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Helper bee

What does your gyno say about this? Also, if you don’t already, you should wear panty liners and change them throughout the day – maybe that would help a little bit. 

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Sugar bee

No synthetic underwear, and start taking probiotics. A snip fro the web:

Commonly found living in harmony within the vagina, studies have shown that certain species of Lactobacillus are capable of inhibiting the growth of pathogenic organisms such as Gardnerella vaginalis and Candida albicans. These same friendly acid-making bacteria may also inhibit unwelcome fungi from adhering to the lining of the vagina, which prevents yeast infection. A recent randomized, placebo-controlled, double-blind study found that women with high numbers of Lactobacilli in the vagina were far less likely to harbor yeast.

Two species of Lactobacillus in particular, L. rhamnosus (GR-1) and L. reuteri (RC-14), have been shown to be especially adept at colonizing the vaginal environment and fighting off attempts by unwelcome bacteria and fungi to gain a foothold. In 2001, pioneering research conducted at the University of Western Ontario demonstrated the ability of these specific strains of Lactobacillus to “restore and maintain a normal urogenital flora” in women after just 28 days of daily oral use.

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Busy bee
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I can totally relate. I used to get yeast infections like clockwork when on my period and sexually active. My vaginal ‘flora’ just wants to be left alone 😹

i used to get UTIs when I was like 4 but they didn’t have symptoms and would turn into kidney infections and hospitalizations and not fun. So my body is susceptible to that kind of stuff.

BUT I have found something that works for me. It’s called olive leaf extract and you can find them at a health food store. You can buy capsules (that taste awful) or a liquid that tastes like peppermint. I’ve been taking this every day for a few months and NO YEAST INFECTIONS. What a relief because I understand what you’re saying it affects your life and relationships but you don’t want to be in pain 🙄 

so maybe give this supplement a try. Or do some more reading up about it or talk to your doctor first. But I hope this helps bee ☺️

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Bumble bee

Your doc can give you an Rx of Diflucan as a preventive measure. I used to get a yeast infection every month after my period. I would take a pill every month before my period started and I stopped getting them. Talk to your doc. 

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Helper bee

I haven’t had yeast infections nearly as bad as yours, that sounds incredibly frustrating. However, here are a few things that I’ve found have worked for me:

Use a gentle soap. Anytime I try to use something fancy (here’s looking at you Bath and Body Works!) I end up regretting it. Bubble baths are also off the table.

Go commando (when you can). I typically sleep underwear free. Wearing underwear (especially synthetic cloths) can make a great breeding environment for yeast. Try not to wear thongs if you can help it, and definitely switch to non-synthetic materials. Let things breathe.

And FWIW, I’ve never douched, but my understanding is that this can just make things worse. 

When you treat your yeast infection, do you use a cream or have you ever taken a pill? If you haven’t had the pill, it might be worth a shot. For one, the creams are so harsh that (for me) they cause more pain and discomfort than the infection itself. The pill does not have that side effect, and might be able to flush out the infection more completely. 

And definitely speak to your obgyn if you haven’t already.

Best of luck! That’s super not fun. Hope you can find something that works for you!

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Honey bee
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jessicabear : a few years ago I had a bad infection which required treatment with multiple doses of antibiotics. As a result I ended up with a yeast infection that didn’t go away for a year and a half. I was taking oral meds, creams, pessaries and it did nothing. I was also taking lots of commercial probiotics. Nothing worked. It was the worst year and a half of my life.

The only thing that worked was home brewed milk kefir. I got some grains from someone on gumtree/Craigslist added it to milk  fermented it and drunk  600mls a day for a year. I felt better immediately and my yeast infection disappeared in a week. I now drink water kefir because I prefer the taste. Seriously its worth a try.

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Buzzing bee

Have you thought about checking into your diet? Maybe eating something different, adding in the right nutrients can help balance your levels out and keep you in balance.

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Busy bee

Taking a high quality probiotic religiously has kept them away for me. Also, you gotta cut sugar out of your diet completely. It’s hard, but worth it for a number of reasons including yeast. Eating fermented, non pasteurized sauerkraut and kimchi helps. And, putting organic, PLAIN yogurt up there once a week or so is helpful. 

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Bumble bee
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I was going to suggest diet too. If you Google, there is a heck of a lot of information out there and it’s going to be a case of sifting through it I’m afraid.

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Btw… sometimes your partner needs to be treated for yeast infections as well or you’ll just swap it back and forth constantly.


And reduce sugar intake 


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I really empathize, bee. I’m the same way. I’ve tried everything – yogurt, probiotics, boric acid, going commando, washing with scent free detergent, cutting sugar intake… You name it, I’ve tried it, and I still get a YI every month. I think mine are related to my hormones, because I always get one before my period. 

My gyno ended up just giving me a prescription for a big box of diflucan to take when necessary. That has helped me the most. As soon as I feel my monthly one coming on, I take it asap. It’s helped but hasn’t solved the issue. 

I know how much this sucks 🙁 Hang in there. 

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