(Closed) My family is annoyed at NOT being invited to my wedding….What’s a girl to do?

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Blushing bee

I think the problem here is that you are inviting ONE of your siblings and not the rest.  There really isn’t any way to have that come across as anything but rude to your other siblings.  You’d either need to invite all of your siblings or none of them.

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Bee Keeper
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i don’t see a way of doing this without offending people.  if you don’t care about that, though, and are deadset on having the small wedding, that’s fine, but you can’t expect people to not be upset.

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Honey bee

I would probably be upset to. I would think “Why are his siblings invited, but not us” Its find to have it small, but you have to be fair on both sides of the families. If siblings are invited, all siblings are invited.  

Also, even if it is really small and assuming you get along with your siblings I think that is the minimum line who you have to invite. If my sister got married and invited my mom, but not me, I would be really really annoyed and angry. But if my close cousin got married and only invited her siblings and mom, I would totally get that.

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Sugar bee
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 I would be extremely hurt if my siblings didn’t invite me to their wedding. My sister got married in a courthouse and I was there!

As for the “they probably wouldn’t be able to come anyways…” That doesn’t matter. Its their decision to come or not come, you shouldn’t make that choice for them. I find not inviting some immediate family while inviting other immediate family members really callous, regardless of the reasons.

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Honey bee
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Put “adult only reception” on your invitations, but send your siblings an invite. If they can’t come because of their kids, then that’s not on you. But at this point, I would be very very upset if I were them. 

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if my sister got married and invited our brother but not me – yeah, i would be pissed as we are all siblings. 

as you feel they wont come – sometimes its the simple act of being invited that makes people feel welcomed/thought of and for you anything now is an after thought as you have already hurt some feelings

if they do attend be polite and gracious and happy that you have people in your life that love you – its still a private family only wedding, just you have a bigger family

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How can my other siblings recently decide to be the best brothers and sisters in the last two or so years and expect that that makes up for years when there was NO relationship

i wont tell you how you should feel but as you have only developed a relationship with your older siblings in the past few years – by not inviting them i feel you are taking a sledge hammer to that small bridge of reconciliation. 

either way, whats done is done. you can either be a gracious host and invite them or not – its up to you

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Busy bee

Even hearing your explanation for being closer to one sibling than the others, well, I’m with the PP that you’re basically telling the rest that you have no desire to ever have a relationship with them – ever.  You are making it clear that you don’t want them to be part of the family in the same way that you want your shared father to be.

Let me give some perspective on a similar situation. I have 2 half siblings through my deceased father.  My sister got pissed that I was even born because she wasn’t Daddy’s only girl anymore.  Hate is probably too soft a word to describe how she feels about my existence.  I haven’t seen or spoken to her in 14 years – at my father’s funeral.

However, when I found out that my brother through my father (more of a good buddy than a brother relationship) was having a baby and that his wife was expecting at the same time as my sister (his full sister), I sent them both baby gifts.  First, it’s not the baby’s fault his mother is a royal witch.  Second, I’m not going to cause drama between the two of them just because she and I can’t stand one another.

When planning a wedding, I will bite the bullet and send her an invitation, too. I don’t want her there, but I realize that I would be putting my brother, my grandmother, and my uncles in a very awkward spot if she were to start talking to any of them about how she never received an invitation.  Like your situation, she would have to travel very far with a child in order to attend.  I’m simply using that as a “filter” and know that she won’t come.  Even if she were to show up, I really wouldn’t care.  There will be 20 other people there who will be happy for us and in a celebratory mood.

I realize you want a small wedding, but I think you really need to think about the fact that any blooming relationship you’re starting to have with your siblings will likely be set back past the point of where you started because you’re making it clear you don’t see them as family.  From the sounds of it, their presence won’t make it a big production with an over-the-top crowd size.

Also, remember that this won’t just impact your relationship with them.  Anything your sister might be trying to re-establish or that your father might have could become awkward for them.

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Busy bee
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This one sister who you would want there over the other siblings, why can’t she be your maid of honor? And everyone else just be a guest?

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Bumble bee
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@eloping:  i agree. this decision will have negative repurcussions.

this is why such small weddings are hard, because we realize there are more people than we may initially think that belong at our wedding. a destination wedding would have been your only choice, then you could invite everyone, but only those who could afford it would come!

i think you should invite all your siblings, and let them make the choice. I notice you aren’t inviting any friends either? I can’t imagine getting married without my best gals present. I think you need to do some damage control and rectify this situation, or you will have to deal with the unpleasant consequences. if you dont’ care how they feel slighted and will probably start to exclude you from family events in the future, then fine. But i sense, since you are writing this post, that you are questioning whether this is really the best thing to do.

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