(Closed) My cat is dying :*(

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Buzzing Beekeeper

I’m sorry to hear about your cat.

I have a 3 year old cat and a kitten. The kitten is about 8 weeks old and randomly falls asleep while they are play fighting. My older cat bonks him on the head with a closed paw like “Hey, wake up!”

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Busy bee
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i’m so sorry! hugs!

i just got my old kitty a new bed and our large dog and her have decieded they like each others bed better. so i have a tiny cat on a huge doggy bed and a big dog trying to fit into a tiny tiny cat bed. basically the only thing that fits in the bed his he tummy. it’s so funny!

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Sugar bee
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I’m so sorry that you have to go through this!  If you need to PM me at all, you can.  I’m not on as much anymore but I will definitely respond because I’ve been through this a few times. 

When we first got our cat, he was super shy.  He hid under the bed for hours when we brought him home and wouldn’t do anything without looking to us for approval first.  The first night we had him though we made cookies and cream pudding.  My now husband was sitting down eating what was left in the bowl we had mixed it (we had divided it into portions in smaller bowls to refrigerate).  Our cat walked up to him and slammed his paw on the edge of the bowl.  The bowl flipped onto our cat’s head and he was in heaven licking what was left of the pudding. 

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oh im so sorry….losing a dear pet is so difficult.

my kitty goes nuts with the red laser light thingy…she’s jumping off of every angle of the house as if she is a ferocious lion on the hunt!

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It’s horrible when a pet’s dying. My cat of 16 years (who was 20 as my parents got her before I was born) walked ’round the garden visiting her favourite spots on the last day before she died. She knew she was on the way out and she had a stroke under the radiator she loved to sleep under. While we had to have her put down, she wasn’t aware after the stroke and she died in loving arms.

Gosh, just writing that down brings tears to my eyes. She was an amazing cat. She would sit on our laps while we ate dinner and had a different meow for every circumstance.

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Helper bee
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@misslyn86 – I’m so sorry! I was devestated when I had to put my cat down, it was done day before my 25th birthday, it was awful.  So I know how you feel. I always laughed at people who babied their pets but I am the worst of them! I am definitely a crazy cat lady πŸ™‚

My Fiance always tells me that my littlest kitty, Aki, totally pulled a fast one on me.  When I was ready to get another cat we went to the local shelter and I went into the kitten room to play with the cats and see which one was right for me.  I wanted a cuddly kitten.  So I took out kittens one by one to play with them, they were all really scared and liked to try to hide in the corner.  I was getting a little discouraged when I looked over into a cage and saw this fuzzy furball and took her out. She just curled up in my lap and let me pet her.  I was so excited that I had to get her. As soon as we brought her home she ran around the house exploring everything. She cuddled with me when I surfed the web and watched tv. Yeah that lasted about a week and now the only time she wants to be petted is when you are using the restroom. Weird….

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Honey bee
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I’m sorry to hear that.  It’s great that you had 16 great, long years together though.

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Buzzing Beekeeper
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I’m so sorry about your cat. πŸ™ 

My dog, when she gets really riled up, will look with you one eye from the side and bark like crazy.  It’s a hell of a lot more funny to see than being said.  It seriously looks like she’s giving you a crazy eye.  She also loves to climb into pillowcases and hide.

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Busy bee

I’m really sorry about this. I had a dog that was with me from the time I was 8 until I was 19, and he died in my arms, we had to put him down… I loved him like a bigger brother, with every ounce of my heart. Now I have two adorable kittens, I’m hoping they will have a long and happy life. They always make me smile so much, their personalities are so unique…

My boy likes to sleep curled around my head and with his head on my face. He also loves food and talks a lot. Just last night he actually TALKED it was crazy. It was like those talking youtube cats. He was just vocalizing but it was adorable. I left my salad on the table once and when I came back from the bathroom I heard him hissing to the girl… when I got closer I saw he had a piece of lettuce in his mouth! LOL silly cat…

They like to play in the tub a lot. We’ll be sitting and hearing lots of “thump”s in the tub. It’s adorable.

The funniest moment was when my SO was cleaning their litterbox. We have corn based litter so it’s flushable, and their box is right next to the toilet. As he was cleaning it, the girl (who is super crazy active and bouncy) ran in from the hallway and tried to jump onto the toilet but landed straight into the bowl. So he picked her up and started washing her in the sink… when the boy came running in and did the same thing! Now he had two toilet kitties… I couldn’t stop laughing when he called me to tell me about it!

I hope your cat passes away in peace… mine went through a lot of pain the months before he died, but at least he died with me… I still remember him and cry when I think about him. I don’t think I could ever have such a humanlike dog again.

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I am so sorry! My 1st pet was when I was 11. He was a beautiful Pomeranian named Tigger. Tigger passed away in my arms 2 Easters ago! I know your pain.

On to my funny story: Tigger was a complete surprise to me! I was swimming with my friends and my mom came home and had a puppy for me. I was in charge of feddings, walks, etc. The 1st time I took Tigger for a walk I went around showing all of my friends. I came back to my house and put Tigger down. At that point I noticed I had a nice sized wet spot on my shirt. Tigger had peed on me. My mom said that the next time I take him for a walk I actually have to put him down. I was young but it’s still funny to this day!

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Bumble bee
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So sorry to hear about your cat. πŸ™ 

We have 2 cats and a new doggy and they’re hilarious together.  One of our cat steals things and hides them.  His favories are earplugs, pen caps and rocks from a plant.  Our other cat likes to shove things off the bedisde table when he decides it’s time for me to wake up.  He follows me and meows whenever his food is empty or his litterbox needs changing.  Until I fix it.  He bops the dog on top of the head.  He has also started playing with the dog’s bone after she leaves.  Our dog gets so excited when you come home, her whole butt wags.  If you leave the room for 2 minutes and come back, she does it all over again.  

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Helper bee
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This past january i lost my baby. My dog died suddenly at 3 years old. It was a common thing for a small dog like her. and i still cry about it some times because i miss her so much. She always made this growling noise that was so funny! she did it when she wanted a treat, when she was mad, or wanted attention! it was so cute = )

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