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Bumble bee

Bears-bub yes, mine do the bathroom/lap sitting thing too…crazy!


MarryingAmonkey I don’t think they know how high they are…they even go on the outter edge of the balcony Surprised

Excited To Bee My teddy always has to watch me through the glass shower doors; ever since he was a baby…he seems so concerned and worried something might happen.



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Buzzing bee
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I think my cats’ main goal is to get outside our apartment. When you open the door, you have to be super quick now because they will RACE between your legs and up the center stairs (of course all the way up to the roof stairs when I’m wearing 4 inch heels). It’s embarassing to admit, but both of them have spent at least one night roaming the halls without us noticing…only to find them outside our door the next morning. Such bad fur parents 🙁


Other than that, I’d say their other mission is to spread as much of their orange fur all over our house as possible. And only show me any signs of affection when I’m wearing black pants. Thanks guys.

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this post actually makes me feel a little better. I thought there was something seriously wrong with my cats! Charlie LOVES jumping up to high places (his favorite is on top of the 8 foot book case, top shelf of the closet, or ontop of the kitchen cabinets), and Oliver loves sitting/gnawing on plastic bags. I still think they may have been weened a little early, and seem to have some developmental delays…but we love them dearly 🙂 (hehe I’m such a special educator mom!)

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My two cats have two common goals.  The first is to go on a walk with the dog.  Every time we take him out they come running to the front door and sit there the entire time we are gone.    Like maybe this time they’ll be allowed to come.

The second is to steal treats.  No matter where we put them, they will steal them and eat them.   They opened a drawer in their “room” and pulled out not only their treat bag, but also the dog treat bag (which is the same size as them) and ate all the kittie treats and chewed a hole in the dog treat bag.  

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One of my cats stole (both) the toilet bolt caps (the plastic things that cover the bolts) from the powder room downstairs, and they are his favorite toy IN THE WORLD.  He proceeds to play with them for hours and lose them under every appliance/door in the house, then whines for us to retrieve them .  We had to go to Home Depot and buy a bunch of packs for him.  He carries them around in his mouth and bats them around.

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Busy Beekeeper
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This post is great! We have 3 cats…

Felix: his mission is to steal,find all the rubber bands in the house and hide them under his food. Seriously this cat will dig, search and find them in the funniest places and hide them and play with them and even talk to them. We’ve caught him laying down beside a blue rubber band and just meowing at it. He also loves to go outside. He can be all the way downstairs in the basement and as soon as of us comes in through the front door he bolts upstairs to go outside. When we do he just goes outside on the verranda and chill in the front.

Grizzly: His mission is to jump on top of EVERYTHING!!! He’s the skinny cat of them all and this guy can jump on top of everything we have, seriously I come home and I know he’s been on top of the tallest cabinet because stuff is all over the place and he just looks at me with his cute little face meowing and purring…

Shade: Her mission is easy… sleep, sleep and sleep some more and get fat. This cat will get up her bed, stretch walk over to another spot and go right back to sleep haha what a life!

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Busy bee

I have two. They both are obsessed with jumping onto the counter/oven (even when its hot). The smaller one tries to run outside everytime the door opens – it is her mission. We live in a city and if she got out she would probably get hit, so I have to be fast. And the small one eats toliet paper (you heard that right), she chews on it so if you don’t shut the bathroom door she makes a huge mess and she runs everytime she hears either bathroom door open, very strange. The older one licks plastic bags, so annoying and weird. From reading above, seems like we all have strange cats. I love them to death and wouldn’t change them for a second, but boy are they weird!

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Bee Keeper
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ahahaha! love this

My cat, Snugs, mission in life: to eat as much food as possible. Cat food, human food..whatever he can get a hold of! He will steal it from your hands or plate.

My cat, Mony, mission in live: to eat all of my hair! and to be my one and only true love. This cat LOVES me like seriously…it is almost creepy LOL. He follows me around everywhere! He begs me to pick him up and always wants me to hold him. He is SOOOO CUTE!

