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@futuremrsk18:  Hopefully the pain meds will help while his bladder calms down.  It’s unfortunate that there are so many tests to rule everything out in order to say “there’s no specific treatment” but it does need to be done to make sure there is nothing more specific going on.  Feline lower urinary tract diseae (or FLUTD) is basically a diagnosis of exclusion, meaning you’ve tested for every other possible urinary problem and they all came up negative.

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@futuremrsk18:  PPs have covered the options pretty well, so I don’t have much to add except to say I hope your kitty gets better soon and stops the pesky peeing!

Our boycat had crystals as a young guy. It is awful to deal with cat pee, but it’s important to stay patient and always assume medical issues before behavioral issues, just because cats are so bad at telling us when they’re in pain. After many years of trial and error and crazy vet bills, our kitty’s urinary issues are now well managed. (Unfortunately, even after the medical issues cleared up, he developed a territorial urine-marking behavior, so now he is also on Kitty Prozac! Never ends, lol)

It is a long and frustrating road but it sounds like you are taking all the right steps. I wish you lots of luck!

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@futuremrsk18:  Hope kitty gets better!

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Thanks for the update and for taking him to the vet. I hope he is feeling better soon and you don’t have to seal with pee for much longer!

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my male cat did this and it turned out that he had a blocked urinary tract with sludge because he wasn’t drinking enough water. It happened three times- he just didn’t like water! I put it in his food, bought special prescription Urinary TRact infection food, gave him wet food (which was making him FAT!!!) and then got him a huge water bowl next to his food separate from our dogs food.  I even tried tuna can water to hopefully attract him to drinking something! but no prevail… his blockage, cost me 450 bucks to fix the first time, the second time it happened, I caught it in advance and it only cost me 120 bucks to fix, it happened a third time and I ultimately had to just give him back to the ASCPA where I adopted him from…. I couldn’t afford to keep “fixing” him when it’s not even the right fix…

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@futuremrsk18:  Hmmm… sounds like kidney stones to me. That vomit and bloody pee really bothers me. Doesn’t sound like stress to me at all. Also, if the vet is worried about inflammation then why hasn’t kitty been given steroids? I would get a second opinion.

Also, are you on any cat health forums on facebook? They can often really help.

As far as cats being solitary goes… it depends strongly on the cat and the breed, but loneliness is unlikely to cause inappropriate urination (that said, it did in Ginger for a time after Pika’ went missing, but he is not a normal cat, and his wild cat genes cause unusual, pack-like behaviors… this will probably not apply to you!).

Some breeds are highly intelligent and can be vindictive if mistreated. I was warned about this when I got my bengal… the more intelligent cats do hold grudges, although many, many people misdiagnose peeing inappropriately as “grudge peeing” when 99% of the time it is nothing of the sort. I really doubt this is revenge peeing in your case.

This almost certainly has a physical cause. Good luck finding what it is… but kidney problems definitely need to be ruled out first, IMO.

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@futuremrsk18:  Oh man, I am sorry to hear about your kitty! Mine’s been having problems too, although I started giving him some homeopathic UTI drops, canned food, and filtered water (seems to be improving).

Ask your vet to substitute the geltab for some drops. Drops might be easier to give him. I tried mixing drops in my cat’s food, but he would eat AROUND the ‘tainted’ parts. Sneaky lil fart! Had to have Fiance hold him down on the couch while I pried open his mouth to squirt the drops in there.

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Have you ever seen the internet joke “how to give a cat a pill”? It’s hilarious, but it’s no joke. I hope something works for him soon. We are still dealing with our cat peeing. He’s changed up his game and is going on shoes now. You just gave me the brilliant and suicidal idea of taking my cat into our (human) office and x-raying him.

I wanted to say too that I love your picture. Is that the kitty in question?

Again, best of luck.

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I had two Burmese from the same litter who were adorable until my husband and I split up and they had to start “competing” for one person’s attention instead of two.  One of the kitties just got really, really stressed and started peeing on everything – and I mean EVERYTHING.  Bath mats, carpet, my bed, rugs, couch, anything at all that was left on the floor like a backpack or shopping bag.  It was doing my head in.

I took her to the vet 4 times over a 6-month period and we ruled out anything medical, it was all behavioural.  I had her on cat prozac for 2 months but aside from not improving her behaviour it made her incredibly stressed as getting the tablets into her was a nightmare. She really was the most inventive, resistant pill-taker I’ve ever met and I’m pretty experienced.  

In the end the vet advised her to be rehomed as she was just perpetually stressed. You can imagine how difficult a time this was, I cried buckets for weeks. My close friend was delighted to take her but after a week she had peed in the kid’s beds 5 times so she came back home. She then went to another friend’s house where there were no kids and no pets and she is very happy there. It seems like she was just wanting to be the centre of attention. No random peeing now!  I miss her every day though 🙁

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