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I have four pets that came to me over a two year period.

I originally started out with one dog. I adopted Gus from the shelter when he was 9 wees old. I had just moved into an apartment that allowed pets and because I had grown up with dogs my whole life, I was more than ready to have one. About 4 months after I got Gus, my FH had to move and he was not allowed to have pets at his new place. He had a cat (Mia) that I had to take in. Gus had no trouble at all getting used to Mia, but Mia was rather wary of him for a few weeks. About 6 months after that, my very pregnant best friend came to me and said that someone had dropped off a box of kittens on her porch. She had gotten rid of all but one kittne, a little black one, and she asked me to take it because her husband didn’t want another cat. So I did. Again, it took the cats a while to warm up to each other but everything went well. That was it for a while and then my brother’s girlfriend got a puppy. She lived in a tiny apartment, worked all the time and realized she couldn’t take care of it. She asked me if I would take him because she didn’t want to dump him at a shelter, so now there are two dogs and two cats living in my house. 

It can be a bit of a challenge. Sometimes the other animals aren’t too thrilled with another animal coming in, but it’s important to socialize them. Your cat may not take to the new kitten for a while, but it’s nothing to worry about. The older cat hated the kitten for a while, but now Mia thinks that Kitten (that’s the cat’s name) is hers and they are almost inseperable. Dogs can sometimes be quick to accept new pets but it is important to get your dog used to the new kitten too. 

As for the outside to inside dog, my parents ended up taking my stepbrother’s dog. He had been an outside dog for 6 years by the time my parents got him, but he ended up with heartworms and during his treatment he had to stay inside (big black dog, thick fur, Alabama summers and heartworms do not mix) because if he got too hot he could have died. At first, he didn’t like it much. He wanted to be outside so bad, but after a while, he didn’t mind so much and now he comes in and goes out as he pleases. 

If you have any specific questions you can PM me. 

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I had my older cat when my husband (BF at the time) moved in together, and he had a dog. It took just a few days or so for my cat to get used to the dog, but they had been introduced prior to us moving in together. Then a few months later we got 2 new kittens…introducing felines is far more tricky, in my experience, than a dog and cat. I kept the two kittens in a room seperate from my older kitty for a few days then introduced them slowly. This way my older cat could smell them but still had his space. Cats are so territorial, I can almost guarantee there will be hissing and swatting no matter what…it just takes time and patience for cats to get used to each other. I would say your cat will feel the most change so just be sure to give Luna lots of extra love and attention in the first few weeks of change.

All four of our pets live harmoniously together now, they sleep and play together. Multiple pet homes are the best 🙂 Good luck!

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I went from a one dog household to a one dog and three kitten household overnight when we found abandoned three week old kittens.  The dog loved the kittens and the kittens bonded well with the dog so the only extra work for me was the bottle feeding and later the litter cleaning.  We were able to adopt out two of the kittens 6 weeks later so we ended up a one dog and one cat home which I preferred because the cat we ended up keeping acted more like a dog than a cat (I still hated cleaning the litter box!)

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I originally had my cat when we moved into our house.  She’s been with me since she was 6 weeks old and she’s now 10.  FI’s dog was living with his parents at the time, but since they didn’t let him come in the house, he was living in the backyard.  Well, one day while Fiance was in class he escaped the backyard and went on an adventure.  When Future Mother-In-Law found him, he was laying in the driveway with what appeared to be tire marks on him.  Fiance left class and rushed him to the vet who did x-rays, but couldn’t find any evidence of him being hit other than the tire mark.  The vet suggested that we closely monitor him for a few days.  He came from the vet’s office to my house and has been here ever since (I think this was his plan all along).

So, things were suprisingly calm at my house.  Both animals were older and seemed to tolorate each other.  When our backs were turned they were actually friends.  If they thought no one was looking, they’d actually curl up together to nap. 

Then, came the younger dog.  FI’s dog was getting older.  He’s actually 96+ in human years at the moment, but doing well for a dog that age.  I thought that having a second dog around would make the older dog’s passing easier for everyone.  It has also helped the older dog by giving him some companionship and competition.  They get along as well as you would expect a 2 year-old and a 14 year-old to get along.  They play together as much as the older one is able.

Two weeks after the younger dog came home, we rescued a cat.  When I say rescued, this cat was being kept in conditions that make the SPCA commercials look tame.  Kept in a cage, in a garage, in 100+ temperatures.  Her companion died from “unknown causes” that I suspect to be tapeworm because I had to deworm her before introducing her to the rest of the family.  It was awful.

So, suddenly we go from two animals to four.  It was an adjustment.  The two cats still don’t really get along.  The older one will go out of her way to hiss and swipe at the younger one.  The younger dog thinks that the cats are the most interesting things he’s ever seen and wants nothing more than to sniff them.  For the humans in the household, it’s been more of an adjustment of going from older animals to younger ones. 

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Our situation was a little different, my Husband had two cats (a grey cat and an orange cat) when I moved in, the orange one wasn’t fixed when I moved in so he was hardly home ever (always looking for a girlfriend) and the grey one was always hanging around (he was fixed)… As soon as I moved in I got the cat fixed and he decided he liked me and hanging out inside since his hormones weren’t making him crazy.  At first this was fine, but slowly the grey one decided he didn’t like that the orange one was hanging around so much so he started to stay outside more (sitting on the front porch chairs) but he still seemed happy.

THEN, we got our puppy.  And the grey cat really didn’t like it, he spent 90% of his time outside and avoided us like the plague.  I felt really bad but figured he would get over it…  It took a LONG time, but slowly he started getting used to the new situation.  It’s now been more than 3 years and really just this past year he is 100% back to his old self.  As long as no one is hurting the other, then they WILL eventually get over it or figure out how to live together.

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We say that the average settling down period is about 6months, some will be longer some shorter

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