(Closed) My brother's wife is the most horrible, selfish person I've ever known.

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Honey bee
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Wow. Just wow. I’m so sorry you have to deal with this person. I think would be best if you didn’t do her another favor, ever, no matter what kind of guilt people are throwing at you. Asking you to plan the shower was really unfair, even considering your mothers position. Regardless of her jealousy or whatever it is that’s causing her to be this way, you don’t have to put up with it. I’m not saying be an asshole back, but you have a right to stand up for yourself. If she says something rude, call her on it. Delete her off facebook, and don’t tell her or talk to her about infertility or anything else she can use as ammunition against you. Does she treat everyone this way or just you? If it’s just you, you could confront her about the behavior directly. Not easy for sure… 

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Bee Keeper

Anonabee24:  I think you should limit your contact with her. She sounds awful. Just not and smile when you have to be around her.

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Buzzing bee

Anonabee24:  holy banana.


I would say avoid her at all costs. She isn’t worth it in any capacity. I’m of the opinion that shitty people don’t automatically get to be in my life regardless of relation. 


Seriously, fuck her for her comments about your fertility.

Fuck her for the comment about your cat.

What a bitch.

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Bumble bee
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Remember, when people bully, it’s not about you, it’s because they are in a lot of pain from something else in their life. You hit the nail on the head that you have a great relationship with your mother and she is jealous, and doing anything she can to make your life miserable. Disengage, limit her on Facebook, make your pinterest boards private or make a new account. Nod and smile when you see her but ignore her or start a new conversation. Don’t give her any room to hurt you, she cannot have the satisfaction of knowing that she has power over your feelings. Take the wind out of her sail. And you, keep focused on the people who make you happy. This woman needs therapy and your brother should have stood up for you. 

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Bumble Beekeeper

Anonabee24:  I agree with what the others have said, limit your contact where you can. But I think you  also need to examine why what she says riles you up so much and why you allow yourself to walk into it. For example why on earth did you agree to host her baby shower? You had the perfect excuse not to (struggling with fertility) but yet you insisted on doing it knowing she was probably going to be a bitch about it.

When she makes a joke at your expense make one back. Come up with some witty retorts like “wow those baby hormones are sure making you bitchy today” and laugh. She will soon stop once the power she has over you is gone.

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Worker bee

Wow your brother’s wife is a cow.  I’m so sorry that happened to you. 

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I would have socked her ass…..Oh wait, she’s pregnant, you can go to jail. Wait till she has the baby then sock her ass, she’ll already be in the hospital…..oh wait, you can go to jail for that too. Damnit, sometimes people need to just be socked right in the mouth. Delete her on all social media. Next time she gets stupid Call her out on it, but if your brother is really that pussy whipped you should prepare yourself to lose your brother in the process. His loss. Idk why you let it get this far. Oh, and if she brings up your fertility issues again while She’s pregnant (remember you can’t sock her), charge at her real fast and draw your fist, stop just before striking her, smile, get right in her face and whisper, “Bitch, go eat a sandwich.” She’ll leave you alone because She’ll think you’re crazy. Lmboooooooo. 

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Honey bee
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I would advise you do what I do with my c#nt of a SIL, avoid her. 

I refuse to put effort into a relationship that is toxic. She sounds like a real bitch.

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Helper bee
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Holy crap. F*ck her and f*ck your brother too for letting her treat you like that. How cowardly. If I were you, I would tell her to her face, “you are the the most vile and selfish person I have ever met” and never speak to her again. Nephew or no nephew. At family functions, pretend she is invisible. Then again, I have no problem cutting ANYONE out of my life that disrespects me or causes me unjustified emotional turmoil. Family included. 

I’m sorry to hear you have put up with so much crap thus far. Hopefully you can find the strength in yourself to stand up for yourself. Embrace and unleash your inner bitch, especially in cases like this where it is clearly warranted. And for goodness sake, don’t EVER throw her a party again no matter what. 

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Blushing bee
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j_jaye: Awesome comeback suggestion! 

Anonabee24:  Some people are just hell bent on being nasty to others just to make themselves feel better about whatever crappy situation they are in. You are a better person than me and most other people. BUT do not allow yourself to be her target anymore. The most important thing you can do is focus on yourself, hubby and baby-to-be. Keep your mental, physical and emotional healthy at the top of your priority list. As other bees said, keep your distance. When your nephew is born – make sure to go visit and meet him but don’t feel obligated to have to be around BW after that unless it is absolutely necessary. 

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Anonabee24:  what a bitch. And I mean that.  Your SIL is a bitch.  Flat out.  And your mother.  I’m sorry this will sound rude and I try to not insult people’s mamas, but WTF? You are her daughter, she should not be placing her unborn grandchild over you.  She’s a grown woman.  I want to say that while your SIL is a cow and your brother, who knows what he was thinking when he married her, you don’t deserve that.  (Why did he marry her?)

Stay away from her, and your mother needs her priorities straightened out.  She popped you out, not your SIL.  It’s clear your SIL is jealous of your relationship with your mother and taking it out on you.  Don’t be the bigger person here, just avoid her.  And honestly I would never subject myself to such a bitch.  She’s lucky you were such a nice person to throw her a baby shower because I surely wouldn’t have.  Probably would have punched her.

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She is the one with the problem, not you! She is obviously missing a few screws. What does it matter what she does or says? Is she a person you respect or love!?! Probably not, so why let it affect you?

If you let her see your pain then she will continue, just smile at her like she is acting like a stupid petulant child. For the rest just ignore her, don’t initiate conversations or anything. Hopefully she will get bored after a while, when she sees that she can not get to you.

Good luck!

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