(Closed) My body does not like the BMI (Body Mass Index)!

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Sugar bee
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I have issues when my BMI is taken using the thingy that you grip really hard. It’s NEVER accurate. However, when I have it done using the method where they measure circumference of thigh, waist, arm, and shoulders and then use the calipers to pinch excess fat in certain areas…it is WAY more accurate. I know I need to lose weight but I also carry a lot of muscle.

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Helper bee
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Yeah, BMI can suck it. Pounds look drastically different person to person. Its all about proportions and how your weight is held in your body. Like, when I was at my heaviest, I always looked 10 lbs heavier then a girl that weighed more then me (and was my same height) because I distribute weight everywhere, and she had the majority of her extra weight in a couple problem areas.

Gets me angry sometimes, hahaha, but I’ve always had low self-esteem about numbers (BMI, scale lbs, etc). Numbers really do bother me more then they should… I’m working on getting a more positive attitude and saying “f-ck it” to the numbers, hahaha.

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Honey bee
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It says I’m underweight and Mr. S is morbidly obese. BMI is based on averages. I could probably put on a few pounds, and he could definitely lose a few, but he’s at his best when he’s about 5 pounds OVER the maximum healthy weight. If you’re healthy (no high blood pressure/cholesterol, etc.), then BMI is insignificant, I think.

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Bumble bee
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Well I don’t know how the Wii one works, but if you have a lot of muscle weight or have a disproportionally large chest it can really skew those calculations.  I know mine always comes out ridiculous…

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Bee Keeper
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BMI is only based on height and weight and doesn’t take into account fat free mass (bone and muscle) vs. fat mass and remember muscle weighs more than fat. Many muscular people come into the overweight category and body builders are considered severely obese.

It is a good rough measure for the average sedentary population but not a good measure for the healthy fit population. If you want to get a good measure of your “fatness” get a % body fat test done.

I know the BMI is annoying and everywhere but that is just because it is easy to do – don’t take it to seriously!

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Buzzing bee
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Even the medical literature states that BMI is not accurate in athletes.  Don’t take it seriously – it tells me I’m a few pounds from being overweight and I am bordering on tiny sizes but super active and really buff.  If you’re running marathons, you’re fit and healthy (and congratulations!  that’s awesome).  BMI says my brother is 10-15 pounds overweight and he wears like a size 28 pant.  But is super buff.  Exercise leads to muscle mass, muscle mass is heavy.  A rudimentary ratio of weight to height is going to increase.

(but I’m kind of insecure about this, too.  seeing all these girls my height and way lighter.  i might even be anti wii-fit because of the whole issue. even if i love all my super-heavy muscles.)

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Blushing bee
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I agree! I am 5’9″ and have run many half marathon and a triathlon but i am on the boarder line – doesn’t make any sense!

I could loose a few pounds sure, but I am far from obese

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Helper bee
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When I look my best and feel my best (147lbs and 5’6”) I’m borderline overweight according to BMI. I look ill if I’m any lighter than that. Currently I’m 186lbs and still don’t carry it THAT badly (its all on my legs and bum). However I do feel a bit on the disgusting side!

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Honey bee
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Yeah, those things are a little ridiculous.  The BMI calculator on Self.com says that I’m within healthy range (I’m 5’8″, 150) but says Fiance is VERY overweight.  He’s 5’11, 215, but wears 36″ pants.  Which I don’t feel is VERY overweight.  We also both just ran a half marathon and we run about 20 miles a week.  Those things are kind of subjective.

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Buzzing bee
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Okay this thing says I’m underweight and here is what I am supposed to do to gain weight:

Some more tips
Drink 6-8 glasses of distilled water a day.
Eat frequent but small meals.
Eat lots of raw fruits and vegetables (green leafy vegetables are great)
Do not drink coffee, alcohol, soda pop,…
Do not eat processed foods; white sugar, white flower,…
Avoid red meat and animal fats.
Reduce intake of dairy products.
Do not smoke and avoid second hand smoke.


WTF! LOVE rare steak, I drink coffee all day, and usually have wine with dinner… and I eat cheese almost every day. On the other side I do eat my veggies (YUM) and I’m not around smoke. I agree I need to drink more water. Okay-thanks for the tip.

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Helper bee
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Muscle weighs more than fat, so someone that is fit would carry a lot of muscle and weigh more. The BMI calculations would be off.  Fiance is overweight according to the BMI but in reality he is just very buff.    I started working out really hard a year ago,  I have put on 5 pounds on the scale but wear a smaller size than before.   BMI does not work for athletic people

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Bumble bee
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The BMI is not hugely accurate without any more measurements than height and weight, but the Wii fit attitude to weight is awful!  it’s more than a little depressing to hear the “obese” noise pop up on the wii fit.  I just wish they could be a little less pointed about the “That’s over weight” and the balloning of the icon!  It makes me not want to use the thing (but it’s the only thing I can consistently do with my schedule, so I don’t weigh in very often)

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Helper bee
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I am 5’6″ and weigh around 155lbs and am overweight via the Wii.  I wear size 6-8 pants and if i lose any more weight you would be able to count my ribs.  I think BMIs are a horrible way to determine healthiness

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