My acne is killing me

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I would look into spironolactone or tretinoin before accutane. Also check out my skin has improved so much since someone rec’d this and I started reading and researching the products I was using.

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ChasingZenith :  I’m dead serious about Spririnalactone. I had cystic acne in my late 20s. Doc prescribed that bc benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid makes my skin so sensitive. I had so many huge cysts on my face and back. One would heal I’d feel two more coming (I had like 10 on my jawline). Strangers would give me skin advice on the street. I’m 36 now and I’m just starting to get one or so now at that time of the month but that’s it since 27/28/29/30. 

I got topical at the same time. I DID use benzoyl peroxide on my bacne at the same time at the Sprironalactone. It is a bit of a diuretic so you gotta be on top of your water intake. 

I refused the Accutane from the doc. I did try retinoids too but that didn’t work for me. So try that then if it doesn’t work just know this is an option before Accutane. 

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Spelling sorry. Spironolactone. 

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itsachickenwingthing :  Yes. And lifestyle and diet changes make such a big difference. My dermatologist used to say that diet isn’t as big a problem as made out to be, but stopping dairy and eating less processed food made a lot of difference to my skin. I had mild acne (occasionally moderate in my early 20s), but even for people with severe acne, I would imagine that making these changes would help to an extent. 

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Accutane. It’s not the funnest medication to be on, but it works. I had terrible acne, and tried literally everything on the market over the course of two years before agreeing to take Accutane. I did two cycles, and my acne has been clear ever since. I get the occasional small pimple, but over all my skin looks great now. 

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What pnwlove said! 

I tried everything! Literally everything before Accutane. I started out with cystic acne, huge clusters of white heads, blackheads covering my nose, chin and hairline and large cysts under the skin. I took it 10 years ago, but I’ve had phenomenal skin since! 

I tried Proactiv, retinol, Tretinoin, washing more, less, toner, moisturizer, cedifil, BC pills, medicated make up, every gel and cream available. Doc prescribed Accutane and I maybe see a single tiny white head during my period. 

I dont wear skin covering make up because I don’t have to! Just eye make up like shadow, liner and mascara and occasionally lipstick. 

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I strongly agree with all the PP suggesting cutting out dairy, I think for myself that was a huge factor in finally clearing up my skin.

Also, I’m with others who have suggested using sensitive skin products instead of acne specific products. I used so many things but now use Derma-e cleanser and moisturizer (sensitive skin line) and it helps so much with both the acne as well as really reducing general redness and irritation. I also have oily skin and this moisurizer is very light and doesn’t add to the greasiness of my skin. Best of luck, acne can be such a confidence-ruining thing to live with. 

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I use curology and I love it. It got rid of all of my hormonal acne due to PCOS… I can’t afford an actual derm. right now, but honestly I don’t see a point anymore. It worked so much better than I thought. It did take a year to see the results I have now, because you have to do all the formula tweaking via photos. 

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If you want to stay away from aggressive creams then give LED therapy a try. Blue light targets and destroys acne-producing bacteria and although I personally don’t suffer from acne and haven’t tried it, I’ve read of others who have had great success with it. You can buy LED masks online that have different colors. Blue = acne, green = hyperpigmentation, red = collagen. 

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Oh bee I feel for you! I’d suffered with cystic acne and extremely oily skin from my teenage years right up until I was about 27/28. It’s so depressing, embarrassing and not to mention the pain! Thanks PCOS 🙄

Nothing had ever worked for me. BC, Clinique, Clean & Clear, facials, face masks cutting out food groups etc. Nothing.

The best thing I ever did was to go and see a dermatologist. She put me on sulphur tablets which worked for about 2 years. I wouldn’t say they completely took the cystic acne away but it kept them at bay a bit more. 

She also had me pare back my skin care regime completely. No toner, no expensive rubbish with false claims, and no more facials ever again. She switched me to Eucerin’s cleanser and moisturiser.

Eventually the sulphur stopped working (story of my life) and my dermatologist delectably put me onto a low dose (10mg) of accurate and put me back onto BC (because of side effects on a foetus I’d conceived during treatment).

It was amazing! My cysts have disappeared completely and my skin no longer looks like I stuck it in a greasy frying pan! I was on it for a year and come off it in May 2016 (and the pill a month after). I had a bit of a flare up again in November of 2016, my dermatologist put me back on BC and that seems to have worked.

In terms of side effects it’s hard for me to give you an accurate comment on that. Around halfway through my treatment I started suffering with insomnia and linked anxiety however, I was going through some really rough patches personally (moving out for the first time, money stress, work hell). So yeah, I can’t say if any of it is linked. And it’s only now that my insomnia is getting better, about 2 years after accutane – so maybe not linked.

I still get a pimple or two around ovulation and my period but hey, we’d all rather deal with those than cysts! 

I would say it’s definitelt worth discussing your options with a dermatologist. Accutane is usually the last resort due to the side effects so you may get a different treatment that does the trick for you. 

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Cystic hormonal skin here, too, but I usually have zits all throughout the month and then get an explosion at PMS. I’m 28 with oily skin and first had awful cystic acne when I was about 16. Ortho Tri-Cyclen LO did help my acne a little bit, but it was always there. Pretty sure I had/have a hormone imbalance, not solely during PMS and period.

My face didn’t even begin to look healthy until about 3 years ago. I started a K-Beauty routine with double cleansing, which really does work. And because I have oily skin, I need physical exfoliation, as well as chemical. I stick with a low Ph products to keep my skin acidic (research acid mantle) and I’ve found my skin does really well with Green Tea.

Neogen Green Tea foaming cleanser

Blithe Green Tea Splash Mask

Neogen Green Tea Bio-Peel (I’ll be trying these for the first time)

CosRX Acne Dots (for the deep, painful cystic acne)

I also like hyaluronic acid moisturizers: Hada Labo Gokujyun Lotion, PTR Water Drench Cloud Cream. They’re extremely hydrating, but are very light and don’t clog pores.

And finally, fermented skincare. I’ve tried Tony Moly Galactomyces toner, and Missha The First Treatment Essence, but my favorite is the Missha The First Treatment Essence MIST. It’s the finest mist ever, absorbs super fast, and my skin always sees changes within a couple days.

I also notice good skin when I eat a lot of spinach, like, 2-3 big handfuls of it. And yep, little-to-no dairy for me. Same with sugar and starches.

I really do recommend looking into K-Beauty and specifically Charlotte Cho (“Byrdie” or “Soko Glam”on youtube) who created Soko Glam.

Gothamista on youtube does really great in-depth explanations about Asian skincare and ingredients, too.

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I have been using Aveda acne relief pads for pregnancy related hormonal acne. It’s keeping things under co trol for me!

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Girl get rid of dairy! All dairy, go cold turkey. Report back in two weeks.

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