(Closed) My dog was bitten by another dog

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File a complaint to the city/police for the man not following leash laws. Do so every time you see him with his dogs unrestrained. Keep a journal of your experiences when you’re walking your dogs (starting with this most recent one) and keep dates/time.

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Sugar bee

I would call animal Control and report his loose dogs. I would also let them know about the bite on your dog and send them the photos if they are able to make a report of the incident. For future walks, I’l keep my camera in my pocket to document any further incidences.

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File a complaint with the city/police like a PP suggested.  This happened to me while I was on a hike with my retriever.  There were some people ahead of me with their unleashed Boxer who was not dog-friendly.  He came at my 55lb boy and had him by the neck.  I had to kick the other dog off, for which they were yelling at me for — sorry your dog was aggressively attacking my dog and you are just standing there watching (2 big men that could have stopped it while little ol’ me was pulling this huge boxer off my dog).  I was too panicked at the time but later when talking with someone they said I should have gotten their name and address and reported the incident to the police and animal control. 

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Our neighbor who we used to call “crazy lady” (luckily she’s gone now) would always have her dogs out unleashed. Half the time she’d just leave the door open and let them out when she wasn’t even around. Once when my husband was walking our dog one of her dogs came at him in attack mode. Our dog is 65 pounds but as sweet as could be and wouldn’t hurt a fly, while this dog was a tiny little thing, but he still didn’t want it attacking our dog. So he stuck his foot out and gave him a little kick. He felt awful about it, but we’re very protective of our fur baby! The owner came out shortly after and my husband screamed at her. We’ve heard pretty much all of our neighbors scream at her for things like this. My husband called the police on her. A few days after we saw her poor little dog in the middle of the parking lot in the pouring rain, no owner in site. I just hope someone else finds him and keeps him.

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You def have to file a complaint. You were not on his property and his dogs attacked your dogs. He needs to realize that he has to be responsible for them if there’s a chance they could come in contact with the public.

Even if his dogs were trained to be in the yard – no dog should be left unattended in the front yard. Even the best trained dog could attack if provoked (not saying this was the case in your situation).

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@artbee: poor doggie!  Sounds like it could be trained with a few good lessons by a good trainer.

Unfortunately, many owners don’t take responsibility for their dogs.  If you live in a city or suburb, at least either have a chain for the pup or a fenced in yard, preferably the latter.  

I’d definitely report it, otherwise, some little dog is gonna get punted.  Or worse.  Even the sweetest dog can get fed up and take a chunk out of their attacker.  OR there’s gonna be someone else who has a dog that doesn’t take well to being attacked and “chomp”.

Sorry you’ve gotta deal with this and I hope you girl gets better soon!!!

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We had a neighbours dog bite our dog.. the first time we didn’t do anything.. the second time I talked to the Mom and told her the dog needed to be muzzled. I wish we had just called animal services in first place though.. we didn’t because we felt bad because they are our neighbours.. then later we found out he had bitten a bunch of other dogs in the neighbourhood too.

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yet another case of a bad dog owner, the dog’s behaviour could be corrected if the owner would actually take responsibility.

I agree with @abbyful: document any further incidents that occur, and report this incident along with the photo.

If the owner follows you down the street again, file a harrasment charge.

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Could you walk your dogs along a different route and avoid this guy and his awful little dogs altogether? It doesn’t sound likely that he’s going to change his tune and put up a better fence to pen his dogs in. Do you know of any other neighbours who have had problems with his dogs? They sound very territorial.

I’ll share with you what happened to my ex and his dog. My ex is a police officer and he has a golden retriever who is extremely well trained and the nicest dog I’ve ever met. They went to the same dog park every day, and although it wasn’t a legal leash free park, there was an understanding between all the dog owners that they would treat it as leash free and keep an eye on their dogs. If their dog wasn’t friendly they would keep the dog leashed or go to another park. Fine. There weren’t any problems. One day my ex and his dog (let’s call him Dusty) were at the park, and his dog was chewing on a stick. Another dog ran up (who Dusty played with a lot with no problems) and grabbed his stick. No bueno. Dusty tries to get his stick back, and the other dog nips at him. Well dogs are still dogs, so Dusty nips back and gets the other dog’s ear. At this point my ex and the other owner are pulling the two dogs apart. My ex apologizes profusely and goes with the lady and her dog to the vet and pays for the stitch or two to her dog’s ear.

Everyone seems fine and goes home. Once at home, my ex notices blood in Dusty’s fur. He’s been bitten on his neck, but it seems pretty superficial, so he just cleans it up and moves on. The next day, animal control shows up at his door with a muzzle order for Dusty and an investigation is started. The owner of the other dog reported the bite despite the circumstances and the apology! Dusty is ordered to wear said muzzle anytime he steps out the front door in the city they live in. Ridiculous. So my ex had to start walking his “vicious” creature in the next town over to avoid the muzzle ruling. It was a huge pain in the butt and absolutely absurd.

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My dog was viciously attacked by another dog at a local dog-walking place. He ended up needing surgery. We filed a complaint with the local police who went to the owner’s house and served them with a citation. They never paid it and never apologized to us or offered any money for medical expenses. Unfortunately, short of taking them to small claims court, which they probably wouldn’t have shown up to (and then we would have had to pay for the police to go out and get them), there was nothing we could do. And the costs of small claims court and chasing them down would have been more than the surgery cost. The park where the dogs walk took action though and banned the owner from walking there ever again.

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We did have something like this happen. We were walking our 50 lb pitbull one night in our old neighborhood and across the street there was a 100 something lb rottie being walked by his owner. She hadnt properly attached his leash so he ran across the street at our dog and they got into a fight. The dog not only severely injured my dog (2 in puncture wound in the chest and 1/2 inch puncture in his back leg along with other scratches and cuts) but the dog also bit my husband in the midst of the fight. We were so scared that we just went immediately home then to the Emergency vet.

 Since my husband had been bit we had to find out if the dog had its rabies shot. We called animal control and they put up signs around the neighborhood asking the owner to come forward. We just needed to know if the dog was up to date so that we could determine whether or not my husband would have to go for rabies shots. On the last day before he was going to have to get the shots, the owner came forward. We talked to her and we told her that our dog had to have emergency surgery and that my husband was bit. It was HER fault this happened and it was costing us over $1000 in vet bills for his surgery and subsequent visits afterwards. Luckily, the dog was up to date on all its shots and the woman offered to pay for 100% of our vet bills. It was a terrible, terrible experience and I still want to cry when I think about it. It was one of the worst nights of our life.

In your situation, your neighbor is actually in the wrong. You probably have leash laws in your neighborhood. I know in our neighborhood unless your yard is fully fenced you are supposed to have your dog on a leash. You can actually call the city and report that someone was not keeping their dog on a leash. I hope something like this never happens to you and your dogs again. It was only a minor cut this time but you never know.

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Like others said, you definitely need to report it. Even though your pups are okay, I wonder what might happen to other dogs who are being walked by this idiots house. A smaller dog may have been more seriously injured, as well as anyone trying to intervene to seperate them.

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I know you already said you’re going to report it, but I would bring a spray bottle or something when you walk. I know its not much, but if that little dog comes near you again, you can spray him & it may detour him. At least, my dog HATES being sprayed with water & the dog I’m house-sitting for too.

Also, clean out the wound, yes your dog has shots but things can always get infected. Plus so close to his eye, I would just closely moniter it. Likely, it will be fine.

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