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Most used products in my house – car seat, Becco baby carrier, good quality hooded towels, Avent 4oz glass bottles (only have 4 because I BF), board books, video monitor, baby tub, cheap washcloths (used them to wipe up spitup and drool), diaper bag, arms reach co-sleeper, boppy, pump supplies.


I didn’t register for clothes, and my son still has enough gifted clothing to dress five babies through toddlerhood. Also was gifted so many beautiful baby blankets. We registered for a potty which was stupid since it will just take up closet space and costs $10 at ikea. Barely ever used the changing pad on the dresser, we always change him on our bed. We only need 2 crib sheets/mattress pads. You won’t use a high chair till about 6 months so you can hold off on that (we use $30 ikea antilop).


I’ll keep thinking!

Oh – the SNUZA saved my insanity when I couldn’t sleep because I had to keep checking the baby’s breathing (new mom anxiety!)

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Commenting to follow.

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I rely daily on a “My Brest Friend” pillow (similar to a Boppy, but I find MBF a better fit for my body type – I like the back support and the buckle) and on a Moby wrap to carry LO around so I can have my hands free and still get a few things done.

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Commenting to follow. Really interested in all the experienced moms’ advice!

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Tagging to follow!! Newly preg lady here needing advice! 🙂

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@PoppyH: Daily use: Baby carrier (I have an Ergo and k’tan), rock n play (used daily the first few months, not so much anymore), Changing Table (I ALWAYS change my daughter on her changing table since that’s where all of my cloth diapers, lotions, etc. are stored), my rocking swivel chair, My Breast Friend Pillow when I was bfing (I liked it so much better than the boppy), Gerber flat cloth diapers for burp cloths (they’re huge, absorbant, and cheap, plus I don’t feel bad when they’re gross and covered in spit up like I did with the fancy onces), a soft, pliable diaper bag (I had a gorgeous leather Kate Spade that got traded in within 2 weeks because it couldn’t mush/bend/squish to fit under my stroller, so annoying)


Hmmm, I’ll keep thinking 🙂


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Oh, I’ve already thought of more.

-An activity gym, though they can’t do much at first other than look up at the hanging animals or whatever is on the gym of your choice, it has been pretty cool to see how her interaction with it has changed. We have the fisher price kick piano mat thing, and it’s awesome. Babies love to kick, so this gets her really excited. It also keeps her entertained for quite a while. I put her on it just outside of my shower and she is perfectly happy the whole shower.

-mam pacifiers, these were the only kind my daughter could keep in her mouth

-These disposable multi-use pads from Babies R Us (http://www.toysrus.com/product/index.jsp?productId=12729260&cp=&parentPage=search’ defer=’defer) are great to put on top of your changing pad. At first I used washable ones, but Boyfriend or Best Friend poops are explosive and they would get dirty every diaper change. I would have had to buy, like, 20 reusable ones just to get through one day. These were quick and easy since I could just throw out the dirty one and put a new one on the pad.

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Car seat.

Swing/bouncer/rocker… anything that moves that will help newborn baby sleep.  We used our swing SO MUCH.  It was a rock-n-cradle, so it could swing back and forth OR side to side.  LIFE.SAVER.

Baby Carrier.  I used a Moby at first, a pouch sling for quick in and out trips, and now I have a Boba since she is a little older.  Babywearing saved my sanity.  I could do laundry, make a sandwich, run the vacuum, go get the mail, all while Dirty Delete was snuggled to me and most often, fast asleep.

Bottles.  Get a few different brands.  Even if you plan to nurse, you’ll eventually run into a situation where you have to be away from baby and it’s nice to know that they can take a bottle in the event of an emergency.  

Swaddle blankets.  They have some that are velcro so you don’t actually have to mummify baby.  They are perfect for the very beginning, but you can also slowly wean to a one-arm swaddle eventually to no arms as baby grows.  Once they can roll over, you should stop swaddling.

Bibs or burp cloths.  Newborns spit up all the time.  ALL THE TIME.  Like, I took the baby to the doctor convinced she had reflux.  Nope.  Babies spit up all.the.time.


Really nice to have:

Homedics SoundSpa.  It plays tunes, sounds, and projects a lighted image which rotates on the ceiling.  She is almost 10 months old and we still use it every night.

Bottle warmer.  Honestly though, you can use hot water in a bowl just as easily, but we got one from Target at the baby shower and it has a timer.  We use it daily, but I wouldn’t say it’s a necessity.

