(Closed) My cat likes to sleep on my face

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Busy bee
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One of our cats sleeps on DH’s head like a hat too. Our other cat sleeps at the foot of our bed or in another room. Sometimes I wake up to find Felix hogging DH’s whole pillow. We try to rectify it every now and again, but we let him do it as a kitten. It’s hard to break it of him now. Plus he just jumps back up there when we go to sleep. Can you try to shut him out of the room? Will he cry?

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Bumble bee
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Yeah, I’d get him a nice comfy bed and shut your bedroom door if he won’t wake you up with his wailing (my cat likes to sleep wherever the mood strikes- my head, DH’s head, his chest, his feet, my feet, between us, you name it- but if we lock her out she wails like nothing I’ve ever heard).  If that doesn’t work… I got nothing.

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Honey bee
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LOL my dog likes to sits on my head im the morning. He then likes to sneak his way under my head to become my pillow. AKA “its time to get the hell up mom i’m hungry. I feel your pain. 

I would get him a nice bed and just shut your door so he cant bother you. 

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Sugar bee

The only thing that worked for us is that we shut her in the basement at night. There have to be at least two closed doors between us or she makes sleep impossible (she also yowls to protest her exile, and it’s LOUD.) Good luck!

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Sugar bee
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I fail to see the problem! I have a cat who sleeps on top on my head, and one that sleeps on my face. Count ypour blessings!

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Bumble bee
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I think you have a rude kitty.lol

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Buzzing Beekeeper
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My cat does the same. She will sleep on my shoulder or my husband’s chest or face.

It’s just not something to fight, really. Just… let it happen, I guess. A miserable cat can make your life miserable (Howling and whining at night is not fun).

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Honey bee
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Growing up, I had a cat that did the same thing. I believe it is because you have so much heat escaping from your head and they love heat.

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Helper bee
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My lil Harley does the same thing. I love it! Except when he keeps me awake with his loud purrs! I love when I get a Harley scarf or Harley hat. Lol.  Sometimes he lays on his back or side with me, head on the pillow like he’s my bf!

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Sugar Beekeeper
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My sister’s cat does this, and when I lived at home still she would alternate sleeping with people each night. I loved it! It took some getting used to and sleeping lower down on the pillow so she had enough room but I loved how she was such a snuggler. My current cat is also super clingy but he sleeps like my little spoon under the covers with just his head on the pillow beside me. Not gonna lie, I sleep better in hotels or something by myself but it is worth it for all the cuteness at home! 

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Helper bee
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Haha, we have a bombay too that we lovingly refer to as “jerk cat”. No, he really is a good talk is HIGHLY talkative and has really attached himself to my SO. He follows him around, jumps up on furniture to be eye level. At night we lock him out or he most definitely would be on my SO’s head for sure. At 7:00 on the dot he is scratching and crying for breakfast, but at least we sleep without him on top of us!


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Helper bee
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I had a stray named Leo who came to us in February, and sadly passed away in September (He was an old boy) who used to do the same. He loved spooning, laying on my pillow, arm, chest, bum, back, and head!! I used to get annoyed with him sometimes, but I found that having a bigger pillow helped, so that we both could share it Smile Also, I used to lie down on my side, call him over to settle by my side, and spoon him and fall asleep with my arm around him and he would sleep right through the night Smile Now that he’s gone, if there is something I really miss it is his super clinginess. If I could have just one more night cuddling my baby I would be so happy! I still wake in the night without him there with me. 

Treasure your boy, you’re lucky to have such a cuddly cat! (as I’m sure you know, cat’s can be such snobby assholes sometimes haha!) 

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Busy bee
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Haha. We have the same issue. My hubby holds him and has face to face talks with our kitty about it. He is five months old so we are still attempting to mold his behavior. I love having an affectionate lap cat but sometimes he “helps” while I am using my iPad!!!

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