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My Darling Husband struggled with high cholesterol due to genetics as well, however, I don’t think his was ever as high as yours. He vowed to lower it so we can get life insurance at a more desirable premium. What worked for him was:
1. Niacin supplements (not the slow release-the regular ones). It may cause some facial flushing for a little while, but it goes away once your body gets used to it.
2. Oatmeal for breakfast every morning. We made him a cup of old fashioned oats a day, he added some peanut butter, raisins and cinnamon.
3. Ground flax seed, work up to 2 Tablespoons a day. This is a lot of fiber, so work up to it and remember to drink a lot of water. Darling Husband added it to his oatmeal, but you can also add to yogurt, milk, etc.
4. Exercise most days of the week. You can sneek it in by always taking the stairs, parking far from the door, walking to do any errands less than 2 miles away, etc. To help ‘make time’ we cut out TV for several weeks until exercising was a habit and TV was not.
5. More meatless meals than meat meals. We ate a lot of veggies, beans, tofu, egg whites, tempha, etc. 
5. Stress reduction (OK-DH didn’t do this, but it will help). Try yoga, meditation, knitting, or going to religious services. It helps, I swear!!!

Hope the above gives you a starting point, best of luck!

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You must make exercise a priority. Swimming sounds heavenly! I just recently bought a juicer for my high cholestrol and it’s helping. Not too much fruit though, try to do green juices or smoothies. Try to do juice for 1 meal out of the day. Also may want to see a natropathic doctor for supplements to try. Oatmeal is great, eat it for breakfast or a snack. Try to make more meatless dinners. TVP can be a godsend in place of ground beef. Good luck!

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Good for you for taking control of your health!! I’m in a similar boat and working hard to get in better shape for baby making. As far as cholesterol goes, do your homework on what contributes to higher levels. A lot of new research is coming out now related to processed/grain based foods rather than meats/eggs. (not that meats/eggs are innocent, but there appears to be more factors than just those foods) Of course regular exercise and a diet as full of whole, natural foods is a great start. High cholesterol based on genetics is a tough battle but I’m sure you’ll do great at getting that number down. Good luck!!!

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I don’t have much advice on high cholesterol, but as for exercise- make your goals very specific, write them down, and write down what you accomplish. For example: “walk the dog more” is vague. Make a goal of “I will walk the dog for 45 minutes every weekday.” When you walk, time yourself (and stop your watch when your dog stops to sniff or potty) and then write down what you did. Seeing blank days is a bummer and it is satisfying to write it down, for me at least. You could also hire a personal trainer and meet with him or her a couple days a week to workout, if you can afford it. Having a trainer to keep you accountable and motivated should help a lot! Or, you could join a swim club or workout group for the same reason. Good luck!

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