(Closed) My dog nipped my friend…what would you do?

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Your friend sounds careless… how do you continuously step on a 100lb dog?? And I don’t agree with Pp stating you should put the dog elsewhere when you have guests… it’s your and your dogs home…

I am a little confused Though. To pull fur out she would have had to of stepped on him and continued to pull on the fur to pull it out(keep walking..etc), you make it sound like she stepped on him stayed there as the hair was being pulled out which caused him to nip. It’s just not adding up.


but yes, training sounds like a good idea for the pup bc of how dependent he is.


also, your friend needs to really be co conscious of where the dog is.. hard to miss a dog that big.

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I am sure some will not agree with me but personally as a pet owner I don’t feel the need to cater to others, whether they are allergic, fearful or just don’t like dogs.  My pets are a part of our family and reside in our home.  We can always agree to meet somewhere outside of my home if said person has an issue with animals.

My dog is 70lb and also a Velcro dog.  Not once have I, anyone in our home or our guests stepped on him.  My feeling is either this woman is being negligent around your dog or perhaps purposely stepping on him.

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I also have a Velcro dog, elderly and completely deaf and terminally ill- and thus pretty insecure. He gets tripped over pretty regularly, but he has never nipped. I get not being able to put the dog away- I’m in that position. But I have curtailed my life around this- I have stopped having people over that don’t fit our situation. I used to have my daughters little friends over, but now we meet at a park or playground. It is my dog’s home and he can’t help his situation, but I also can’t put other people at risk. If I were you I’d meet this particular friend elsewhere. 

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The thing is, if the dog wanted to hurt her, he would have. The fact that he didn’t break skin wasn’t an accident — he was giving her a warning that she needed to leave him alone, and it worked. I actually find it to be a positive thing that he chose to warn her and not hurt her.

I’m the future, just keep the dog away from her and keep her away from the dog. She sounds like an idiot to repeatedly step on a large animal.

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blackrosegirl :  You would end up not being invited to my house. Ever. 

That’s my dogs home. If you don’t like it, we can meet somewhere outside my home or yours. I will not banish my pet from their home. 

bzbride2277 :  Your friend is stupid. She needs to take more care when in your home around your pet. Now, I would say you should be calling your dog to make sure they stay out from under anyones feet, it’s still not hard to look out for a massive dog. I would have nipped to. 

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This is not a dog problem or a neighbor/friend problem.  This is the dog-owner problem.

Dogs can be a liability to any owner as you can be sued for any damages.  This is no different than a piece of ceiling falling and hitting a guest on the head.  As long as it happens on your property, you’re responsible.  So have your dog crate trained. 

Crate training doesn’t require him to be banished to another room.  My sister has a tiny apartment but she still has a crate in the living room and she uses it regularly.  That way he still can see you but be out of the way.  When certain guests come over put him in the crate. 

A dog with anxiety is clearly an untrained dog and that means unpredictability… huge liability as things can happen that you never see coming as you have already found out.  Get that dog regular and crate training.  It could save you a law suit and possibly save that dog’s life.

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Why would your friend step on your dog five times? That’s ridiculous. Your friend is kind of an asshole. I would nip at him or her too if I was stepped on. 

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bzbride2277 :  My sister also has a 100lb shepherd and let me tell you how EASY it is to step on the dog, especially when he is constantly under foot, moving around and yelping. I love dogs, and have 2 myself, but shepherds are notorious for needing a job and if they don’t have one, they require A LOT of attention and are constantly next to you… making it impossible to step over or around them because they are 100lbs of flailing fur and body mass. I doubt your friend didn’t see your dog, unless she is just unaware of her surroundings, but more than likely she anticipated he was going to move or jump up suddenly and misstepped. It has happened to me before, I literally walk into my sisters house with my knee up because I don’t want her dog jumping on me, following me around and constantly getting under my feet. Especially since he comes up to my crotch and every time we get tangled up I get a headbone to the baby maker. No thanks.


ETA: My sister also thinks its everyone elses fault that her dog gets in the way, and he also has “issues” which she refuses to address or get him proper training for. 

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MrsWiggles :  I actually like pets but I cannot physically be around them. My skin turns red and I get hives from head to toe after being around them more than an hour. Whcih turns into a itchy rash called dermatisits. It is not just the stiffles I get an allergy attack. I already get shots for it and take bendryl because so many of my friends have pets its hard to function. This doesnt help much. I still get reactions. My specialists say just stay away from dogs and cats.  I think they are really cute and it frustrating. I was just tyring to give a voice to people who cannot be around them or do not care to be around them because it is important to understand that some people are allergic with serious allergies and some people have been bit or do not like to be around dogs. I usually try to invite people over my house and or make dinner plans outside of houses but it is hard. People have parties at houses and I literally attend for an hour and have to leave. If i stay too long sometimes I  have to go to the hosptial and have hives for 5 days straight it is not something I can push through. It is very upsetting when people try to push dogs on me or cats because I try so hard not to touch them. I am very ranty here because it is very upsetting and I honestly wish I didnt have allergies. It is just hard for me when people dont understand why I dont want to be around dogs they are like its ok take a benydryl and its not like that for me. If I am around them too much I have to go to the ER. It is hard for me also because now people bring service dogs into restaraunts for emoitonal comfort or physical issues and i literally have to get my check and leave. It seems like it is a dogs world lately.

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Let’s see: Your dog bit and you came on here to complain about your friend and make excuses for dog??

ok. You didn’t tell us anything about how it happened. Does your dog constantly stand or sit right underneath people’s feet? I kind of doubt she was walking in a straight path and stepped on him. If she isn’t used to living with a dog that is constantly underfoot, a simple step back or shift of weight could step on a velcro animal. 

Please get help for your poor dog. Train him to be alone without anxiety, and to not be underfoot all the time. It’s dangerous for him and for humans. He could nip again. If a human trips over him that is a liability. This is a dog owner problem. 

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bzbride2277 :  I see. Well your OP made it sound like any time there’s movement and walking around, the dog is right there next to you or at least making an attempt to follow you around the house, and may just be content to sit there and chill if YOU are sitting down and chatting or whatever.

I am of the opinion as a large dog owner or possibly a bully breed owner ( I have 2), you just have to take extra steps to avoid lawsuits, to try and accomodate those that might feel uncomfortable around them etc.

Understood it’s your home and it’s their home, so it seems unfair to put the dog in another room– but sometimes that’s just what you have to do. You know your friend, and if she’s a good friend/good person you can answer whether or not it was intentional for her to step on him. If it’s just a bad combination of a clumsy person + velcro dog then either don’t let her come over and you go to her… or put the dog up while she is over. I tend to doubt your friend was intentially stomping on your dog, but I could be wrong.

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bzbride2277 :  I agree with previous posters about you needing to address your dog’s separation anxiety. That’s what it is when they constantly follow you, instead of feeling secure when you leave their presence. If they’re not constantly underfoot then you don’t have to worry about accidents like what occured. Our beautiful rescue dog developed separation anxiety about a month after we brought her home, and we’re working to correct it. It’s a simple as practicing “down” and “stay” while we go to other parts of the room and house to do things. Reinforcing the fact that it’s okay for her to be alone because we’re coming back is the idea. Utilizing a crate helps. Our girl sleeps in her crate overnight then goes back in after she eats breakfast (before I leave for work). We also gate her in the kitchen at dinner time and about 30 minutes after (otherwise she’ll run around and play, causing her to regurgitate her dinner). That time alone is helping. Also, not petting her every time she comes to you for affection. It’s pretty tough because she’s so cute, but constant coddling doesn’t help either. There are plenty of resources online to help get you started. Best of luck! 

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