(Closed) My downstair neighbors are obnoxious.

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Honey Beekeeper
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You should just report them, the office should not share who called.  They just send them a slap the hands letter asking them to knock it off.


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Bumble bee

We had neighbors like that.  We complained, and were told that in the future, call the police for noise violation, and follow up with the rental office the next morning.  Not that the police did anything either, but we were told that enough complaints could get them kicked out.  Sadly, they lived next to equally loud women, so we were really the only complainants. 

Usually we just yelled at them, they were stupid beyond all belief.  They burned fires inside of a wooden enclosure, in a town that is known for being windy.  The light flickering woke me up one night, and you bet your rear I was out getting renter’s insurance the next day.  

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I would leave a note on the door for them. If it does not stop I would tell the complex you left the note and do not feel comfertable telling them face to face.

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@Rouquine:  Ugh! When I lived with my ex in an apt our downstairs neighbors would blast full on mariachi music at 7am!!! WTF!! The last thing I want to hear at 7am is a Goddamn accordian!! They once had the gall to complain about me hosing off my patio…they knocked on my door and were like “our stuff is getting wet”..I responded with, “turn down your music in the morning!!” and slammed the door in their face. Seriously, those people pissed me off. I could not wait to move.

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Sugar bee
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I had this problem except i was the downstairs neighbor, and the upstairs was loud. Think 3am being woken up to the sounds of “Furgalicious”.
I put on Godsmack and blasted it. They got the point.
We also would put passive agressive notes on their door.

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Sugar bee
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@Rouquine: I have a very similar problem, but with my UPstairs neighbors. They stomp, bang, open and close the sliding glass door at all hours of the night, and run up and down the stairs (which run right up the side of my apartment), and the woman yells at her daughter when their front door is standing wide open. I have contacted the apartment management multiple times. I don’t think they specifically tell them who complains, but obviously we’re the only people who would complain about them. I would ask whoever you talk to from the office if they wouldn’t tell that it was you. It seems like they would know that naming names would just cause more problems. Also, part of the lease agreement in my apartments is that there’s “quiet hours” from 10pm to 10am. Basically, if someone is being excessively loud during those hours, you call the sheriff’s department. I’d ask if there is anything like this in place in your lease agreement or just a rule in your building. I think calling the police might get them to settle the hell down more than just calling the office, but I don’t know if you want to take it to that level. 

I’m sure you’ve already thought of these things, but I just wanted to chime in and tell you that I know EXACTLY what you’re going through. I hope you get it worked out somehow 🙁

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Sugar bee
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@Rouquine: I definitely understand that fear, but I hope they would be decent enough not to do that, though from what you’ve said, they’re probably not. And I know what you mean about it sounding like there’s a war going on. Some nights, it sounds like someone is picking up a 75 pound box, dropping it, moving five feet, dropping it, and doing it over and over again. My Fiance and I always say that they’re river dancing upstairs when they’re stomping around.

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I’ve had this problem in many different apartments. I always get the landlord involved. in some cases, the landlord managed to negotiate with the neighbors to get them to be quiet (such as putting rugs down on hardwood floors). 

but in some apartments, the managers were not able to get the neighbors to be quiet enough for me and I would eventually move out. 

if you are sensitive to noise, next time look for apartments that seem sturdily constructed (such as concrete constructions). besides concrete, wall-to-wall carpet is the best at dampening neighbor noise, whether they are above or below you. I used to hate carpet and now I love it for this very reason.

ask the landlord about how the walls and floors are constructed.  even if you are on the top floor, avoid hardwood floors unless you know there is good insulation under them. avoid apartments that are old houses split up into smaller apartments, they are usually the worst when it comes to sound.  

make sure apartments have rules about noises in place before you move in too. ask the

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Bumble bee
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All these stories are making me so glad I live in a house with neighbors who seem nice! My friends Shannon and her husband lived in an apartment with the WORST downstairs neighbors. They called the office about any little thing – they claimed that they ran on a treadmill late at night (they have no exercise equipment and they are skinny people!!). But the neighbors smoked a ton, especially on their patio and you smelled it All The Time in Shannon’s apartment. They were supposedly non-smoking. They would blast music late at night and when Shannon complained, they did nothing.

It sounds unlikely, but is it possible to talk to them yourselves?

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Not entirely the same, but I live in a neighbhoord of houses and there are two dogs who live caddy-corner to us that bark…and bark…. and bark- at anything and everything.  It wakes me up every single morning and is absolutely MADDENING.  I’ve been putting up with it for months but finally broke and called the sherriff and filed a complaint.  We have a noise ordinance that includes barking/howling dogs, so they had to do something about it.  It worked for a day or two, but it looks like I’m going to have to call them to come back out.


If your rental company won’t do anything about it, you should consider googling the noise ordinances in your area and take action with the sheriff if you can.  

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