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1) close the door and put some sort of protective sheeting against it (like duct tape a piece of rigid plastic to the bottom of the door so she can’t scratch it to hell

2) I crated my cat at night when she was younger. My cat and dog didn’t get along, and so I crated her at night for her own protection. It’s definitely *possible* but I wouldn’t be surprised if you’re subject to a lot of loud meowling if you try this. 

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We have a similar naughty nighttime kitty, so I feel your pain! It sounds like she needs a lot more exercise during the day! Have you tried playing with her, like, a LOT more? Or have you considered getting her a kitty buddy who could help wear her out?

Also, does she have enough stuff around that is appropriate for her to scratch, e.g. posts? Our scratching behavior gets expontentially worse when their scratch posts get old or if they don’t like the post they have access to (lol).

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gatsbymermaid:  We’re trying the pheromone cat collars that are supposed to calm them down (Sentry) but I can’t say for certain it’s working. It worked for my BFF whose cats used to meow a lot at night and now do much less. 

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gatsbymermaid:  Following! My little kitty is like this too. She’s pretty sweet during the day. Sometimes she trys to get into stuff, but not really. But at night she hates that we can’t attention her and goes to town on our carpet. I would, however, advise against declawing. Growing up we had a cat we had declawed. We got him declawed when he was a kitten, and he’s a super sweet boy, so I can’t confirm the agression in older cats thing. He’s perfectly fine, but he has a sensitive paw. I think they may have knicked a nerve or something when he was getting declawed because he acts like it’s sensitive and holds it up sometimes, especially if it’s cold. I can tell it bothers him.

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OH, man, cats are dicks.

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Our cats do this as well. The solution that has worked well for us, is to basically contain them in another room at bedtime. Do you have a spare room or even spare bathroom that could be the kitty room?

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gatsbymermaid:  I feel your pain:( My cat wasn’t a crazy lady all night, but did wake me up to eat between 1-4AM every night, multiple times. Drove me crazy, particularly since I was in my 20s at the time and not much of a caretaker. I would pile things in front of my door–vaccuums, furniture–and she would somehow knock everything down and scratch at the door like a rabid wolf. It seriously sounded like some kind of monster outside my bedroom door and then I’d open it, only to see 10lb one-eyed Claire sitting there like, “What?”

This might sound counter-intuitive, but have you considered another cat? Your lady sounds plain bored.

I know some people use water guns for cats, but I just don’t think they work. Especially in this instance. It sounds more like she is just trying to engage you, and even though chasing her with a water gun is a kind of negative attention, it is still attention. 

If another cat is out of the question, you might try changing up the environment and her schedule. Does she have a cat tree? Tall things to jump on? A window box? Do you play at night before bed? Use catnip? 

Declawing’s really horrible, and I’m pretty sure she’d still figure out how to make noise without her claws. 

I have the Feliway diffusers, and they make one of my more anxious cats calmer around our two dogs.

Good luck!

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Try getting a feliway diffuser in your bedroom. It’s pheremone based and is supposed to be calming. It also comes in a spray which you can use directly on the objects where she scratches and it should help reduce the scratcing. 

Do you trim her claws at all? it’s not like declawing, it’s more like trimming your nails, but it could also help with the scratching. I do my cat’s claws once a month or so.

I wouldn’t reccommend a cage/crate. My cat Orange had to be crated after his surgery and you would be surprised at the amount of noise they can make just rattling around in the crate. Plus it just makes them miserable. Even in another room with the door closed and a blanket over it he would still wake me up.

I have to agree with pp who said she is getting reinforcement from you getting up. Try committing to a week where you both completely ignore her, no squirting, no chasing and see if it reduces at all.

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it sounds like kitty is bored and has pent up energy. Try playing with her a lot before you go to sleep.

Make sure she has a cat tower (they love these!), scratching post and toys she likes..mine loves to bat around foam balls.

Feliway makes plug ins and sprays… Try these!

Consider another kitty to keep her company at night.

Is she sick?? My cat was AWFUL at night and we found out he is diabetic. Now that he feels better, he is great at night 

Please don’t declaw her. It is their natural defense. You never know when she might need those claws.

A cage woukd likely make her howl all night and feel as if she is being punished when she’s not doing anything wrong really, she’s just trying to tell you something and/or get your attention/play.

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Definitely tire her our before bed so she might sleep instead of try to play at night. She’s trying to play with you and will make all sorts of noise to get your attention. My husband and I started throwing a toy back and forth in our living room and our cat runs back and forth, back and forth, trying to get it, until he’s out of breath. Then we go to sleep.

Shut your bedroom door and put something outside the door, like my cat is terrified of this big walking stick we have so we prop it on the outside of the door before going to bed to keep him from batting the doorknob.

Please don’t declaw. Catch her when she is sleepy and try to trim her claws, so she doesn’t just fight you. If she doesn’t like her feet touch, just start to touch her feet more to get her used it to before you try to trim. Afterwards, give her treats. Or take her to the vet/groomer’s and get those little claw covers applied. Or maybe put a scratching post right outside your bedroom door.

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Try feliway difuser and also play with your cat an hour before bedtime. Have you also considered pushing back her feeding time? It’s reccommended to feed your cat right before bedtime as it calms them down. 

Its also recommended to create a scheduled environment. Cats like routine. With my cat I do the same thing almost every day, I start getting ready for bed around 9:30. If I’m later than that my cat will kindly remind me it’s past her bedtime and if I don’t go to bed, she will be asleep first. 

I used to have issues with her too. She used to do sprints up and down the stairs. Or try to bring her toy into the bed. If she brings her toy, I’d put it in a drawer. If she continues to act up, I pick her up and set her outside my room while sleeping. All she does is meow then eventually she settles down. Once she does, I let her back in no problems. Or if she walks on top of me, I refuse to move. Even when she meows Loudly I do not look at her or move. Eventually she gives up and goes to sleep. 

Maybe you should invest in a fan that sits in front of your bedroom door to deter your cat from scratching. But DO NOT get up and chase her. Just kick her out the room. You’re just giving her the attention she craves. If you don’t think the fan thing will work, keep the water bottle by your bed and sneakily spray her. But sudden movements and chasing her just encourages her actions. 

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I have my doubts that that would even help — she can still get into things and bat things around without claws. 

My kitty wakes us up in the middle of night bringing us her favorite toy (she’s like a dog and carries it around when she wants to play fetch with it). She meows and walks all over us wanting to play. We try to play with her before bed, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. We’re still trying to figure out how best to deal with it…

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ilovesophia:  Your suggestion with the padded door is perfect! I did the exact same with my kitties 10 years ago! We closed the bedroom door and had a squishy blanket attached where he scratched. If we omitted the blanket he would scratch at the door and hurt his feet. 🙁

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ilovesophia:  Your suggestion with the padded door is perfect! I did the exact same with the kitties we had 10 years ago! We closed the bedroom door and had a squishy blanket attached where he scratched. If we omitted the blanket he would scratch at the door and hurt his feet. 🙁

Please don’t declaw – it is so barbaric and most vets in Canada (at least) now refuse to do it. You can trim kitty’s claws with nail clippers though. We have 2 cats and both are so busy/noisy at night. They chase each other around and run across the bed, paw my face, “make bread” on my tummy/chest/face and meow like maniacs… lol. And one eats toilet paper/tissues (but only at night) so we have to hide it. Naughty monkeys.



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