(Closed) My diet plan: FAILED!

posted 8 years ago in Fitness
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    I had a strict “one carb endulgence per day’ diet going on for a while… well thats all fine and good but now easter is all fine an good and easter candy started working its way in to the mix… ugh,

    I just tried on my nearly finished dress and it is tightish. not tight, but not loose, and is does not fit as I would like it to… so back to the drawing board… ugh. diets

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    I’m not since I’m fine with my shape. That said, I was amazed at how well the Flat Belly diet worked for me when everything else failed. On the other hand, my grandma told me about a couple former coworkers of hers who lost an incredible amt of weight by eating only Lean Cuisine meals (one each for breakfast, lunch and dinner) and their drs said they were healthy during and after.

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    • Wedding: November 2011

    I was super rigid about food and exercise before the wedding…and it totally backfired as I gained back the pounds I lost and felt like garbage as soon as I added back my restricted foods.

    Granted, I have an extensive eating disorder history…so maybe I’m not the best person to lend an opinion

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    I actually gained 15 lbs before the wedding…granted it was because I had started new anxiety meds that made me want to eat constantly but still…not trying to scare you but if you can control your eating, I would recommend it.

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    I thought I wanted to lose weight before my wedding. I started working out, but my dress fit perfectly when I bought it so I lacked motivation. After a while, I decided that I’m me… I wasn’t terribly disappointed in my appearance, and sure I would have loved to drop an extra ten pounds, but when it came down to it, I chose not to (and my seamstress said she really didn’t want to alter my dress any more!).

    Will say that I did lose ten pounds before my wedding– but half of that was my wedding week and my dress was really loose day-of as a result! …I was afraid of how my back would look in my dress. I had had six fittings and found that depending on what I had eaten (and the time of the month), my back appeared differently. I stopped eating that week… My back looked great, but my boobs were a litte visible because the dress didn’t want to stay up!

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    As a big foodie myself who has lost 6 pounds over the last 2mths, here are my tried and tested tips:

    1. Portion your food intake. Carbs especially- such as rice, pasta & potatoes.

    2. Take lots of clear soups. I cook a big pot of tuscan vegetable soup from time to time. 

    3. Take fruit smoothies for breakfast. Blend fruits with milk and a nice spoonful of honey. My fave is banana strawberry smoothie.

    4. Take lots of vegetables. Apparently, eating sprouts helps us to lose weight (verfied by an article I read as well) I do a stir-fry of bean-sprouts with peas and corn and have them with porridge. 

    5. Drink green tea or oolong tea instead of soda. I would drink these especially after a heavy meal to help with digestion as well. 

    6. Refrain from eating pasta- I realise i would gain some weight if I do indulge in this.

    7. Go hiking. My man goes hiking 3-4 times a week and it really helped him to lose some weight while I watch his diet as he tends to over-eat. 

    8. Keep all your tidbits out of your sight! If you really want to snack, take just a few bites or just head to Pinkberry for some frozen yoghurt to kill off the sweet cravings. 

    9. Pick steamed dishes over fried ones wherever possible.

    Hope these helps! 🙂

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    • Wedding: May 2013

    Like alot of bees I joined myfitnesspal.com (it’s free) and I’ve lost 4 pounds in 10 days! Mind you, I’m 5’6″ and was 230lbs now 226lbs so I’m losing fast now but it will slow down later. I’ve resolved to lose as much weight as possible to get to where I should be, judging by my very fit aunts I should be around 150-160 (we have dense bones and tend to put on muscle), but whatever size I am when I eventually get married (*sigh* so far away…) will be fine, he thinks I’m beautiful, even his mom said I was pretty, first thing she said about me actually (she may be thinking grandkids), so I’ll be a curvy size 18 or 14 or 12 or 10…

    A big one for me…I stopped “drinking my calories”…only drinking water, unsweetened coffee or tea, and no more regular soda.

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    I joined weight watchers and I cannot recommend it enough. I am losing slowly, but it is really, truly a life change. I go to the meetings in person every week and that makes me motivated and accountable. What sold me on WW is that every healthcare professional I spoke to recommended it. 

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    I’m doing the myfittnespal.com it’s a free website and free app on driod/ iphone… when you make the profile it tells you how much calories your can have for the day. You log your food and excercise and most foods are already in there… I’ve lost 10 lbs!!! I’m 5″3 my goal is to be 115 on wedding day, I’m 9lbs away!! I agree with the other post about the “lean cusines/ smart ones” I do that a lot for lunch/ dinner, it’s easy and yummy. The best thing about the website is it will tell you what day your gonna reach your goal. In the begining I kept cheating and going over my calories and my day kept going furth back and finally I thought okay I’m never gonna make it if i keep doing this. So it’s helped me a lot and I joined some of the wedding groups on there…for “bride weight loss support”…hope this helps and try remember he put ring on it at your size now so he must LOVE whats he see’s (= 

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    • Wedding: May 2013

    You can also add friends on myfitnesspal! I have a couple bees on mine, great for accoutability and encouragement! (I kept the same username if any of y’all wanna add lionskitty)

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    @jackndiane:  This! Although we’re doing the Online version.

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    Try not to think of it as not accepting yourself or crash dieting….think of it as looking and feeling your best and getting healthy (which will hopefully help your stress and illness levels).

    Find ways to exercise 3 times a week to start off (walk, exercise video, gym, class, bike)

    Like others have said, I would join myfitnesspal.com so you can become more aware of what you’re eating. It plays a huge part! 

    Best of luck to you!

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    For those w/ a smart phone, I highly recommend the (free) app called Calorie Counter (the icon is a little yellow scale w/ blue footprints on it). You can keep track of your calories and exercise each day. You can search restaurants, grocery store brands, national brands etc It’s great! The first 3 weeks I used it I lost 11lbs! Like myfitnesspal.com it really makes you aware of what you’re consuming and makes you think twice about digging into that bag of Doritos! I’ve been using it for almost 2 years, I’m not as faithful with it as I used to be.. but I used it for so long, it’s now imbedded in my brain and its like the app is constently running in my head! lol

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    • Wedding: October 2010

    I got pretty serious about it like 2 months before my wedding and lost around 10 lbs, but toned up a lot…lost 20 overall during the 1.75 year engagement. I was super strict with my diet and exercised 5-6 days/week…something about getting in front of everyone and being photographed from all angles all day long really gave me motivation. I didn’t want to cringe when I looked at my wedding photos.

    I was always around 120-130 lbs in hs/college and had put on around 20lbs since dating my hubby. I totally get the whole, “this is me and I’m happy with it” but me at 148 lbs is not me. I’m me at 125ish. We all have our own standards and I’m happiest at 125. 

    I brought all that up to say, do whatever you need to do to make yourself feel good on your wedding day. I just watched my video and I was so happy with how I looked. You want to feel and look your best at your wedding (and honeymoon!) Pictures last forever! PPs have covered pretty much all the tips. Good luck!

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