(Closed) My desk job is making me fat!!!!!!1 Advice please

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If you’re not going to exercise you need to stop eating out. Either way, you should cut that out. Cals in vs cals out. Track your foods on my myfitnesspal.  Stick to fruits, veggies and lean protein. Drink lots of water. nothing is going to speed your metabolism up. Eating at a deficit is key. You didn’t gain the weight over night so it won’t come off overnight.  Good luck!

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Definately water at your desk, less alcohol when out, and making better choices and substitutions when going out to eat. Can you exercise during lunch hour? Take the stairs, add little things to your routine. This is a really good question as many of us probably have this problem at some point in our lives…

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sunelake27:  Join a work out clas! Especially if you have issues with motivation. I know I do! It usually lasts a week or so. I find it much easier to work out with a bunch of people. It’s fun and helps you keep in shape. Tip; pre-pay. Then you’ll go for sure!

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Diet is the vast majority of your weight. I would order better when out- no fried foods, no pasta, no red meat, limited alcohol, no over eating and sub your breakfast for a 50% spinach, 50% fruit smoothie. And really try to only eat dinner out once a week. It’ll save you lots of $$ too. 

Good luck! I do weight watchers and it works- to lose 10lbs in a few months is definitely possible but it will take real changes and you’ll have to stick to them. 

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1. eat less

2. move more

There’s no such things as foods that speed up your metabolism. There is no special pill or exercise that is going to negate sitting on your butt and eating out all the time. 

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Sounds like you just need to cut back on eating out and/or watching what you eat in general.  I’ve had a desk job for 10+ years and have not gained weight because of it.  I also don’t eat out, maybe once every week or 2, and don’t eat a lot of junk or drinks soda.  Whenever I do start to eat poorly, then I gain a few pounds and have to exercise to get it back off.  I think weights for building muscle will help with the metabolism though since muscle burns more calories even when you’re just sitting.  I don’t know of any foods that effect metabolism though.

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Physique57 has some great short videos that you can do before/after work at home

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Helper bee

Do you get 15 minute breaks?  Take them.  If you have to, set an alarm, so you remember to get up and go for a walk for 15 minutes.<br /><br />I’ve been having basically the same issue with eating out, so I’ve totally simplified my food for the day.  

At 8am I have two fried eggs with hot sauce or herb seasoning.  <br />At 10am, I have a piece of fruit (usually a banana).  <br />At 12pm I have about 1 cup of carrot sticks and 4 ounces of hummus.  <br />At 3pm I have another snack (lately it’s been unsweetened apple sauce and a cheese stick).  <br />And then I have whatever I want for dinner.  <br /><br />Usually, I come in right at, or below, my calorie goal.  I use MyFitnessPal to keep track of my eating and exercise.  It’s really surprising to see how many extra calories you  get when you exercise.  I play tennis, and on tennis days, I know that I can afford a special meal out, because I’m working those calories off.  Even if you don’t change your eating habits that much, using MyFitnessPal to track your calories will help you stop overeating.  When I found out how many calories a donut was, it made it so easy to turn one down when someone brings them to the office!

If you don’t want to exercise, you really have to change your diet.  Avoid bread/pasta and any processed foods.  If you exercise, you’ll see changes faster.  I joined a pilates class that my work offers for free.  Classes are great, especially if you get an accountability partner.  I have a friend who always goes with me and we support each other.  You can do a Google search to see if there are any free classes in your area.<br /><br />You can do it, it just takes work!

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I gained weight when I started my first office job, for me making changes like the following stopped me from gaining more and my weight is back to my normal pre-desk job weight.

Take the stairs, park at the far end of the parking lot, switch your afternoon coffee break for a walking break and take a brisk walk around the building – preferably with a friend, cut processed carbs out of your lunch and do a salad w/ lean protein at least 4 days/wk.


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Desk jobs suck! I like the Brazil Butt Lift work out. It strenghthens your core and bottom half, which really takes a hit from the good ole desk job. Eating out all the time is a hard habit to break, especially if you find yourself racing out the door in the morning and no time to make a lunch. Lots of veggies and protein, and don’t forget to drink tons of water! If you think you are hungry, instead of reaching for a snack, drink a full glass of water and wait 10 minutes. If you are still hungry after that and craving salty, then grab some celery to munch on. The crunch will satisfy almost as much as a potato chip, and you won’t miss the salt too much. If you want something sweet, have an apple. Protein bars and just glorified candy bars, so don’t fall into that trap. My favorite diet pill is Alli, and it’s over the counter. Basically, it doesn’t let you absorb fat, so it all slides out. Quite literally. If you take that to knock down the weight quickly, make sure you drink plenty of water, eat foods with lots of fiber, avoid fatty foods, and take an iron supplement. I gained a good 80 pounds with my first born, and once I quit breastfeeding, the Alli helped me get back to baseline in 6 months. 

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I’m going on a diet pop rant. It does nothing for you unless you are a true type 1, childhood diabetic with a pancreas that does not make insulin. Drinking diet pop fools you into thinking you are ingesting sugar, your pancreas pumps out insulin, then there is not enough sugar for your cells to take up. So you blood sugar drops, and you feel hungry. So you have to eat something to compensate for all the insulin that just put all your blood sugar into your cells. If you did a food diary, you would realize that you crave carbs/sugar after drinking a diet pop. You are better off just not drinking pop to begin with. But if you like a pop once in a while, drink regular. Overall, you will ingest less calories. Rant over. 

Revision: Yes, a lot people lose weight at first when they switch to diet. But if you chart it out over a few years, you will gain that weight back and then some. And it is so dang hard to lose!

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Get a fitness tracker (like fitbit or any of the other options out there) so you can see just how active you are, and how to get more steps into your day. Get up and go for a walk around the building every hour or 2. Pack your lunch, and only go out once per week. Find a workout program (beach body workouts are pretty popular, but there are some Jillian Michaels and other programs out there).

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I also sit at a desk all day, and know how easy it is to start snacking all day, every day. I only bring with me food that I’ll be eating – so breakfast, some reasonable for lunch, and a snack. We do have a break room that is pretty much a small convenience store, but I rarely purchase anything.

But, like others said… although getting active is important, it’s also about what you eat. There have been many people who have been successful on programs like weight watchers who just stick with the diet and don’t get much activity.

Also, when you do go out to eat – just pick healthier options or limit yourself to one drink.

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