(Closed) My cat swallowed floss! Please tell me she will be okay!

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Buzzing bee

I would call your emergency vet and see what they say, either just monitor her yourself or bring her in. They might want you to bring her in for Xrays πŸ™

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Blushing bee
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I second babyboo.  Call the emergency vet – they’re usually good with telling you what to do.  Just watch her and make sure she isn’t having trouble eating or drinking.  I’m sure she will be fine.  Keep us posted!

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Busy Beekeeper
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She may need an xray to make sure it doesn’t get hung up inside.  Call emergency vet for info or your vet in the morning.  Don’t wait on this.

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Helper bee
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I think she’ll be fine.  My cat has swallowed so many random things from paper, to moths, to rubberbands.  Definetly keep an eye on the little kitty, but she’ll probably be fine.

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Busy bee
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My cat swallowed easter hay one year.  She was pretty dehydrated and had to feed her water through an eye dropper……Vet wanted $700+ for overnight observation and an at-home IV set-up.  She pooped it out a few days later :o)

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Sugar bee
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Cats are pretty resilient, from what I’ve noticed…our boycat used to steal my hair elastics and ate one once. πŸ™ FH and I didn’t notice until he pooped it out a few days later…little bastard. (He’s a thief!) Call the emergency vet and see what he/she says about it, but mostly just keep an eye on your kitty.

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My cat has eaten tinsel / “icicles” (those thin sparkly plastic things people hang on Christmas trees) before.  It was a bit gross when he passed them (we had to pull them out the other end…yuck) but he was 100% fine. 

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Helper bee
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Ditto @cupcake627: I had a kitty eat some tinsel and ribbon from a present and he was fine. He had some pretty colorful poo. I’d call the vet just to get some reassurance though.

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Buzzing bee
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Seriously so you think she’s eaten 1.5 feet of floss, and per you, you haven’t really bothered to monitor her since then, but took the time to ask off of us experts what you should do. Jesus. Glad to hear, should anything happen, you’ll feel awful about it. Maybe you should call your vet?

When I thought my cat might have a mild UTI I still took her immediately in, on a late Sunday night, to the afterhours ER…but I guess I’m just a weirdo like that, since they know whats actually going on with my pet. πŸ™

I know we’re suppose to not be snakry, but really? If you feel “awful” WTF wouldn’t you call your vet πŸ™  πŸ™    πŸ™

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I’d keep an eye on her and if she doesn’t pass it in a day or two, or starts acting different then take her in.

I have 5 cats right now and 2 sets of teeth in the house that get flossed everyday. We started putting the used floss in the toilet instead of the trash for this very reason. None of ours have ever gotten sick from floss, ribbon, trash, etc that they have eaten, not to say that none of them ever will.

Just a warning however…when she does pass it…if it is as long as you think it is….be prepared to learn what it is like to pull floss out of a cats butt. Oh it is interresting to say the least.

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Busy bee
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I’m a volunteer with a local cat rescue, I’ve seen floss hang from a cats rear end (and had to pull it out very softly. Ah, the joys of pets, huh? πŸ˜› I’m sure the kitty will be fine, just keep your eye on him/her. πŸ™‚


For peace of mind call your vet so you’re not going crazy with worry, depending on the vet they may or may not ask you to bring the cat in.

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Helper bee

A few years ago my cat spent 1 whole day vomiting up bile and not eating food…we knew something was wrong and took him to the emergency vet after hours.  It turned out he swallowed a piece of floss – one end of the floss was actually caught around the back of his tongue and the other piece was down in his stomach.  The vet told us that we were lucky that we brought him in when we did because he could have died if we had waited another day or two.  They cut the floss out from around his tongue and he passed the rest a day or so later – so he ended up fine.

But if we hadn’t taken him to vet when we did he would not have made it. Take your cat to the vet – better to be safe than sorry!!

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Honey bee
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If you haven’t already please, please, please take your kitty to the vet.  My kitten swallowed a piece of string.  It acted as a saw in his belly as he was trying to pass it and it sliced through his intestine.  He had to go in for emergency surgery, and he didn’t make it through.  He went into septic shock and passed away.  πŸ™

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Bee Keeper
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Our family cat almost died 3 years ago from floss. It was wrapped around the base of her tongue all the way down to her intestines. We had her in for surgery and it saved her life. The vet said she would have died within another few days. (It had been a few days since it happened and we didn’t know she had swallowed floss-the vet kept saying she was sick and to give it time.) I KNEW she wasn’t just sick after a few days and rushed her to the emergency clinic. They did an xray and saw blockage. We agree to the surgery. They operated on her within the hour and the operating vet came and told us it was floss entangled with many organs. All of those who are saying she may be fine may be correct, but our kitty wasn’t fine. We saved her life (at the tune of $3200 I might add). It was one of the most craziest experiences of my life.

I hope your kitty will be OK! Cats just love string! The bathroom door is now kept shut to keep our kitty away from the wastebasket (floss). I would call the vet and get an xray! She may pass it out just fine, but I would call and take her in to be on the safe side.

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