My cat does not respect locked doors

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lauralaura123 :  Cats have no respect for most things ๐Ÿ™‚

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my dog does this too – it’s especially annoying when he can’t sleep in the room so we let him out and close the door so we can sleep and then he goes nuts scratching the door and whining – haven’t figured out anything that works .. altho after we let him back in he usually cuddles and is quite again

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lauralaura123 :  welcome to having a cat. I always have a chaperone when i pee ๐Ÿ˜‚

oh, and I’ve been trained to multi-task while using the toilet; kitty gets pets while i pee or else i get bitten in the Achilles. 

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lauralaura123 :  one of my cat is relentless when ANY door is close whether there is someone there or not. She just wants to have the freedom to walk in or out if she wishes to. The other cat wants to follow my husband in the bathroom but he don’t let her. She just flop in front of the door and grab the bottom of the door constantly. She has been doing that for 2 years and a half now. 

So good luck 

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I seriously don’t understand how cats can make SO MUCH NOISE trying to get into a room. I swear our cats must have some secret catapult to launch them against our bedroom door overnight. The banging is insane. The bathroom I would personally just ignore or let them in. The bedroom door makes it hard to sleep, so annoyingly we have to prop a pram in front of the door to act as a deterrent. 

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pink.lemonade :  right? Our 9 lb cat full on body slams herself into our door with enough force to actually bust it open if we haven’t locked it. She will do this for a solid hour if left to her own devices. It’s ridiculous! Also, I swear this cat has a closed-door radar…she can be anywhere in the house, but the second I open our bedroom door or the door to the basement (the only two doors that are routinely closed in our house), she comes bolting.


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We had a cat who used to do this when I was young.  He was a persitant thing and he’d knock on the outside fly screen door when he wanted  food!! We got so used to it we didn’t bat an eyelid but when people visited our house they’d get a fright and think some aggressive psycho was at our door!! They didn’t really believe it was our cat when we told them the truth because it was so loud!  We’d often toy with them for a while and do stuff like pretend we didn’t hear anything or make up a story about a siblings ex or a crazy neighbour! It was pretty funny how far we could take the story until the visitor finally caught on that we were pulling their leg!! ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

OP, our cat did this because he worked out he got fed when he did that. Your cat has worked out that they get what they want when they do a certain activity. Try physical deterrents and ignore the behavior you don’t want to see from your cat. Hopefully that should change a negative behavior.

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yeah I have 3 cats and there’s not much you can do except 1) let them in and not care or 2) ignore them all the time and consistently ignore them until they get bored and go find someone else to bug. 

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My ginger boy used to do that almost every evening around bedtime. He scratched the door, cried and howled and eventually jumped on the handle. I had locked the door, put a stick under the handle so he wouldn’t fiddle with it and just ignored him. It broke my heart, but bedroom was off limits since he’d be running around and making noise and we needed to sleep. 

On Sunday mornings we let him come in and lounge on the blanket on our legs while we drink tea in bed. He loves it, it’s his special bedroom cuddle time.

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tiffanybruiser :  

I would still be careful. Most vets are going to recommend against using essential oils in regards to cats since they are toxic if inhaled, ingested, or applied to skin.  

Peppermint in itself isn’t toxic. Peppermint oil is. 





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yeh my cats an a**h*le.


I’m going to try that water & peppermint oil though!

My kitty has just worked out the dog door so he’s confined to half a house now and SCREAMS it down.

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We don’t close doors anymore

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