(Closed) My baby’s on her first “period”….

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I know I won’t be of much help, but whoa! I had no clue that dogs had ‘periods’. o_O

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What kind of dog do you have?

And we just had our dog go into heat and she was really bad. And we have a male husky that was all up on her so I actually took her to my parents house for two weeks until she calmed down. And she’s home now so we’re going to get the husky fixed first. 

I’m just worried about when our poodle goes into heat, she is going to bleed really bad.

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you can get a dog fixed after they’ve gone in to heat, but they might have ‘false’ heat where they think they are but really aren’t. 

All dogs should get fixed (not only because I’m someone against breeding for sake of breeding), but there are a lot of cancers and other diseases that have reduced occurances in fixed dogs. 

It’s never too late, and it’s for the best in terms of health and behavior. 

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They make diapers that can be used for female dogs that are in heat. Be careful with her she maybe able to get pregnant for about one week after the bleeding stops. Good luck!

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Ah. Our friend got the sister to our dog and she just went into heat a while back. It was horrible. She was bleeding everywhere and her womenly area was swollen like you could never imagine! 

Hopefully you’ll have an easier time than he did.

The one in the snow is the girl and the one in the sweater is our boy(:

[attachment=1625885,201871] [attachment=1625885,201872]

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Hi there 🙂


Your dog is just in heat (In oestrus)

The bleeding is not like menstruation but occurs due to a direct result of oestrogen’s effect on the blood supply surging through the reproductive organs and associated tissue of the body (this is why you see the vulva swelling as well)

This bleeding can last for 3-10 days, towards the end of this time and after this (for 3-5 days) she will be very attractive to male dogs (and fertile for approx one day), so please keep her away from other dogs

 The effect of oestrogen will still affect her system for another 3-5 days after the fertile time.


If you are not going to breed from her, I would suggest you get her spayed about 2 months after all this has settled down, as it wont be long till the cycle starts up again! (twice a year)

Spaying will reduce incidences of mammary tumours (breast cancer) and any cancers or infections associated with the reproductive organs!

Kind Regards




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i just skimmed through the responses so sorry if im repeating someone!


I know the pet stores carry doggy diapers for this. I’m not sure if walmart or similar stores carry them, but you could check there too.

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I third the diaper idea. My mom has a dog that they chose never to spade either and that’s what she uses. Or my mom just doesn’t clean up (she doesn’t bleed much) and it’s nasty. 

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You said you’re wondering if you made the right choice in not getting her spayed, and one thing to consider when making that choice (it is not too late- you can have her spayed at any time in her life) is your dog’s health. If you’re not going to spay her and you don’t want to breed her, then you’ll want to keep a tight leash on her while she’s in heat (and that isn’t just the bleeding, but for up to two weeks after the first day of any bleeding- could be shorter than that, but better safe than sorry). Don’t let her off leash, and don’t let her in your yard alone, even if it is fenced (just in case you’ve got a good fence jumper in your neighborhood). Better safe than sorry if you don’t want puppies!

If you spay her, you also greatly reduce her risk of breast cancer. Breast cancer is the most common type of cancer in dogs, and every heat cycle ups her risk a bit more– but if she goes through zero or very few cycles (one or two), her chances of developing it remain very low. There is also the risk of pyometra later in life, if she isn’t spayed (I’ll spare you the details and let you look it up if you’re interested, it’s kinda yucky).

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I’m a vet tech so feel free to PM me if you have any other questions.

Female dogs are technically in heat for ~1month, and experience the bleeding typically around the middle of the cycle and it can last for 1-2 weeks or so. They make dogger diapers for this exact reason, available at any pet store typically in the same section as pee-pee pads.

The ENTIRE time she is in heat, keep her away from other dogs and do not leave her in your yard unsupervised. Like literally, let her out to go potty and bring her back in. Intact males can sense a female in heat from up to 3-5 miles and will jump fences or do whatever it takes to mate. Females can definitely try to roam as well. 

I would absolutely recommend having her spayed, btw. Studies show that if a female is spayed by the first heat cycle it can reduce risk of mammary cancer by ~80%. That percentage goes down with every subsequent cycle…so if you have her spayed by her second cycle it will still go down but not as much. Maybe like 60%. In addition to being higher risk for cancer, there is a serious risk of her developing a uterine infection called Pyometra after each heat cycle. Google that if you want the gory details, but treatment is basically emergency surgery to have everything removed but it is more risky than a standard spay, even though the end result is the same.



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I will admit I haven’t read anything above so if somebody already suggested this, sorry to repeat.

They make doggy diapers specifically for female dogs in heat. To keep her from messing up furniture or carpet or really anything else I would look into getting some of those. I only had one female and after her first period we spayed her. But she was kinda a, well, bitch. We were not gonna put up with her PMS anymore! lol

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