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Your cat may have renal failure! Pull his skin up and it should fall back quickly. If it stays up, he is dehydrated and may need to go to a vet!

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@futuremrsk18:  Okay, I didn’t take the time to read ALL of the responses, but I read quite a few, and I didn’t see anyone suggesting that it could very well not be a behavioral or medical issue.  We used to clean our cat’s litter box every two days, but if it got too full for her liking, she would pee in the bath tub.  Now we have to clean it every day. which sometimes means I’m scopping like one or two bathroom visits and that’s it–not a full litter box by any means.  Cats are just particular.. lol

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If the issue is still persisting… has there been a diet change?

Our cat (when we had her) ate wet cat food for the longest time and we usually were good for having a wide variety. We noticed that when we fed her more of the fish flavours she had peed all over everything – she once even peed on a frying pan that was on the counter when I was watching!!!

We found out that something in the fishy food was causing urinary tract infections and that she was just trying to be more comfortable by just peeing where she wished. We didn’t exactly have the cash to get medicine at the time but we really just had to stop the fishy food and keep her drinking plenty of water to essentially put her back to normal… too bad the same can’t be said for all the stuff she ruined.

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OP how’d the vet visit go?

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@futuremrsk18:  one of our cats did this. I was a bit overdue in cleaning the boxes so one of our cats jumped up on the couch, looked straight at my husband, and peed on my cardigan! He’d never done it before and hasn’t done it since. 

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If he ever does it again and the box is clean, it’s usually a sign of illness. Glad this time it seems to have just been the box. 🙂

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My cat does this too. We can’t leave any fabric on the floor or balled up on the bed or she’ll pee on it! I love her to pieces and I would never get rid of her but argh!!! She’s been to the vet and apparently doesn’t have a problem. 

A couple things that have helped us: 

  • Keeping the litter box clean. If she sees a single poopy from our other cat, she’ll skulk off in seek of somewhere else to do her pee pee. 
  • We feed her Purina One Urinary Health cat food. it seems to help because when I switch back to another food, she seems to go outside her litterbox more. Which is weird, since the vet said she’s okay. 


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+1000 on the crystals/renal failure thing. We’ve had two boy cats and one eventually developed diabetes from it and eventually passed away (and the other cat almost died, but is fine now).  It’s super, super serious and happens a lot w/boy cats.  I would take him in immediately to be checked.  Our boys had the same symptoms – unusual urination on things, it didn’t make sense.  It was almost as if they would wet themselves, just becuase they couldn’t make it anywhere else in time and were in so much pain.  I think it’s usually to do w/their food and dehydration, as others have mentioned.


Our little girl cat started pooping on things a year ago for a few weeks. Took her to the vet multiple times for tests, etc.  Turned out she was pissy about something (still don’t know what, but she stopped after a few weeks).  We stopped getting mad at her, etc. and bought a product called Feliway. It’s some kind of hormone that only cats can smell and it helps calm them down if they are stressed. Worked like a charm for us. 

Best of luck OP – hope it’s just a temporary issue and can be fixed easily!  

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Some good advice here. My big male, Ginger, also likes to pee inside the house occasionally, but for him it’s a territorial thing. He’s not actually a domestic cat, but a wild cat cross breed and former feral, and he was also a late neuter. If he isn’t allowed outdoor access as much as he would like, he marks indoors. Sigh.

Behavioural issues in cats usually have two causes: fear, and territorial behaviour. The former is easy to sort. The latter is very hard, and is usually only resolved by expanding their territory in some way.

However, I’m glad you seem to have sorted the problem! I had a similar problem with one of my cats pooing outside the box recently. Turns out that he will only go if the box is really clean… I have four boxes, and I do clean them regularly, but this cat’s standards are ridiculous… he wants completely new litter every 2-3 days. I dread to think about our environmental footprint. Plus, the fussy cat is our super pedigree indoor only kitten, so he can’t even pee outdoors!

I also second PPs about the water fountains. They are really good!

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