Must have wedding photos?

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Just wanted to chime in that photo regret is real!! My Maid/Matron of Honor got married a couple years ago and I got married this month and we’ve both struggled with missing out on photos we really wanted but just ran out of time for. Make sure to over-plan how much time you need for photos, it really stinks to realize a few days later that you missed shots you really wanted to have!

I really wish I’d taken more pictures that featured my dress, specifically the train and my veil. I also really wanted more pictures with my mom and brother; I think I got one picture of my mom and I alone and honestly I don’t think I have a single picture of me and my brother alone.

Just be aware of timing and maybe give your photo list to more people than just your photographer so you have someone else checking off the photos too so you make sure you get the ones you want!

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A lot of people’s biggest regrets is not getting INDIVIDUAL photos of the bride and groom.  So just the bride by herself, and just the groom by himself.  Those are on the top of my shot list for the photographer.

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Funny topic, I just got my wedding photos yesterday!

I had every combination of family portraits but didn’t think about pictures dependent on the venue. For example, our venue had a porch with rocking chairs. I didn’t think we got pictures on the porch and sitting in the rocking chairs (thank god that we did, I was seriously kicking myself!). I also didn’t get a picture of our wedding bands plus my engagement ring. I had a beautiful cathedral veil and I wish I got a picture of my veil (fake) blowing in the wind by someone throwing it in the air.

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thepuzzledpeach :  I love this thread. I was just making up my must-have shot list this week and felt like I was missing things. At my first wedding I did an embarassing amount of family photo combinations… so much that people were groaning by the end. It was just too much. So I’m trying to not make that same mistake. But the one thing I realized I missed was each COUPLE! I got photos of my mom & dad and, then one with my mom & dad and their spouses, but no photo with just mom & step-dad or dad & step mom. Whoops!! I didnt have one-on-one shots listed, but I think I’m going to add that to my list now. 

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I wish I got a shot with just my Maid/Matron of Honor and our best man. We got full bridal party, just the girls, just the guys, and each individual shots with our “bests”, but I thought a photo of the 4 of us would be nice

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thepuzzledpeach :  I think whichever way it goes, you’ll wish you had more photographs or you’ll see a photo of someone else’s wedding and wish you had that too. We got married in winter and it was cold during our photos so we moved inside and that disrupted the flow. I realised after that we didn’t really do all the family individual family photos. So we got the photo of us with my parents, brothers and his parents and brother but not just my family or just family. We also didn’t get the photo of my mums side of the family. A few months after our wedding, my aunt unexpectedly passed away. I was so mad at myself for not getting that family photo of my mums side of the family. We had a photo taken on my 21st but that photo didn’t include my cousin and basically we wouldn’t be able to ever get that photo. It still makes me sad that I didn’t get that photo and I think it always will.

However, I like my portrait photos and formal photos but they are no way my favourite photos of the day. Standing around having photos taken is boring, not just as a guest but as a bride or groom too. These are all your favourite people and you want to catch up with them, dance with them, laugh with them. Not stand around with them all shuffling closer together. There aren’t many photos of my aunt from my wedding, she was too busy having a good time but the candid photos of her having a good time are just priceless now. It took me a while to realise that standing and getting that formal portrait would have detracted from the fun and some of the candid photos (of other guests too) wouldn’t have been captured. 

I’m not saying don’t get the formal photos and portrait shots but realise there is only a limited time for photography. You aren’t going to be able to capture everything. You just won’t. So you will have regret about what was or was not captured no matter how much you overplan. It’s a day when so much is going on and 8 hours of photography with two photographers just can’t capture it all.

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I loved my pictures and we got a ton, but, yes, make sure you get plenty of you individually and of your full dress! Those were some of my favorite! The one picture that we missed that I wanted (but forgot to put on a list) was one of both of our hands with our rings on my bouquet or somehow just our hands together with our rings. I also didn’t really love the walking pictures, just as an FYI, so make sure your photographer gets enough standing still! It is just hard to capture two people walking without someone being in an awkward mid stride. 

Also, make sure if you do family photos the photographer is super organized. Ours was amaizing and we added and took people away really quickly without having to reset everything. It worked out the best!

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My favorite photos (the ones we framed) are-

The big family photo with both sides of immediate family (including spouses and children of our siblings)

A shot of just my husband, candid while he was hanging out with his groomsmen before the wedding (this one is in my office now)

A shot of just me, sitting in a chair, holding my bouquet right after finishing family photos with my family pre-ceremony. It wasn’t candid per se, but I just sat down because I was tired and my photographer was like, oh look over here! This one is in my husband’s office now.

Me, my mom and my two sisters 🙂

My husband and his grandmother 

Me and my husband looking at each other and smiling (this one is probably my top fav 🙂


I have to say, my advice would be that you don’t need to spend TOO long doing a photo shoot with just you and your husband. In the end, this last photo is really the only portrait of the two of us that I display anywhere. I don’t need 30 other photos of just us dancing around outside or whatever.

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I put together all the family configurations I wanted, but my regret is this: they were all posed the same, in the same room.

So even though I have different sets of family groups, they really are all basically the same picture. Looking back I would have liked if our photographer moved things around a bit. 

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My favorite photos of us are ones where we were laughing so I wish I’d done more playful shots and been more spontaneous. I just felt awkward and it took me a while to loosen up. So just try to be natural and relaxed.

Also, oddly I wish we had pictures of our hands. Like we have a posed one to show our rings but I wish we had a close up of us holding hands. I also like the picture of the bride and grooms’ shoes with her holding her dress up and him holding up his pants. I don’t know why, but I think that’s cute and I forgot to do that one.

ETA: Also, the formal portrait shots with family are my least favorite photos. I wish I had more candids with family.

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yaara :  Chiming in as a wedding photographer, moving around to different spots for family formals is a logistical nightmare and would at least double the amount of time they take….it not more. Family formals are easily the worst part of a wedding day, and I consider myself and my assistant to be *very* organized with it. After 10+ years we’ve got it down to science and I can tell you that in all those years I’ve never moved from the spot to “shake up” family formals. 


At the end of the day it boils down to this – you’ll never get ALLLL the photos. Wedding days are fast paced and hectic and after it’s all said and done everyone looks back and thinks “man I wish I’d gotten XYZ”. Unless you’re providing your photographer with unlimited time for all of it, there’s just never enough time. Honing in a few key things and making sure you communicate with your photographer is very important. 

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thepuzzledpeach :  I would say, definitely make sure to get a bridal portrait of just you in your wedding gown, and some really good full-body portraits of just you and your husband. Those were the two shots we didn’t get that I really wish I had. 

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My husband and I each have a brother whom we are really close with, and one of our favorite wedding pictures is actually a shot of the four of us! That was a nice one!

Also, depending on the size of your guest list, a big group shot of all the wedding guests might be nice. My husband and I did it and got a 16×24 canvas print of it and have it hanging above the stairs going down to our basement (where we go a lot) so we can always see a pic of all our favorite people on our favorite day 🙂 

We had about 90 people at our wedding (including us) and we all fit in the shot perfectly! Our photographer took it right after our ceremony. 

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One of my favorites is one with my husband, me, his sister, and her wife. My SILs have it up at their house and it’s really sweet. At my SIL’s wedding, they did every shot imaginable, including many of my SIL’s wife and her sister, but not one of my SIL and her brother (my husband). I noticed this as the photos were being taken, but at that point I wasn’t married to her brother yet and we had only been dating 2 years, so I didn’t feel it was my place to tell the photographer what pictures to take. However, at my wedding I made sure that my husband had a some pics with just his sister.

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