(Closed) My dog got attacked tonight 😞

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I’m so sorry, how awful for you. Hope she has a speedy recovery!

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Awww poor thing!! My lab/pointer cross got attacked by a jack russell — thankfully the size different meant I didn’t need to worry TOO much about serious damage being done but the tenacity of the jack russell was pretty insane. My guy was not holding back as he was telling this little dog to get away from him and STILL the little dog was going for his legs and face. I had the same momma bear reaction and leapt on the dog, pinning it down by the head/neck until I could get a leash on it. Definitly NOT the way I would EVER treat a dog under normal conditions but the protective side of me totally kicked in.

My guy is usually a totally confident easy going guy with dogs, but I noticed the day after the attack he was quite a bit on edge around new dogs. It wouldn’t have been noticeable to people who didn’t know him well, but I could see a little hesitation and reserve that wasn’t usually there. I kept him leashed for a few days and made sure all his interactions were with really friendly/well socialized dogs only for those days and he seemed right as rain after that.

Not sure if his trust in dogs was shaken or if he was a bit sore from the bites (so was a little more defensive). I was surprised by his reaction (although in hindsight it makes perfect sense) so maybe keep an eye on your girl’s demeanor and really make sure she’s recovered (physically and mentally) before going back to your normal routine 🙂 

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Oh wow! I’m so sorry! Her curly flank fur is adorable by the way!


Good job keeping everyone safe!

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First I want to say thank you for not breed-bashing or giving hate to an animal whose life has been loaded with human inconsistencies. Thank you thank you thank you.

Hopefully they will take more caution and put up better fencing for their dog and either get super therapy for her or be okay with the fact that she won’t ever be safe with other animals.

Really glad your pooch is okay!! I read your post with a lump preparing to arise in my throat. Thank goodness you guys are going to be okay.

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I can’t imagine going through that.  I am so glad your fur baby is going to be okay, but am sorry that had to happen at all. 

I feel for the other dog’s owners too.  I am sure they never intended for that to happen.  Hopefully they will take precautions from now on and ideally will get her some

She looks so sweet, give her a good ear scratch from us at the Bee!

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I’m so sorry this has happened : ( It sounds like you handled it really well and your quick-thinking saved the day. I’m so glad she is ok and hope her wounds heal quickly and it doesn’t affect her confidence in future. She is so cute by the way!

I do hope the owners of the other dog take some action to prevent this happening again. It could have been so much worse and I hope they realise that.

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I love German Shepherds! I’ve owned both a shepherd and a pitbull so I feel bad for both dogs. My pit was afraid of the cat so it really is all in the upbringing/human owners!

Your dog looks like a sweetie. I’m glad that there wasn’t more serious damage and that its repairable.

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outdoorbee:  I’m so sorry. What a nightmare. I feel sad for all involved. I’m so glad your beautiful girl is going to be okay. 

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I am sooo glad your pup is okay – I read this teary eyed!

People really need to understand each breed and strong dogs and really be good, involved owners. Especially with a rescue! Had a neighbor rescue an abused Pit and he was soooo dilligent daily about the needs of his dog but would still approach other dogs with caution at first because they are very strong dogs that may not realize their strength ! Every pup deserves a loving home no matter the breed but every owner should take care of them accordingly.


So glad your fur baby is okay in all this and no one else got hurt further!

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outdoorbee:  That must have been SOOOO scary!! I’m glad it wasn’t worse. Thank goodness the owners sound pretty reasonable. Take care of your girl! Watch the wounds. Once my dog got bit and I thought he was fine, but he swelled up at the bite sight later on and had to have surgery.

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I can’t imagine how terrifying this must have been for you. I’m glad the owners are taking responsibility. I don’t even want to think about what would have happened to a child or a 5lb chihuahua. I’m glad your baby is going to be okay, I hope she recovers quickly!

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Awww, your poor sweet girl!  That face…so expressive!  I am so sorry this happened- it sounds absolutely terrifying!  But you also sound like an amazing dog mom and auntie!  Way to keep everyone safe and protect your fur baby, all while still having compassion for the other dog and his family.  I hope she has a speedy recovery! 

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I’m glad your puppy is okay, and no one else was injured! My dog was attacked by an off-leash dog (not sure where the owners were) a few weeks ago while Fiance and I were walking him. It was late and dark out so the dog came out of nowhere and attacked our dog completely unprovoked. The aggressor kept rounding around vehicles and chasing us so there was nowhere for us to go or hid as we were a good 5 minutes from our apt. My dog is a pit mix and had a good 50lbs on the aggressor so I was afraid that our dog would seriously or gravely harm the other dog, or the other dog would seriously hurt him as we tried to pull him back. The attack/fight only lasted a few minutes but it felt like a lifetime. Luckily our dog was okay (minor scratch that was probably caused when I was trying to pull him away), but I am still fearful whenever I see a dog off-leash in our neighborhood. 

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