(Closed) My 1 year old thinks sleep is overrated! Help!

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ok first off…its natural for toddlers to do this. been thru it twice as a single parent. you need to change his bedtime. push it back to 9.  ive been this way with my girls for a long time. it was one of the only ways i got them to stay asleep. bed right after bath. make sure its very warm. not burning hot but warm enough to heat blood up and stay warm until hes in bed before the cooldown everyone experiences when they fall asleep. use lavender lotion. i dont recommend the lavender bubble bath bc bubble bath increases the risk of uti and yeast infection. make sure you put lotion on his chest so he inhales it when breathing. lavender will cause relaxation and sleepyness. dim lights when bathing and dressing keep talking to a minimum. make sure he has enough blankets! the colder he gets the more restless he will be when sleeping. make sure his bottles are   just above room temp. warm milk put my.kids to sleep.i always keep a fan on, pointing away from child, for white noise. once they focus on that humming they drift off. 

yoiur son is still growing and needs food often. after age two i weaned my girls from sippy cups that they took to bed. there is nothing wrong with a cup in bed as long as weaned around two when they understand the potty concept.

make sure there is little to no light in his room. i putthose light blocking curtains in my girls window i know people who used cardboard. if he needs light i suggest a very dim nightlight in the opposite side of the room.

if hes taking later naps push those back too. i do right after lunch when the food coma sets in and works great. and make sure hes doing a lot of running around during the day to wear himself out. 


those are just my tips that i follow. itll get easier. just relax

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I’m sorry you’re going through this. It’s been awhile since my kids were little but both had to learn to sleep. Your son has you trained to get up with him and he hasn’t learned to soothe himself. After about 6 months, there’s no physical need to wake up during the night, especially if he’s on solids. We all had to learn to settle ourselves at night. Make sure he gets two short naps during the day and lots of play and fresh air. A well-rested child sleeps better than an over-wrought child so naps are important and shouldn’t be missed.

Push his bedtime back to 9:00. Do the whole bedtime routine starting at 7:30: bath, pjs, a little quiet play time, give him a filling snack, brush teeth, then a book before bed. Give him a sippy cup with water to take to bed.

If he wakes up, go in and say firmly and a little angrily, “Shhh! It’s bedtime! Everyone is asleep! No getting up at night! Good night.” Then give him a lovey/stuffed animal, snuggle him down and leave the room. Don’t go back. Deal with the crying…it’s not out of need at this age. He’s teaching himself how to calm down. It may be a night or two, but he’s got to learn to settle himself. Do not go in and rock him or entertain him in any way.

It’s OK to be short with him in the middle of the night – a little angry voice will make you less fun to be with and that’s what you want. You need rest and so does he. If your husband can’t stand it, let him go sleep somewhere else during this training period. There will be many times that you will have to employ a little tough love as a parent, and the middle of the night is just the beginning. I know every child is different, but he should be sleeping a good 10-12 hours at night with this schedule. Good luck!

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I would second lori and suggest that you buy/borrow some sleep training books to learn some different methods.  I understand your husband getting frustrated after 10 minutes of crying, but 1 week of a hard time sleep training can equal a lifetime afterward of better sleep habits.

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