Why are both my cats obsessed with eating?! Is it because their owner is?! LOL

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Bumble bee
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🙂 Love this post. Cats are sneaky ninjas. 

Cash’s goal in life is to get out the front door, and eat. 

June’s is to comfortably lay on your boobs all day. And chase anything that’s moving fast.. 


I can’t be clever today.. 

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Helper bee

Ruby’s mission in life is to make sure I never get a lie-in!

Every single morning she jumps up onto my face, gives me a ‘kitty kiss’ and then walks all over me. if she’s not jumping on my head, she’s snuggling down beside me and kneading me somewhere – which usually wakes me up. if this fails, she starts to scratch either the bed or the wardrobes – which  usually results in my SO throwing a pillow at her.

does it stop her, though? no!

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@GreenGables:  My cat is obsessed with ME. No joke. I work from home most days, and the little thing (she’s 5 months old) follows me everywhere I go. She sleeps on my lap all evening while I work, climbs in bed purring at me when I go to bed, and wakes me up in the middle of the night with purring and kneading and licking. It’s honestly like an alarm clock goes off in her little heart at 3am and she wakes up going “I NEED TO SHOW YOU HOW MUCH I LOVE YOU!” She’s a huge mama’s baby. She runs straight to me when I walk in the door, snuggles in my clothes when I’m not there, and cries pitifully when I have to leave the house.

She is also a total ninja though and excels at many of the same things as your cat. The kitchen cupboards (even the ones *above* the counter!) must be closed at all times or she’ll go in and climb up into the cutlery drawer. She’s also hell-bent on learning how to fly, via climbing the living room curtains and then leaping… Or crying because she’s stuck and scared. Baby.

ETA: I just rememberd something hilarious about one of my parents’ cats. His mission in life is to collect oven mitts. He steals every oven mitt he finds and hoards them under the living room couch. Even the silicone ones (which do not look like oven mitts) have joined his collection. He doesn’t like any other kind of cloth/towel, just oven mitts.

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@erinmarie0685:  My cat licks plastic bags too! Such a bizarre behavior.

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Honey bee
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Mine is on a mission to ‘hide’ his toys under the fridge.  For about 6 months we didn’t know where his toys were going…  and finally I noticed him batting at something under the fridge.  It now takes him less and less time to hide all of his toys under the fridge (and I SO love fetching them out!.  

Fetching the stick- you know those sticks you dangle things on for the cat.  Our cat has one with nothing on it, sometimes he plays with the end of the sting, other times he likes to play fetch with the stick. 

and his third and most bizzare mission is to ‘inspect’ the tub after we are done showering.  He will sit out side and wait for you, then after you are done in the bathroom rush in to the tub.  It is so funny and bizzare! 

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I love this thread!  My cat’s mission in life is:

1. Get in the tub/ shower ASAP after my husband or I gets out for the left over drops of water.

2. Take up as much space as possible in the bed without getting moved to a more convenient sleeping corner.

3.  To one day jump onto the window ledge without scaring the birds away in a huge flock.


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Oh this post is so cute!  We have two cats and one of them is crazy (Beamer) and the other is pretty lazy (Hokie).  Beamer goes in the fridge every time we open it and i’ll close it for a few seconds, open it and she doesn’t seem to care at all.  Hokie loves getting under the covers with me when I’m sleeping.  I’ll wake up to her scratching at them trying to get under.  Then when I pull them up so she can go under she goes down by my legs and goes to sleep.  I’m always scared she’ll suffocate cause she’ll stay there for like an hour or so.   Also both of them LOVE water!  When I turn on the shower, Beamer races in like a crazy thing and jumps on the side to watch the water fall.  Then they both sit on the toilet and wait for me to get out.  I’ll usually peak out while I’m showering to see if they are still watching/waiting and when they see me they come over and sniff my hand.  Beamer has tried biting my hand and pulling me towards her with her teeth.  I don’t know what that’s about. 

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