My baby is breech! Looking for input on ECV, C-Sections, breech babies

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Blushing bee

Some places do have skin to skin with a c section. I had an emergency one and after they looked over my son and weighed him they let me hold him while they finished the c section. It was probably only 2 or so minutes after his birth and I was holding him. 

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booksandbananas :  

Have any of you had a baby that was breech? Did they turn on their own? My baby was breech very late, almost 38 weeks like you.  I was scheduled for an ECV, but that morning I went to a chiropractor who does the Webster technique…I’m normally pretty skeptical of stuff like that, but I’m certain that’s what caused her to flip down.  I had an U/S the day before confirming she was full breech, then went to the chiro appointment and felt a MASSIVE flip during the appointment, then went in for the ECV and they did an U/S before they got started and confirmed she was head down.  She dropped a couple days later (but I still never went into labor until my induction at almost 42 weeks).

Has anyone experienced an ECV? What was your experience like? Was it successful/unsuccessful? Did you have a successful vaginal delivery afterward?

Have you experienced a C-Section? What was it like? I had a bad c-section experience, but my experience is not common.  The doctor cut my bladder during the surgery. It took months, but my bladder is totally fine now.  The hardest part about it was dealing with it emotionally.  The doctor and staff did nothing to help make it a better experience- I was told I could do skin to skin when they pulled her out, but then they didn’t let me do that.  No explanation, there was nothing wrong with her.

What advice do you have for me? What would you recommend I do? Advocate for yourself and question EVERYTHING.  Question your doctor when he/she says your pelvis “might be too small” for a baby that size- they can’t tell for sure what size your baby is now. I also subsequently learned I had options and things that could’ve been done differently during my labor and delivery, and when I asked my doctor why I was never given those other options he said “oh, well you didn’t ask…” Bitch, I didn’t ask because I didn’t know I had options!  Ugh, sorry. End rant.  

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Busy bee

I’d be wary of a doctor telling you that you might not be able to have a vaginal delivery because of your size. Women’s bodies are biologically made to give birth so most women are biologically capable of birthing a child. 

Also,  don’t put much weight into the baby’s estimated weight. My son was estimated to weigh 8 lbs 12 oz at my 41 week sonogram. I was induced two days later and he weighed in at 7 lb 11oz. 

Do what you’re comfortable with. If your gut is telling you to get a csection then schedule it. If you want to try to have a vaginal birth then you have some options: ECV, chiropractor and/or baby flipping exercises. 

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Echoing pp here. 

1) Weight estimates are notoriously off when it comes to predicting birth weight. 

2) Pelvises stretch during later pregnancy and during labor. Unless there is something anatomically wrong with your pelvis (ex: bone issues from malnutrition, deformation, previous fracture, etc…) a trial of labor should be given. Positioning of the baby, positioning of the mother – these all affect the size of the pelvic opening. 

FWIW, I’m 5’2” and a size 0/00. I birthed an 8lb 9oz baby vaginally and quickly with zero intervention. 

Look into the Webster Technique. My previous midwives swore by it. Check out 

Good luck to you!

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booksandbananas :  my heart goes out to your mom! I was fortunate in that there was an excellent urologist on call who repaired my bladder on the spot. Anyway, I hope that whichever route you go, you have a great experience. And I hope you’ll come back and update us after your baby’s grand entrance!

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I haven’t had a breech baby but my good friend had a breech baby. She had a scheduled C section for 10 days after her due date and 2 days before her C section date baby flipped and she went into labor naturally. He was born vaginally…,probably rare but it does happen. 

My little brother was breech and my mom had what sounds like a successful ECV at around 37/38 weeks. She said the doctor put a ton of pressure on her belly and flipped the baby. This was just done at his office and it sounds like she didn’t really know what was happening. I chalk it up to sketchy small town, early 90s prenatal care. My brother was born vaginally, but “sunny side up”.

Goodluck bee, I can’t imagine how difficult this must be to process. 

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Dont let your doctor start fearmongering you. 37 weeks is still plenty of time for a baby to flip. They can flip day to day sometimes. They flip during labor too! All of my singletons came out headfirst. 

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Busy bee

booksandbananas :  that’s so great to hear. Hopefully she stays head down and you have an easy labor and delivery. 

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booksandbananas :  If you think of it, come back and update after you have her! Best of luck, Bee!!!!

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booksandbananas :  congratulations mama! Great job you did. Enjoy  your sweet little baby girl 😊🌺

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