(Closed) My 12 yo Shih Tzu is having her eye removed today :(

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my black lab is blind in one eye.  We don’t know when it happened but it was most likely soon after we got her.  The vet had to tell us, and that it was most likely something genetic since Wicklow was only a year old when diagnosed.  She is fine, she runs and chases frisbees/balls/rabbits & she chasted a fox down.  The only thing is you have to get her to look at you when you throw the frisbee because if it goes on the one side she can’t see you threw it.  She’s a happy friendly dog.

My cousin’s friend had a dog that went blind in both eyes, and they got another dog, and it was like a seeing eye dog for the dog.  They do everything together. 

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They have to actually take the whole eye out? ๐Ÿ™ Seems like there could be some other way to help it scar without having to remove it.

Either way, I’m sorry. I feel bad for your poor puppy.

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When my grandmother died, we took her dog in.  She was okay when we first got her but then went blind and deaf over time.  It kind of freaked her out at first when she was blind but could still hear because she couldn’t see the source of the noise.  She also liked having a light on at night.  My only guess to that is that she could still sense shadows so it was her only way of “seeing”.

Overall though she was fine, she knew her way around after a while and was in general pretty happy. 

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I had a shih tzu who lost most of his vision, and hearing at 15(he lived to 17 .) At first it was so sad to see him disoriented, but he quickly made do. Within a few weeks he seemed to have the house down pat, walked to the back door to go outside, and rarely bumped into anything. Animals are extremely resilient. Your baby will be okay, it sounds like she has a very good mommy :o)

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Wow thats sad… why do they have to take the eye out?

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I had a friend whose dog was completely blind and did just fine. Once they learn where things are and how to navigate without seeing, they do okay. You just have to be careful not to leave things out in their way, the same you would with a blind person, or if you rearrange furniture, remember to “show” them.

I hope she’s okay.

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Aww, I’m so sorry you are going through this! I got my dog, a bichon mix, when she was a puppy from a breeder. Imagaine my surprise when at 2 years old, I threw a ball for her and she couldn’t find it. I was devastated to learn she had developed cataracts, and over the next few months her vision continued to deteriorate. I felt the exact same way you do, and like you have read people kept telling me she would adjust. I still felt horrible for her. 

That was 6 years ago and as promised, she has adapted extremely well. Her vision is completely gone in one eye having also developed glaucoma, and with the cataracts in the other eye we think she can only make out some shapes. She does run into things on a daily basis but she just wags her tail and moves on. We try not to move furniture or leave things out where she can run into them and she does pretty well navigating. She is very good outside in open areas. I always have to pick her up and put her on the bed and she is a little hesitant to jump down. Most of them time I don’t even notice her blindness. She still likes to play with her toys although you can’t throw them and expect her to find them! Her personality hasn’t changed at all and she really doesn’t seem bothered by her lose of sight. It’s kind of funny sometimes, another dog or cat can walk right up to her and she won’t notice that they are there right away. She doesn’t have much interest in other dogs at all. 


I hope this has helped. Try not to worry, it’s probably upsetting you more than it’s upsetting her. She will get used to it and so will you, I have no doubt! 

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I had a 13 yo shih tzu that I had to put down in March. She was my first ever dog, and I’d had her since she was 6wks old, when I was 16. She got an ulcer and a scratch on her eye, and ultimately got glaucoma in both eyes. She was blind for a few months, and it just tore at my heart.

She had a bunch of other health issues going on, but I couldn’t bare to put her down when she was still eating, waging her tail when we’d pet/talk to her, etc.

I know how you feel.

This is her before she went blind, but with a hematoma in her ear (on of her many health issues). I love her to death, and miss her like crazy.


EDIT: She did get used to being blind, and navigated pretty well. I used to laugh cause every now and then she’d get “lost” in the room and just stand there and bark, while wagging her tail. It was pretty pathetic, but also pretty darn cute. Plus, I got to “rescue” her and put her back in her cozy bed!

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I have a 14 year old Chihuahua.  She’s in good health and spirits but I know her hearings on its way out as well as her sight.  She’ not the brightest either.  We had her father until 3 years ago when we lost him to kidney failure.  It was sudden too, within 4 days.

I’m sure your little one will be fine.  I’ll keep my fingers crossed too.

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@soon2beMrsGP: ๐Ÿ™ So sad. Can you get her a little doggy eye patch, or does the hole not cause problems? I’d worry about stuff getting in there but I don’t have any experience with missing eyes, so I don’t really understand if it works like that or not.

@Khumble: My cats had hematomas. My cat growing up… Or rather my sister’s cat got them bad in both ears. We didn’t know what to do, so we lanced them and they just crumpled. I feel bad that we didn’t get it fixed, because now he is kind of deaf. Then a few months ago, my 1 year old cat got them too, but I recognized them immediately, and I got him to the vet to be drained. Supposedly he can’t get them again because they put buttons in his ear to make scar tissue to fill the space where the blood was.

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