Bath tub.  I like ours because it has a newborn sling, then a hump in the middle for a baby who can’t sit unasissted, and then I can take that out as well and just have a small tub.  I don’t have to run a whole tub of water, and I don’t have to use our kitchen sink either (it has two sinks, so she’d be cramped in there but if I had one big deep sink that would have been sufficient.)

Co-sleeping nest.  If you plan to bedshare this will help you do it more safely than just sticking baby in the middle.  We also used it for traveling so we wouldn’t have to pack a whole crib or pack-n-play.  



Big bulky winter jackets.  You aren’t supposed to use them in the car seat anyway.  Get a nice blanket designed to fit into the infant carrier instead.

Wipe warmer.  Sure, it’s nice to have a warm wipe on your tushie, but what about when you’re out and about and the baby is used to a nice warm wipe?  Yep.  Baby will scream and holler because you just froze their fancy-schmancy tushie.

Diaper Genie.  A regular trash can with a lid will work.  


*I’ll come back and edit as I think of stuff.


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I have no children, but I am a nanny.


I would say a MUST HAVE item is a video monitor. (OMG, best invention, ever)


A WASTE OF SPACE item would be a wipe warmer. By the time the wipe reached the baby’s bottom, it was cold. Every single time.


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Hands down, a baby carrier is an essential. It’s how I stay sane with the twins! One on front, one on back, and we’re good to go for at least two hours without a peep. They love being next to me and getting to watch the world go by on walks and shopping trips. We love using Connectas because they’re small and easy to toss in the diaper bag, but there are lots of good ergonomic carriers out there that can be used from infancy like the Manduca, Ergo, Beco, etc. They’re fab for getting a baby to sleep or for getting housework done or cooking dinner when LO just doesn’t want to be left to play by themselves. The value of hands free cannot be underestimated.

Other must-haves (aside from essentials like baby shampoo for baths, burp cloths and receiving blankets/swaddlers, an initial stock of dipes and wipes, and clothes–maybe 10-15 onesies, 10-15 sleepers, and about 4-6 cute outfits that you can use for special occasions and outings):

– vibrating bouncer

– white noise machine

– a car seat

– a good pram/travel system that you like to use so that you can get out of the house, and a car seat attachment and isofix base for said pram.

– some sort of diaper bag or tote to put their stuff in

– a monthly delivery of diapers and wipes set up to arrive from Amazon (soooo much cheaper than buying on the store and super convenient)

– a good tandem breast pump and pumping bra (sooooo much quicker and easier than a single!), just because any excess of that stuff comes in handy for years to come. 

– a small stash of bottles, just in case (you don’t have to buy formula if you’re worried about ‘temptation’–sometimes it’s just nice to pump out a feed and let Darling Husband give it)

– a nursing pillow (can be used as seating support later, so it stays useful)

– one or two pacifiers, if you want to give those–the sucking motion is quite soothing for babies and can be a life saver 

– baby monitor (can download an iPad app if you don’t want to shell out the money for a real one)


Nice to have:

– A diaper caddy that can go to whatever room you’re in. Saves a lot of trips.

– video monitor

– a book on how to establish a routine (seriously, routine saved our lives when we were melting in the chaos of 4-week-old twins–made life so much nicer and helped them sleep through by 12 weeks!)

– a small bath sponge (goes into the sink to support them nicely/keep them warm when they’re really small, then into the tub when they’re bigger), as it saves a ton of space and (bonus!) is kinda nice for you to lean back on as well when taking a bath.

– a towel that you can fasten behind your neck–so much easier to wrangle a wet baby when the towel isn’t going anywhere.


Don’t waste your money: 

– baby bath

– bassinet (they can sleep in the bassinet of their pram if it’s got a breathable, flat mattress–our babies wouldn’t sleep anywhere else. Otherwise, it’s not a bad idea for them to get used to their crib quite early on so they don’t freak out when you move them later

– cute bedding (bumpers are a SIDS risk)

– toys 

– wipes dispenser

– wipes warmer (unless you want your baby to reject cold wipes)

– bottle warmer (unless you want your baby to reject room-temp milk)

– steriliser (according to Web MD and the Mayo Clinic, warm water with soap and elbow grease are sufficient)

– baby shoes and socks (they just kick them off)

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I left out clothes, shoes, toys, and decor.

In my registry. Those are things people usually gift anyways.


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These ladies pretty much have it covered. I will say we couldn’t live without our Mamaroo swing. Before she came home I assumed our daughter would be sleeping in her Pack n’ Play in our room for at least the first 3 months before we transition her to her crib…she will only sleep in the swing. We don’t use the pack n’ play at all. She does have bad reflux so it helps to sleep at a little bit of an incline. 

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