really is the answer to all your problems!  it gives you an even coat of adhesive so there should be NO bump problems whatsoever!

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I was going to suggest Xyron too – that thing is pretty amazing. Also, this may be elementary, but for the frayed edges, you could just fold the edge over (very slightly) and run it through the Xyron like that.

 I also know that you can seal the edges of certain types of ribbon with a lighter. It depends on what the ribbon is made of, but if you have the right ribbon, holding a lighter a few inches away from it will  just "melt" the edges without changing the color. I had to do this with ribbon ties I sewed unto my dog’s bed – she was just going berserk chewing and ripping apart the frayed ends until I did this. Just be careful when you try it for the first time, you don’t want to burn the house down or anything!

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If those don’t work, maybe you can use water, but then cover it with a layer of thin plastic?

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darklady – keep me posted on how the Xyron works out.  I’m making something similar, but for cake stands.  The link to my post is below which has a link to the pictures of my first attempt!  DO NOT use a hot glue gun…the bumps are horrible!

Need help with grosgrain ribbon edges…


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great job, very creative!

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