My Coworker Smacks Her Food and I'm Going to Lose My Mind!

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 If you are already snarky to each other, there is no way to tell her about smacking her food without it coming off as you trying to pick a fight or be snarky.

I have a friend who had a cleft palate surgery and she smacks her food because she still has a hole that goes from her mouth to her nose (in her hard palate) and she can’t breathe through her nose hardly at all, making it necessary for her to open her mouth while she eats.  One wouldn’t know easily though because she had MANY surgeries in her childhood and her scarring is very very slight.

Otherwise, I would eat somewhere else.  Personal comments like that at work are generally not things that can be expressed without hurting feelings/pissing people off. In addition, you certainly don’t want your boss/her good friend thinking you are difficult to get along with.  You may want your boss as a reference.



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Helper bee

@yayaya:  Oh man…that sounds awful. That is one my pet peeves. I can’t stand when people make unecessary and disgusting noises while they eat.

What to do about it though…that’s a tough one…hmm. Maybe tell a fake story “oh man this weekend I was at a dinner with my friend and her blind date had THE MOST disgusting eating habits. He chewed with his mouth open and I heard every nasty bite and he slurped every beverage. How atrocious. This is why I will never go on a blind date and I’m glad I have a boyfriend with MANNERS AND BASIC ETIQUETTE.” Maybe that will make her self-conscious  enough to stop…unless she already knows how fucking annoying it is and just doesn’t care.

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Huge pet peeve of mine also. I have a similar co-worker and I’m just thankful we don’t share an office. I personally wouldn’t say anything because I don’t see a situation like that turning out well unfortunately 🙁

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@yayaya:  Damn if she has no self-awareness she probably won’t change even if you tell her it is gross and annoying! I don’t know how you do it…one time I was studying in the library a couple years ago and someone sat next to me and chewed/lipsmacked super loudly and they were making their food last… since I didn’t know them and I was PMSing, after about 15 min of straight nasty eating noises, I said “Ewwwwww! I can’t even hear myself THINK over your chewing.” and stormed out hahaha I couldn’t take it. It was supposed to be a silent area for crying out loud! I know that is totally bitchy but oh well. Learn how to eat properly so others aren’t disgusted and your coworkers don’t have to teach you things your parents should have told you when you were young lol. ;]

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OMG! This is one of my pet peeves as well!

I know someone who doesn’t exactly smack, but makes these horrible kind of slurping sounds? Idk, I can’t even describe it! 

I don’t think you can say anything….but then again, I once asked a co-worker not to bring something for lunch, which I know is pretty rude! (Before I get flamed, I work in the same room with two other women…one brought sardines for lunch and my other co-worker and I were pretty much gagging on the smell. It also made my classroom smell unpleasant for the rest of the day and I had parents in and out and was very embarassed. So I kind of jokingly asked her if she was going to bring those again if she would mind eating them in the faculty lounge…maybe I shouldn’t have done that, but sometimes we all breech a little etiquette!)

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Oh god, I hate that! And that goes on all day!?!? I am in school at the moment and sometimes I feel like I am in a movietheater, because all I hear is chewing and people opening chips bags etc.! Marry Jane’s Idea is great, if that doesn’t work though, there is probably no polite way to tell her that it bothers you. I guess it is a small company, so you also can’t go to HR…If you want to confront her tell her that it distracts you from work and reading (or whatever you are doing at work). Don’t tell her it is disgusting, that will only make her upset.

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Oh, that is SO disgusting.  My ex smacked his food, and it drove me insane!  The worst part was that when I had dinner with his parents, they did it too!!!  I would say he was raised by wolves, but that would be an insult to the relatively well mannered wolves.  I’d find someplace else to eat, and laugh inside because you know anyone she dates is going to be totally grossed out.

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@yayaya:  My officemate does this too, and I’m going to brain him with my stapler soon. I don’t understand why he can’t chew like a normal person. He appears to have all his teeth, but instead it sounds like he’s just trying to saliva everything he eats into submission.


I’ve taken to wearing headphones.

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@yayaya:  Oh Lord, you just reminded me of the dinnertime nightmare that is my brother.

He makes those same noises you speak of and I can’t stand it! He constantly smacks his tongue to the roof of his mouth when he eats. THEN he speaks with his mouth full of food. THEN to top it all off he gets grease all over his mouth and leaves it there unless you give him a paper towel!

Lordy, is it possible to faint from being grossed out?!

I feel for you, Yayaya!


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Can you wear headphones and listen to music while you work?  If so, at least you can drown out the noise.

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Honestly? I can’t see any way of raising this without it becoming a massive, personal issue. The only way in which this could possibly be resolved in a semi-neutral way, I think, is if your boss implemented a ‘no-eating’ policy in certain parts of the office.


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My manager is this way. I took th opportunity to move to a different desk and also found that it really depends on what I am listening to.

Perhaps you need better headphones or better music (something with lots of background jingles and different sounds to mask the noise). Also try asking your boss if you can move to a different area. Or maybe since its summer, you can get a loud fan to create white noise.

No, there isn’t any good to talk to her about it. 

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