(Closed) My 7 1/2 month old is falling behind! Help!!

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Take a deep breath!!!  All kids do things at their own paces. I was an early talker, but a really late walker, for instance. The next time you take your baby for a checkup, you can ask your pediatrician, but if that’s the only issue, I think he’s probably fine!!

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You have to stop comparing your child to other people’s children. If you have medical concerns, talk to your pediatrician, but please believe that this is no reason to panic. 

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It will be okay! I know you know this but it will. The AAP suggests only milk until 6 months, and slowly adding food, as YOUR baby is ready. Milestones aren’t exact, and some babies will do different things at different rates. What I might suggest if you are really worried about it, look up what specificly developmental milestones your baby should have. According to a couple places I looked, grasping small objects (like puffs) or drinking and holding a sippy cup is a 9 month milestone. Just because someone else’s kid is doing it early doesn’t mean your child is late. And if you are really really worried, talk to your pedi or one of the nurses from the office, they will be able to more specific to your baby tell you what is normal leeway in when skills are developed and what is a real reason to be concerned.

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Please stop comparing! My child is 10 months almost 11 months and does not use a sippy cup. Babies will reach milestones when they are ready! Not when the parent is ready.  My son was 7 weeks early so gestional wise he is at 8 months.  If you really feel your child is behind talk to your doctor

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Woah! Relax, all kids develop at different rates. some potty train early but take longer to start walking. Don’t worry just yet.

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I think you are fine, it’s hard not to compare your baby to others but every child does things at their own pace.

My daughter NEVER crawled and took forever to turnover, but she was walking by 9-10 months! She also didn’t use a sippy cup until 11-12 months I think. She did hold her bottle but that was because dad constantly worked with her, if it was me it probably wouldn’t have happened that early 🙂

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it’s ok! at 7.5 months i thought my daughter was supposed to be on a sippy as well. i spent probably over $100 trying out various kinds. she wouldn’t take any. then around 14 months she finally started taking one. she would drink juice out of any kind, but her milk HAD to be out of a certain one – and they cost $13 apiece. so it was basically a new bottle. finally at 21 months she started drinking milk out of any kind. kids do things on their own pace. you can’t compare. but if you do have concerns about the stroke and development, see a developmental pediatrician.

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Don’t worry about it.  I have 3 cousins who had babies all in the same month.  They will turn 2 next month.  The girl started talking around 9 months in almost complete sentences.  One of the boys is just now saying words and pointing.  The other boy doesn’t say anything just makes a lot of sounds.  All 3 of them started walking and crawling at different times too.  


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Mine only started using the sippee on his own a few weeks ago, at around 10 months. And it was probably a good month before that we would hold it and try and get him to drink from it. He chewed on the spout for several weeks before he understood how to use it. And he still is a pain in the behind about eating solid foods, as in he won’t eat them. I would tell you not to worry too much just yet but I know you have concerns for other reasons.

The best sippee cup I have used with my baby is the NUK one with the silicone nipples. I think because they are the most bottle-like, it might help with the transition. 


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oh wow… honey you are putting way too much pressure on your self. Honestly I have NEVER heard of a seven month old using a sippy cup or eating small finger foods. Often the pincer grasp doesn’t develop until after 7 months, closer to 8-9 months.

Those are definitely not missed milestones AT ALL. Maybe if your son was like 15 months and not doing those things it might be a cause for concern. But even at 12 months I wouldn’t be really worried… maybe just encouraging those behaviors.

I’m sorry you feel this way but your son is his own person! You cannot compare him to other babies, like pps have said.

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I think a lot of people are missing your posts saying that your son had a stroke in utero, your pediatrician has asked you to be hyper aware of any potential problems and you’ve already been instructed to continue offering the sippy and finger foods for a month. It sounds like you’re very much on top of this and watching him carefully to prevent him from playing catch up later. Good job mama! 

You mentioned that your LO gets really frustrated when you try to offer him a sippy or finger foods. Is it possible that he’s just really hungry and getting frustrated because he doesn’t want to have to work for his food? Maybe try nursing him a ltitle bit at first to take the edge off and then offer a sippy cup or some tasty finger foods. He may be more inclined to try it if he’s not super hungry. Also, have you tried other solids besides puffs? Maybe he’s just not a big fan of puffs and something different might be more enticing.

Maybe some of these?

Baby Finger Food Recipes & Baby Finger Foods for Your Baby

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My daughter didn’t use a sippy cup until 13 months and we were making baby puree until about the same time.  Babies shouldn’t even be getting regular milk until they are 1, and he isn’t going to be as hungry for finger foods because all of their nutrients come from Bridesmaid or Best Man or formula.

EDT-I used to put an empty sippy cup and empty dish and spoon on her high chair to play with and experiment with. Maybe try that. She pretty much ignored it for a while but it was there and now she is 17 months and an expert sippy cup user and getting really good with her spoon and fork!


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