My baby is breech

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Jessica35 :  Sending you well wishes at this time. 🙂

I would try to talk to your doctor more about your fears and the plan. There is a manuever called “external cephalic rotation” that tries to rotate the fetus to cephalic presentation. There are a lot of reasons though why you might not be a candidate for this. Also, I believe that even after 36 weeks, there is a ~25% chance that the baby can sponatenously become cephalic.  If the cephalic rotation fails, I think that most hospitals/providers would recommend still a c-section. 

Here are some literature that might discuss it more:


2. ACOG: 

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Jessica35 :  I would research techniques to flip the baby – there are certain positions you can try, etc. Your dr. might want to try an external version, but they only have like a 50% rate of success. 

I had an emergency c-section and while the recovery is tough, any after birth recovery is. I would try to mentally prepare for a c-section just in case. 

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Jessica35 : My mom was breech with me, I flipped over breech like a week before her due date (sorry mom). They tried to turn me around but were unsuccessful. She told me that sometimes the baby will turn back downward by themselves, sometimes doctors can flip them over as PP said, however n her case that didn’t happen. You still have a few weeks to go so it’s possible that the baby can turn back over by then. I would talk to your doctor. 

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I would get on Spinning Babies and try their techniques to flip baby.  Things like rebozo sifting, forward-leaning inversion, sidelying release, etc.  You may be able to find YouTube videos on how to do these.  I have also heard of people going to a chiropractor.  May be worth trying!

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There is still time, and he may turn, hopefully he will spin round and you’ll have nothing to worry about.

Your OB may also be able to spin him by manipulating your stomach, but this really depends on whether or not he’s in  good position. 

Ultimately, birthing a beach baby is dangerous for your baby. Just relax, look at your options, and seek a second medical opinion if your doctor cant provide you with options.

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I am also nearly 38 weeks and my baby is also breech. She had been head down since about 29 weeks and spontaneously flipped right around 37 weeks. My doctor told me it is very unlikely baby will flip on her own again and that I could choose to have an ECV (external cephalic version) done where they manually turn the baby. They told me it is performed in the hospital and they would give me an epidural beforehand since it is quite uncomfortable. With that, there’s a chance baby won’t turn/stay turned. And there were risks: very low chances (1-2%) that it could send me into labor right after, or that the placenta could detatch from the uterus. 

They’re also estimating my baby at over 8lbs. And since this is my first and I’m on the more petite side, they said that even if the ECV is successful, I still might not be able to successfully deliver vaginally and could need an emergency C-Section anyway.

I was really devasted at first. I cried that whole day. But now I’m just trying to come to terms with it and decide what to do. So if you’re feeling distraught about the possibility of a CS, you’re not alone! If an ECV sounds like something you might want to try, talk to your doctor. And I would suggest maybe researching C-Sections anyway. I’ve been doing that and the more I learn about the procedure/recovery and read about other’s experiences, the better I feel. C-Sections have their own cons, but they also have a lot of pros you may not have considered as well! I know it’s hard when it’s not what you may have ever envisioned for yourself. But you are not alone! I think society has placed more merit on vaginal deliveries rather than C-Sections for some reason…So a lot of us feel turmoil from that combined with our own disappointments when we have to have one.

I’m just trying to keep the mindset that I will do whatever I need to in order to get my baby here healthy and safely. That’s all we can ask for, right? Afterall, as mothers we’ll be called upon to sacrifice again and again for our children, this is really just the start.

I’m wishing you the best of luck. ❤ 

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I also had a breech baby (Frank breech) pretty much from my gender ultrasound onward. Around 35 weeks my midwife recommended that I try the exercises on the spinning babies website and also mentioned that some women have success with a chiropractor who specializes in pregnancy and something called moxibustion I believe. I never tried the chiropractor, but spent a lot if time doing the exercises to try to flip her to no avail.

At 37.5 weeks I was sent for an ECV  but turns out my baby had her umbilical cord wrapped around her neck multiple times and that is what was preventing her from turning head down. they could not perform the ECV and I was strongly advised  to schedule a c-section due to the risk of cord prolapse by the OB. My midwife also agreed that a vaginal delivery would be higher risk and recommended the c-section which is always a last resort with midwives.

I struggled mentally with this as mentioned above, I felt that I would not earn my “mom badge” without physically pushing my baby out. Eventually  you come to terms with the fact that you have to do whatever is best and safest for your baby. My c-section was actually not bad as far as recovery went. I do recommend that you make sure that you have a least a few weeks worth of help for optimal recovery. My only job in the first month of baby’s life was to sit on the couch, heal and nurse my daughter. My mom and husband were amazing at allowing me this time to heal and I think that made all the difference. Most of the horror stories you hear are from people who tried to do too much way too soon. It is major surgery and should be treated as such. Even when you feel you are back to normal, your body is not. Give yourself time.

Hopefully baby will turn for you, but if not just know you are doing what is best for your baby and you will in fact earn that mom badge! There is so much more to motherhood then how you birth your child.

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I don’t have advice that hasn’t already been mentioned with regard to getting your babe to turn. As we find out (sometimes even before our babies are born) they often have a mind of their own. That said, I’ll be having my third c section this summer. I can honestly say I’ve had two great section experiences. I agree with PP- take it easy, recover your body, feed your baby.  By the second week post delivery, I can honestly say I was feeling pretty dang good both times. I have some friends who had lots of issues with their vaginal births who were still feeling really crummy at 2 weeks- so it’s kind of a crapshoot.  Good luck to you and hope you have a healthy delivery! 

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