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Meet my 23 pounds cat; and my other 20 pounds cat!!

We give them very little food, and split it in portions throughout the day, yet nothing seems to work for these two…

[attachment=901695,111873] [attachment=901695,111874]

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My dad had problems with my old kitty gaining a bunch of weight.  He switched him to some kind of tuna stuff that is sold at Trader Joes’ (he also has diabetes so the regular food isn’t good for him because it’s mostly carbs).  He lost about 5 lbs on the food and is now down to about 15 (which is good for his body because he is a big cat).

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@mighty – that’s it, right there. Big cat has probably been skimming food for so long that the pounds have packed on. This was definitely the case with our cats. We watch them closely now, and their weight is becoming more balanced and they’re noticibly more healthy. it’s a pain to watch them eat every meal, but whatever, if they live longer, happier lives, then I’m happier for it too.

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@Mighty – My aunt and uncle had the same problem, one cat needed to gain weight and the other needed to lose some.  Similarly to your counter trick, they put a cat door into their laundry room that only the skinny cat could fit through.  Inside the little cat had free choice but the big guy had to make do with just his little portions twice a day. 

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Get her off the kibble! My family cat got diabetes at a relatively early age. Our girl, Zoey, was obsessed with her dry food and on track to get diabetes herself (our vet warned us.) 

So we did research. Lots of it. And guess what? They put NASTY things in most kibble. Newspapers, feet and other unsavory parts of animals including the hair, and tons of chemicals for color that have been proven to be horrible for animals. They often brag about things like so many veggies, etc, but really cats don’t need many veggies if any – they need lean meat. 

Unfortunately, there is no FDA for animals. They don’t get the same sort of rights that people do. Pet owners try to do the right thing and feed name brands, and even if they read the ingredient list they have no way of knowing what “chicken meal” really is in most cases. 

The low-end canned food isn’t usually great, either. One cheap solution is to make the food yourself. Alnutrin is what we make for R’s parent’s 18 year old cat who has hyperthyroidism. It has made a world of difference for her. It is kind of nasty, though, you have to blend raw chicken and chicken livers up with it. 

We feed our girls Wellness, because it’s easier. They looooove the chicken flavor. They made the transition to only wet food and it’s great – they moderate their own eating. At first they were in the habit of gorging on the dry food, since it has so many additives, and they’d eat as much as we fed them. But now they eat about half their plate, and then snack throughout the day. They love it, but they’re not constantly begging for food, and Zoey went from an unhealthy 15 pounds to a healthy 11 pounds. 

Sorry for the novel! It’s such an important subject to me. 

ETA: Zoey herself!

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@twalila-The look on that cats face made me lol! So priceless (WHY ARE YOU HOLDING ME?!?!?!?!).

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Maybe the weather? I thinks cats are more likely to layer on fat if they are cold bc their body temps are actually a few degrees higher than us and we always set room temp. to what is comfy for us. I always thought my cat was fat and then we shaved her last summer and she was actually slim but when you feel her belly now, after a long winter, it’s all firm again. She never plays, we’ve tried a lot, even chasing after her toys for her, but she wrestles our new little one, I guess she has lost weight just from dispising him!

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I just had this conversation with my vet a couple of weeks ago! She reccomended that we feed our cat wet food once a day. She said that cats do not need all of the carbs that in the dry food. She also suggested buying a dry diet cat food and mixing with the normal dy food. We  are now feeding our two cats wet food in the morning and they love it!

Our vet also suggested that we not leave food out at all times for our cats. We don’t anyways, but if you do maybe you should implement two meals times and no more food than that!

Good luck!

P.S. Our cats love toys that are not cat toys. Cardboard boxes are awesome, packing paper is cool, plastic mardi gras beads make them happy, an old piece of string is great etc…

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Behold Kurby, our 26-pounder. 🙂 His vet says that he is actually pretty healthy (strong teeth, no diabetes, etc) but I’ve always wondered about putting him on a diet, if only to help him get around better. Thanks for all the info you gals have shared! I’ll look into it more closely and talk to his vet about it on his next check-up.

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