(Closed) My cats are being bullied help!

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I would talk to your neighbor about it. Maybe they can try to keep her contained, or work out a time of the day to put her in the barn or something so your kitties can be outside. Or what about setting up some type of fence or like a play pen outside for your kitties? A rabbit hutch or something like that may even work. That way they can be outside, and while it may not keep the other cat from coming over and possibly scaring them, it would keep them safe from her. I hope that you can find something that works! And if the neighbors cat is scratching your daughter, I would make sure to discuss it with your neighbor, and make sure that it has all of its shots, and as sad as it is to have to put an animal down or rehome it, it may be a good solution for them if they cannot control the cat.

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@secondchances:  This breaks my heart! I think it’s rarely an animals fault when it’s mismannered or aggressive. My guess is this cat is territorial, and sees yours as a threat. I think you should definitely check with the neighbors to see if the cat has its shots, as that can pose a health risk to your daughter, and the PP mentioned. 

I also agree that you’ll need to establish some outdoor “safe zones” for you kitties. I’ve seen great “runs” built, where the cats can get outside, explore, and still be safe. You might have to invest in some fencing, or dedicate part of your yard to an outdoor play area.

I hate the idea of having to put down the poor outdoor barn cat. They really don’t know any better, and what the cat is doing isn’t necessarily grounds for euthanization. Anyways, talk to your neighbors, and get ready to roll up your sleeves. You might have to re-consider getting kittens from a family that has diabetic genes. 

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We have a similar problem with our neighbor cat, except he doesn’t let us pet him either… he will sit on our front porch and growl and hiss at us for walking on it to get inside!

I’m a little confused by your post, are the cats you have the neighbor cats babies? Or was that a separate momma cat you were talking about??

If it’s a different momma, then I would ask if the neighbor cat is fixed.  If she isn’t then that can very well explain her attitude.  Now, your neighbors might not be willing to get the cat fixed, and I can’t in good conscience tell you to just get the cat fixed yourself… However, there was a “stray” cat that would hang out in my backyard and fight with my cats, I’m sure it lived/lives/belongs to one of our neighbors but I hadn’t seen it before and it was very much an unfixed male… So I contacted our local rescue group and got a certificate to get him fixed for free.  I let him out again after I was sure he wasn’t under the influence of anesthesia and I saw him the next day, but haven’t had a problem with him fighting with our cats since (I haven’t seen him, he is most likely staying at his house… this happened when I got my husband’s cat fixed!).

Now, if that cat IS fixed and it’s just mean like our neighbors cat… There isn’t much you can do besides keeping your cats indoors.  Since that isn’t an option, would it be possible to make an enclosure for the kitties?  Something like an open air green house for them to play in and get fresh air but will keep the other cat out?

Something like that? but with smaller fencing so the other kitty can’t put it’s paws/claws through?

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As far as your daughter goes. I assume you sit outside with her? Just bring a water bottle and if the cat gets near you squirt it. It will run away. If your daughter is old enough then teach her to squirt the cat with the water bottle if he comes close.

I would check with your neighbors to see if the cat is fixed. A lot of my neighbors have unfixed cats and are perfectly fine with me getting them spayed/neutered and have even thanked me for it. I have low cost s/n clinic here. I also TNR so sometimes I didn’t know the cat was technically an owned cat (no collar, went into my cat trap)- and once the neighbors realized what i did they were so happy! So, you should certainly find out if the cat is fixed or not. And if it isn’t then find a low cost clinic to take it to. I’m sure your neighbors would be grateful for your help.

Alley Cat Allies also has a bunch of great suggestions for keeping other cats away from your house.


And you can get a motion- activated water sprinkler that sprays when an animal gets near it. If there is a specific window the cat is jumping at, you can put the sprayer near that window and get a good laugh the next time the cat decides to attack.

There are lots of very humane ways to deal with the problem. The cat doesn’t need put down.

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