(Closed) My dog bit someone… :(

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I am so sorry about that, I don’t have any advice for you, just big *HUGS*

My younger dog has never fully attacked a person, but she will jump up on them barking, and nipping the air near them. She also sometimes attacks our other dog, growling, grabbing her ear with her teeth, so we lock her in the laundry until she calms down.

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We had a dog that was deemed dangerous for similar reasons. Even more disastrous. One time he jumped to the top of our fence thereby knocking the pruning shears in our neighbor’s hands into his forehead. And one time he bit a woman (patient) at the vet’s office clear through the hand because she tried to separate the dogs. We were almost ordered to have him put down due to being “dangerous”, but somehow we got around it. I’m not clear on the gritty details as I was pretty young, but I remember it wasn’t good. I believe he had to be dropped from all our insurance policies as he was too big a liability, and we had to build a bigger fence, and he had to be muzzled to go to the vet, and we had to pay for all those medical bills. Probably more.

In any case, just be reasonable and safe with her. Stand up for her when you need to, and own up to her bad behavior when it’s appropriate. It’s a terrible feeling sometimes, but you know your dog and I’m sure she’s not inherently evil despite what others may see or tell you.

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I think as long as your dog is licensed and vaccinated that you should be ok.  Just follow the rules for a few days because you surely wouldn’t want to risk it.  It’s a shame the man couldn’t just be upfront and honest with you especially because dh offered assistance.

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You need to start contacting professional behaviorists immediately.  Look for one who has experience treating dogs with agression.  Also, most aggression is caused by fear, so staring a program like NILIF can help her gain confidence.  This is NOT a substitute for professional help, mind you, but can help bridge the gap between now and the time you find someone qualified to work on resolving her issues.

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@BothCoasts:  Now that you understand what the dog is capable of, you’ll know to better control her when others are on the property. That’s essentially the take away lesson here, and since animal control has done nothing other than quarantine the dog, I wouldn’t stress too much. They obviously are not going to detain the dog. 

Basically, a record will be made, and you are on actual notice that the dog has  a finicky personality, so you’ll have to be extra vigilant, because the report formalizes that you are aware of the liability you own. The visitor did the correct thing by reporting the bite –don’t be offended by that. It’s just protocol as a citizen; nothing personal. 

The guy shouldn’t have kicked the dog, but fight or flight instincts take over sometimes. After getting statements from the visitor and your husband, I’m sure animal control understands that the visitor shouldn’t have opened a house that wasn’t his in the first place, and shouldn’t have kicked the dog. But this is a learning experience too. You can’t predict how people will act, but you can predict your dog now.  Since you know what can happen, just be extra careful with leashing / crating / etc. 

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@BothCoasts:  Oh man, our dog hated hats, too. He literally couldn’t recognize people if they had hats on. Even us. He did get over that with time, but it was bizarre at first. Poor things must have had such bad experiences.

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I feel for you. I understand the guy has a right to report it, but it bothers me that he 1) opened your door–wtf?? 2) kicked your dog, which is provoking her and 3) refused any help and then turned around and reported it. That to me is totally different than if you had a guest over sitting on your couch and your dog just bit them. 

I think like PP said you’re just going to have to be careful. My childhood dog bit an electrician once (she felt threatened, and she was very protective) and nothing happened but then she bit me later (on accident) and I actually went to get a tetanus shot and they said our dog had to be reported and if it happened again she would be put down. It never happened again, but we were more careful after that. She wasn’t a mean dog or anything, it just happens sometimes. If you continue working with a trainer and be careful with people who come to your home, I think you’ll be fine!

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I’m glad you are working on things with your dog in regards to professional help.

This really comes down to you guys at the end of the day- you have to intercede for her so she doesn’t get into situations she can’t manage yet.

You can trust your dog 100 % to react or act a certain way, its ourselves and other people you can’t trust!

Chalk it up as a lesson learned and move forward! Use as much vigilance and precaution as you possibly can. Don’t give up!

Thinking of you!

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I’m so sorry you guys are going through this! It seems like Animal Control is going to leave your dog alone as long as another incident doesn’t happen. It sounds like you are taking the right steps with her, hopefully you guys can get rid of all her fears and triggers. 

Yeah I don’t like the fact that the guy just opened the door when knocking probably should have been the right thing to do. Also I understand being scared and kicking the dog but I really don’t appreciate the fact that he did that! Your Darling Husband was already trying to stop her but I guess what’s done is done. 

Good luck and I hope this is her last incident so you can keep your doggie.

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I was biten by a dog once a German Shepherd. It wasn’t trained well at all and they told me it had nipped at two delivery men before heading for my face.  Luckily I threw my arm in my way and had 4 stiches and two scars that I will always remember.  I didn’t call animal control or fuss or anything but the family did get rid of the dog.

In all honesty, I think that if anyone kicks a dog, the dog is going to bite them, that being said that guy should not have barged into your house like that.  No one knows how a dog is going to react when someone barges into its territory like that.  Our dogs are calm but if someone knocks at the door that they don’t know they bark like crazy.  Also dogs smell fear and this guy probably reeked of it.

I say that you follow the rules and continue to bring your dog to training for sure.  Do you bring your dog to the dog park?  How does it act around people there?  Get your dog socialized with people and then monitor it.  Best of luck to you.  Maybe you should put signage at your house that lets people know there’s a dog in there for now, so this doesn’t happen again while you guys are in training.

ETA: I adopted my dog from the shelter, he was a stray before he ended up there.  At first he didn’t know how to interact with other dogs but learned how to play over time.  He also was not fond of men except for Fiance and barked at anyone with a laundry basket.  He is now way better with men but still barks at people with laundry baskets.  He also will bark at someone if they lean over him to reach down at him or if they startle him because he didnt see them.  I have learned though that if he barks at the same person more than once and they aren’t doing any of those things that he plain doesn’t like that person and I should avoid them.  Also if I am tense then he is so I try to stay calm when I am with him.  Have they told you to just remain calm and confident while walking her?  I know that helped my dog a lot.

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Dogs can be very unpredictable as with any animal and they are naturally going to retaliate when put in a possition they feel thretened by-its instinct, simple as. Luckily on this occassion no blood was drawn and it was probably just the dog intention to regain ownership of his territory.

My manager at work has been off for the past week because his family dog which he has owned for 7 years turned and attacked him whilst he was trying to get something off his fur- his hand was badly damaged and it required surgery. Because he has children in the house he ordered the dog to be put down. He is clearly very upset by the whole sitution but did not want to take the risk.

My dad was also attacked by a jack russell when he was a teenager and has a massive scar on his leg.

needless to say im not a dog lover!

Animals sense fear, try not to feel scared or threatened by your dog, assert your authority and i think everything will be fine.

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@BothCoasts:  Hmm I suppose, but the guy is not faultless is what I am saying.  I’m sure he had no idea what the heck he was doing though clearly.  If I hadn’t done what I did in my situation I wouldn’t have a face right now!  

Oh and I forgot to mention the owners were drunk at the time at got a hold the dog for a second after it magled my arm.  I booked it and hooped the porch.  They finally got a firm grip and locked it in a room.  Then they inspected the cut and I went to the hospital for stiches.  I coudn’t imagine kicking the dog even after it had done that to me, I would guess that would just anger it.

Best of luck to you guys though I hope your pup doesn’t have another incident but it looks like you guys are trying to do all you can to ensure it doesn’t happen again.

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