(Closed) My boss is being a real witch!

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This is a difficult one. Sometimes, having a word can work: I’m a very direct person and have found that for me, that approach works very well; I have been very blunt with senior members of staff if I believe they’ve been out of line, and it hasn’t had any negative affect; in fact, it’s had a positive one, as they’ve realised that certain behaviour isn’t acceptable, and also that I won’t stand for it; I’ve always found they respect me.

However, some people will only ever take it personally, and will proceed to make things difficult.

Your boss doesn’t sound to me like she’s done anything too extreme; I can see why it would be irritating but I have to say it isn’t something that would bother me personally, and I’d probably rise above it and ignore it unless she was really out of line.

In the two cases you’ve mentioned, I don’t think she was particularly out of line: in the first, I personally wouldn’t have taken ‘remove’ to mean ‘delete’; granted she probably didn’t explain it well, but had that been mean, I’d have saved the existing file elsewhere (perhaps in a different folder), and then created a new, more succint file, because both have their uses, and I would assume my boss wanted to keep both unless she specifically told me to delete the original (and I would clarify before doing so)

With the breakfast thing, again I can kind of see her point; to me personally, getting in 15 minutes before you start and having breakfast, then starting bang on time, isn’t that professional; and she may have thought you were time-wasting.

The other things to me are very petty, and kind of immature on her part; they’re not things I would lose sleep over or get upset about, I’d just content myelf with a good bitch to a friend and laugh about how immature she is.

So basically in this instance I personally would probably not say anything, despite being a blunt person as I don’t think her behaviour is bad enough to risk souring your working relationship. What I would do is look for alternative work for when you start back at university.

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Personally, I would just hold out but I don’t like confrontation and wouldn’t know how to approach the situation.  Maybe there’s something extra stressful going on in her life right now and hopefully it will pass.  Good luck, wish I had better advice.

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This sounds like my boss! My first thought is to stick it out until school or to even stay on if it’s a job you want to be doing after graduation. However, if it isn’t something you see yourself at long term, I would find another job. 

I’m going to tell you about my situation so that you understand where that answer came from.

My boss changed a few months back and in August in front of the entire department she yelled at me. I tend to studder but try to hide it. When I’m aggitated it comes out more. Well, clearly I was upset and angry so I began to studder and took a moment to try to calm down and finish my sentence. She told me to spit it out! Two days later I was called into her office to talk where she gave me a list of things I needed to change personally and professionally about myself and then gave me a pamplet for therapy. I looked up my company’s harrassment policy and I would have to submit in writing to my boss how I felt I was being harrassed. That wouldn’t have went over well so now, I’m getting my things together to go to university for the first time. I make great money with good benefits and am still planning my wedding and honeymoon so I’m going to put up with it until all of that is over and see if I can’t switch departments or find another company. 

I don’t recommend you stay if you feel unhappy in any way in your work life. Time is too short to waste it doing something you don’t enjoy with people who don’t appreciate who you are and what you do. I wish you the best of luck and I hope my story and advice helps you in some way. If not, at least you know you aren’t alone. 

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