(Closed) Music on a photographer’s website . . . yay or nay?

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  • poll: Does music on a photographer's website influence your perception of them?



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    WOW…. the first post clearly said “Does music on a photo website influence your perception of them? Do you like the intro music or would you rather they not?”  I gave my opinion on how I perceived reading the original post. My apologies for not reading every single comment and agreeing with the majority.

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    @maskelunass: I was not attacking you in any way.  Please do not misconstrue my reply to your initial post.  I was simply trying to clarify the actual poll results.  You are not the first one to be confused by this.  It has nothing to do with reading every single post on this thread.  The poll question reads “Does music on a photographer’s website influence your perception of them?”  You are correct–the first post by the OP asks both the question of influence AND preference.

    No one is asking you to read every comment, nor are they (or myself) asking that you agree with those of us that would prefer not to have music on the photog’s website.  Perhaps when I stated “if you read through all the comments they are overwhelmingly opposed to music on a photographer’s website” it was overkill.  I just said that to further explain that the poll is not reflecting people’s PREFERENCE FOR music on the website, but rather how music influences their perception of the photographer (again…either positively or negatively).

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    I really dislike when music plays automatically on a website, whether it’s a photography website or other site. 

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    I usually keep my speakers on mute… so if photographers have music then I have no clue. And when I happen to have my speakers on, if I hear the music… I imediately press mute 🙂

    But I didn’t search around for a photographer. I had my eye on her for two years! 🙂

    Interestingly enough, I found out a few months ago that my photographer has music on her website. I was like, “Aww I love this song…” Then immediately put my computer back on mute!

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    I HATE music, always and without exception. I usually open up a bazillion tabs at once so it’s hard to figure out which one is playing, and if a site doesn’t have a stop button I will close the page. It is so obtrusive, I don’t see why music is necessary at all! Maybe I just multitask too much when using the internet? It might not be so annoying if I were a one page at a time person. But I’m not.

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    I am a bit surprised too, as I said before, I am not a big fan of music on websites but it doesnt bother me as much as it bothers people here.  Most of the time, it’s only on the welcome page where a slideshow is playing and this what I can’t understand.  When we play image slideshows at our wedding, we play them to music, when we make our wedding video montage, we pick a song to play while it’s cycling through……

    I am not defending this, just trying to understand the different mindsets for these events.  Thoughts?


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    When we play image slideshows at our wedding, we play them to music…just trying to understand the different mindsets for these events.  Thoughts?

    The difference to me is that at a wedding the speakers are not 2 feet from you and may not have been turned up to maximum volume for a low-volume TV show previously.  In short, at a wedding or sitting down to watch a video- I expect music and I am ready for it.  When I am surfing the web and checking out sites I am not expecting it and it is jarring and startling even if I like the song.  

    I often am not even on the page when the music starts so it is really out of nowhere.  If I have 3-4 pages open and they start playing music the sound is awful and just makes me want to kill the site causing the assault on my ears.  Frequently I will be watching (and maybe listening to) something on another site and will ‘preload’ the next site so it is ready when I want to look at it, so if the music starts, I have to go to that page and search for how to turn it off, or just close the tab and forget them so I can continue what I was working on.  

    To me, if photographers want to use music, it should absolutely never autostart.  Either warn that the slideshow you are clicking on has music, so I can make sure my volume is at a low setting, or have a choice- click here to play with music/click here to play without music.

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    Honestly? I don’t really care, so it doesn’t influence me. My sound is usually turned wayyyyy down anyways, so it’s not like it comes blaring at me. If it’s something I like, I’ll keep it and keep looking. If it’s something I don’t like, I’ll turn it off or mute it…and keep looking. Lol. I really don’t get that irritated if music automatically plays…..So I voted “No.” That it doesn’t influence me.

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    In my opinion as a professional web developer, these are things I cannot stand on websites:

    • animated gifts
    • clip-art
    • huge font
    • cRaZy CaPiTaLiZaTiOn
    • rainbow text
    • and auto-play vidoes and/or MUSIC

    Those things (1) look unprofessional and (2) annoy the viewers.

    For me, music = back-button.

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    I also hate a lot of Flash on sites- my computer is a few years old and often times things will just never load.  I have to leave the site. 

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